Losing the persistent chat history of a renamed HCL Sametime 12 user – how to fix it

If you rename a user and they log into Sametime, they will not see the persistent chat history. This is not a bug and the loss is not permanent. You need to run the database tool to synchronize the data properly. The Sametime 12 documentation describes everything. Here is a simple description of how to perform this process.

  • Turn off the Sametime server.
  • Using a text editor, create a CSV file for only one type of change. You cannot mix name change types in the same CSV. Follow the syntax below. The file must be saved in UTF-8 format. For example, the file will be named rename.csv. The file will contain information about the original user name and the new name. For example (The brackets [ ] indicate that the new display name is optional):
“old ID”, “new ID”[,”new display name”]
  • For example:
“John Green”,”John Blue”
  • Save the file on the Sametime server, e.g. in /tmp
  • Edit the .env file. Follow the example below

MONGO_CONNECTION_URL=mongodb://sametimeUser:sametimeUser@ ID_CSV=/tmp/rename.csv
  • Run the command below manually on your Sametime server
docker run -v <path-to-data-directory>:<path-to-data-directory>:rw –env-file default.env hclcr.io/st/sametime-db-utility
  • I had to add the version of Sametime installed in some cases. You can find this out with the command:
docker images | grep sametime-db-utility
[root@stmobilev12 hcl]# docker images | grep sametime-db-utility
hclcr.io/st/sametime-db-utility         20230307-1534   3f284197767a   4 months ago    479MB
hclcr.io/st/sametime-db-utility         20221110-2253   d4445621bc49   8 months ago    479MB
[root@stmobilev12 hcl]#
  • Then the command can look like this:
docker run -v /tmp:/tmp:rw –env-file default.env hclcr.io/st/sametime-db-utility:20230307-1534

  • The renaming process looks like this:
  • That’s all!
  • Don’t forget to start the Sametime server again.
    It is no longer necessary to terminate the Sametime server the next time it is renamed.

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