HCL Domino, Notes, Traveler, Sametime V11 Documentation

If you are looking for what’s new in Domino, Notes, Sametime, Traveler V11 or need a quick reference to the documentation, here are a few links.

HCL Domino 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Notes 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL iNotes 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Client Application Access 3.0LINK
HCL Domino 11 documentation updatesLINK
HCL Traveler 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Sametime 11.0 documentationLINK

Domino, Notes, Traveler, Sametime V11 released

As announced in early December, Domino, Notes, Traveler and Sametime V11 were released. Check Flexnet where you should already see the installation files.

Active license management is not available for production use licenses of HCL Domino 11 at this time. Therefore, configuring a FlexNet license server for Domino 11.0.0 is not required. Details of when HCL will enable active license management will be announced.

In addition to English, a German and Japanese language version is available. We’ll have to wait for more languages.

Traveler V11 can be installed on Domino server V9.0.1 and V10.


HCL Domino 11.0 Detailed System Requirements LINK
HCL Notes 11.0 Detailed System Requirements  LINK
HCL iNotes 11.0 Browser Requirements LINK
HCL Client Application Access 3.0 Detailed System Requirements LINK
HCL Sametime 11 System requirements LINK
HCL Sametime 11 Installation and Administration Guide LINK
Getting Started with HCL Sametime 11 LINK

HCL Traveler V11 – what to expect

HCL Domino / Notes V11 and HCL Sametime 11 are coming, along with HCL Traveler V11. What’s new in Domino / Notes and Sametime has been mentioned many times. What does the Traveler V11 bring?

  • View attachments in calendar events
    When you receive an invitation from a Notes user or Verse web user that includes an attachment in the event description, you can now open or download the attachment from your mobile device. But that opening or downloading inline attachments or creating or editing attachments isn’t supported
  • Support for 24+ hour meetings or events
    You can now create and modify non-repeating meetings and appointments that are longer than 24 hours. If Traveler V11 runs on Domino V11
  • Support for ActiveSync 16.x
    Traveler V11 supports MS Exchange ActiveSync versions 16.0 and 16.1 on iOS devices. This change allows for the development of future features that require this version, such as the ability to sync calendar attachments. Traveler V11 automatically switches to ActiveSync 16.x when it detects devices that run on it.
  • Support for draft message synchronization
    Traveler supports the syncing of draft messages on iOS. As part of Exchange ActiveSync 16.X, which Traveler supports, the draft messages will sync from the server to the device and from the device to the server.
  • Support for APNS HTTP/2
    Traveler V11 supports HTTP/2 for communication with Apple’s Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) servers. No configuration is required and there is no change in behavior

Known Traveler issues with iOS 13.x

The following issues have been identified when running the Apple built-in apps for mail and calendar with a Traveler Server:

Duplicate Sent folder entries

As of iOS/iPadOS 13.0, Apple devices add an entry to the Sent folder for any emails sent from the Mail app. When the Sent folder is synced, the server entry is added and the device does not remove the original, resulting in a duplicate. HCL development has opened an Apple bug for this issue (FB7337231).

No workaround is available

Accepting a meeting invitation from the iOS device does not send the response to the server


If ghosting is disabled on the Traveler server, responding to a calendar notice from an iOS 13 device does not send the response. The meeting accept is reflected on the app but not in the user’s notes calendar. iOS 13.0 and 13.1 do not send MeetingResponse requests to the Traveler server unless the event is ghosted to the calendar. HCL Development has opened an Apple bug for this issue (FB7328175).

Ghosting is enabled at the Traveler server by default. Check the Traveler server notes.ini parameters for NTS_CALENDAR_GHOSTING_SYNCML and NTS_IOS_CALENDAR_INITIAL_GHOST. If found, make sure that they are set to true.


When users cannot manage the Notes ID from Traveler homepage

When user click the “Manage the Notes ID” from Traveler home page, there is an error saying:
“404 – File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

It is possible that the server administrator changed the URL of the external server when using large “T” in the word “traveler”.

The “External Server URL” configuration of the Notes Traveler tab in the server documents is case sensitive.

Change therefore:
https://server URL/Traveler to https://server URL/traveler
Restart traveler server

Source: Support HCL


HCL Traveler is available

Traveler 10.0.1 FP2 installation package is available on Flexnet.
HCL Traveler Documentation – LINK

What’s new in

  • Updated APNS p12 certificates to replace the files shipped with IBM Traveler 10.0.0 (expire on October 14, 2019). These new certificates expire on June 07, 2020.


Knowledge Base – Customer Support

TRAV-3993If a Mail-In Database name has a slash in it, the name returned from the lookup includes CN=, OU=, O=, etc.. Trim these identifiers before returning the lookup result to the client for a more human friendly display.
TRAV-3857If a Group name has a slash in it, the name returned from the lookup includes CN=, OU=, O=, etc.. Trim these identifiers before returning the lookup result to the client for a more human friendly display.
TRAV-3854Update device security record modification time when device approval action is executed so that the security record is returned by API searches for recently changed security records
TRAV-3787Unable to open email attachments in Apple mail client or Verse mobile client for certain type of attachments (example, xlsx file types)
TRAV-3737Timing gap between stale connection cleanup and connection registration can cause “Traveler did not respond” errors in the console. The gap is small such that this error is rare, so most “Traveler did not respond” errors are caused by some other reason.
TRAV-3735Traveler hang due to MISC threads all being orphaned when S/MIME is enabled for large non-S/MIME messages.
TRAV-3713Red status due to User null on thread Alarm-XXXX has been running for XX minutes
TRAV-3610EMails restored from archive via iNotes do not sync to device
TRAV-3606Improve banned document handling for calendar events
TRAV-3601Improve mail streaming performance when MIME-version header missing
TRAV-3560Add configuration option, NTS_CALENDAR_INITIAL_GHOST_NOTES_ICS, to prevent ghosting and avoid replication issues for notices created by opening .ics email attachments.
TRAV-3522Windows 10.x installer doesn’t remove uninstall entry for 9.x or earlier
TRAV-3514Attachments are stripped from plain text mails sent from IMSMO clients
TRAV-3475Content Adapter Exception processing Event with Body of type=Text
TRAV-3449A draft mail created on Verse iOS defaults to $KeepPrivate=1 when synchronized with the user’s mail file
TRAV-3448Allow login name checks to be case insensitive so that user renames that only change the case of some letters also work properly.
TRAV-3438Prevent objects over MaxObjSize from syncing on every subsequent sync until deleted, moved to a non-syncing folder or filtered out
TRAV-3418tell traveler version reports “running on a VM” when running on real hardware
TRAV-3387Improve error handling when schema level is unknown
TRAV-3279Performance: avoid reading attachments multiple times during MIME message processing
TRAV-3247DB Schema change: Increase the width of the Traveler database’s Exchange ActiveSync version column used to store the protocol version when the device is not security compliant
TRAV-3550Update APNS p12 files that expire in October 2019
TRAV-3199Pushstatus APIs added in V10.0 are now reported in the output from api/traveler

Upgrading from IBM Verse for iOS to HCL Verse 10.0.7 for iOS

Although already mentioned, I add this important information to my website.
Starting with HCL Verse 10.0.7 for iOS (when it is available), the application is now transferred to an HCL Technologies Apple account and is signed by an HCL-owned certificate.

Expect the following changes:

  • The Verse application is being rebranded to HCL Verse. Not all references to IBM have been removed in this release.
  • The Verse application will no longer be able to access any data that the previous IBM signed versions had stored on the keychain. Therefore, you will be prompted for your password after you upgrade to 10.0.7 and launch the application for the first time. If you choose to remove an existing version and then install 10.0.7, then the user will be required to reconfigure the client. This is not a change in behavior. However, for reasons stated below, we recommend you upgrade over your previous version of the Verse application. Note that the same applies when upgrading from the IBM ToDos application to the HCL ToDos application (when available).
  • The device ID generated by iOS will change (clients managed by IBM Maas360 and MobileIron are not affected). Moving to the HCL account caused a change in the development team ID for the IBM Verse application. This team ID is input to the Apple API that the application uses to generate a unique device ID. The result is a different device ID which will be used when communicating with the Traveler server (in the form HCL_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx). After installing 10.0.7, the client application will look like a new device to the Traveler server. You can see your new device ID on the About screen under Verse settings, the user’s Traveler home screen or in the Traveler Administration view.

    A new device ID will have the following effects:
  • After you install 10.0.7 (either new or as an upgrade), the device will re-sync because Traveler treats the device as a new device because of the device ID change. You will see all mail in the all folders disappear and then start to re-populate. There is no way to avoid this re-sync, so plan accordingly.
  • A new profile document will be created for the new device ID (HCL_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx) by the Traveler server. This means all your preferences (things like days to sync, signature, etc) will be set to the defaults. However, if you take the recommended approach of upgrading (installing 10.0.7 over the top of a previous version), the Verse application will recognize the previous install and push all of your local preferences up to the server so that the new profile document is populated with your device preferences rather than the defaults.
  • If device approval is enabled on the Traveler server, the IBM Verse client may need to be re-approved depending upon the automatic approval settings.
  • The old device id (IBM_IOS_xxxxxxxxxx) will appear in the user’s device list until it is either reaped by the Traveler Server due to inactivity or deleted by the Administrator
  • The user may see duplicate notifications on the device for a period of time, typically 24 hours from the upgrade, because both the old and new device IDs are active on the server. There is no way for the new application to tell the server to stop sending notifications for the old device ID. After that period, the Traveler server will mark the old device as offline and stop sending notifications to the old device ID.

IBM Verse for Android is not affected by this change.

Source: Support HCL


Traveler Fix details

IBM Traveler includes these fixes:

  • Set alternate out of office message for IBM Traveler on premises versions (already available in the IBM Connections Cloud)
  • Server crash with error “Maximum vector size exceeded” processing Traveler calendar ghost document
  • Remove warning message for client certificate authentication setting
  • Emails with body data type TEXT get converted to error message
  • Invalid Copyright in database DDL
  • MIME message processing reads attachments multiple times
  • Console messages: WARNING *system Thread could not be found for session

IBM Traveler

IBM Traveler includes all fixes delivered in all previous releases up to and including IBM Traveler in addition to the fixes listed here.

  • Set alternate out of office message for IBM Traveler on premises versions (already available in the IBM Connections Cloud)
  • Remove warning message for client certificate authentication setting
  • Emails with body data type TEXT get converted to error message
  • Invalid Copyright in database DDL
  • MIME message processing reads attachments multiple times
  • Console messages: WARNING *system Thread could not be found for session
IBM Traveler


IBM Domino/Notes 10.0.1 is available

On December 18 – Domino / Notes 10.0.1 is available. Here are part numbers for downloads:

  • IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Windows English(CNXL7EN)
  • IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Linux English(CNXL9EN)
  • IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin V10.0.1 for Windows English(CNXL1EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 Basic Configuration for Windows English(CNXK5EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 for Windows English(CNXK6EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 Mac 64 bit English(CNXK7EN)
  • IBM Domino AppDev Pack 1.0 Linux English(CNXJ9EN)
  • IBM Client Application Access v2.0.1 Release Notes Multiplatform English(CNXK9EN)
  • IBM Client Application Access v2.0.1 Windows English(CNXL0EN)
  • IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Windows Multilngual(CNY0QML)
  • IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Linux Multilngual(CNY0RML)