Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificates for HCL Sametime 11.6 and 12.0 expire on March 6, 2023

Apple Push Notification (APN) certificates for HCL Sametime 11.6 and 12.0 will expire in a few days.In the HCL Support Knowledge Base, you will find an article that describes how to update the certificate. Link to the article. HCL Sametime uses APNs (Apple Push Notification service) to support OS level notifications to the HCL Sametime … Read more

I am an HCL Ambassador 2023

I am proud and happy to have once again defended my title in the select community of HCL Digital Solutions professionals around the world. I will continue to do my best for the yellow community this year. Thank you HCL, thank you to everyone who nominated me! A big congratulations to all my colleagues and … Read more