HCL Traveler V11.0.1 Fix List

At the end of March, Traveler V11.0.1 was released, which includes several new features and fixes for known issues. This list will tell you if the update is right or necessary for you.

New Features:

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017
    Traveler has been validated with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 as the Traveler server database when running in high availability mode.
  • Updated APNS Certificates
    Traveler 11.0.1 includes updated APNS Certificates that replace the certificates shipped with Traveler These new certificates expire February 13, 2021.
  • Support for cross-domain ID vault
    When working with encrypted mail, Traveler now supports retrieval of a user’s Notes ID file from an ID vault that is in a different Domino domain than the Traveler server. See Supporting multiple HCL Domino domains for more information.

Fix List:

Customer Problem #
TRAV-4441Traveler server shows thousands of errors are logged in the Domino console Details: When Traveler encounters problems accessing the UnreadTable for a user or users, a large number of severe errors are logged to the console.  This fix reduces the severe logging for UnreadTable access errors.
TRAV-4383Server crashes since upgrading to Traveler 11.0 Details: After upgrading to Traveler 11.0, servers started crashing with LSXBE: ****** Out of Backend Memory ******* errors in the console. Fix addresses memory leak associated with these crashes.
TRAV-4348APNS push notifications working only for HCL Verse for iOS Details: Starting with Traveler 11.0.0, applications other than Verse for iOS that use APNS notifications (Verse for Citrix, To Do, MaaS360 and Third Party registered applications such as Virtual Solutions SecurePIM client) were having those notifications rejected by the Apple APNS servers with the rejection reason of “DeviceTokenNotForTopic”. This fix corrects the topic to be correct for all applications using APNS notifications.
TRAV-4331Traveler server reporting red status due to native memory usage on Microsoft Windows Servers Details: The Traveler server method of calculating native (C) memory usage in the Windows environment was incorrectly leading to Traveler reporting a red status for native memory usage.  Traveler has changed to use the Traveler process memory instead of total system virtual memory for C memory usage calculations on Windows servers.
TRAV-4314Add Outlook (IMSMO) client safety that sets push flags if SyncML gets to 50 messages Details: To protect itself from stack overflow issues, the IMSMO client will stop the sync after 50 SyncML messages to then start a new sync. There are some cases where the client does not start a new sync but does connect to push on the server. The push flags are already cleared based on the sync (as they should be), so the client does not sync again until some other data is changed such as receiving a new email. This changes the server to set the push flags for the IMSMO client if the sync reaches the 50th SyncML message so that if the client does not sync again but does connect to push, push will cause the needed sync to be started.
TRAV-4307After an upgrade to Traveler, when running with the Derby database, some devices were missing contacts/calendar/email Details: When running Traveler server with the Derby database, a re-sync of a user’s device with a large number of customer folders may take too long for the folder sync request.  This can prevent the user’s calendar, mail, and contacts from syncing to the device. A database indexing hint was added to reduce sync times. This problem can occur in versions including and prior to Traveler
 TRAV-4239Mail sent appears to sender to be 1 hour off Details: Changed the way the Traveler server checks for daylight savings time support on startup in order to prevent a problem with the Casablanca and El Aaiun time zones logging severe errors about a mismatch in DST support.
 TRAV-3733Update APNS p12 files that expire in June 2020 Details: Traveler includes updated APNS Certificates that replace the certificates shipped with Traveler  These new certificates expire February 13, 2021.
Traveler reports red status due to severe message flood from EventContainer.maintainSeqNumbers Details: Reduced the log level of a frequent error caused by processing events with corrupted sequence numbers.

HCL Domino, Notes and Traveler V 11.0.1 – Whats new?

HCL released Domino/Notes and Traveler V11.0.1. What does the update contain?
Documentation: Domino: LINK, Notes: LINK, Traveler: LINK

Domino server

  • New command to run Domino Server Setup from Windows for IBM i
    On IBM i, Flexera InstallAnywhere 2018 is the platform used for the Domino Server Setup wizard on a Windows computer. As a result, the command to run setup from a Windows computer on IBM i is now domwzd.bat. Previously it was domwzd.exe. In other respects, installation and setup on IBM i remain the same as in Domino 11.0.
  • Domino for Linux Docker container
    HCL Domino 11.0.1 includes a Docker-compatible Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) of Domino that is part of your entitlement and available for download through the HCL Licensing Portal. HCL Domino 11.0.1 is pre-installed on this image, allowing you to deploy Domino servers as containers with just a few commands.
  • Auto Update (AUT) supports future HCAA upgrades
    Domino 11.0.1 Auto Update (AUT) servers support future upgrades of HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) clients.
  • Configuration enhancements for DAOS tier 2 storage
    Domino 11.0.1 introduces the following enhancements to DAOS tier 2 storage.
  • Support for Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field in X.509 certificates
    Domino 11.0.1 now supports the use of X.509 certificates that
    contain a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field. Certificates with a SAN field (extension) no longer require a Subject field containing a distinguished name for TLS connections.
  • Domino Web server support for Server Name Indication (SNI)
    Domino 11.0.1 Web servers now support the Server Name Indication (SNI) extension to the Transport Security Layer (TLS) protocol.
  • New Notes IDs must have 1024-bit or stronger RSA keys
    When you register new Notes users, you must select at least a 1024-bit RSA key size for their Notes IDs.
  • Register multiple Active Directory users in Domino
    When you use the Directory Sync feature, in Domino 11.0.1 you can now select multiple Active Directory users to register in Domino. Previously you needed to select and register each Active Directory user individually.
  • Configuring a custom image for the Notes Workspace background
    Use the notes.ini setting Load_Workspace_image to deploy a custom image to display in your users’ Notes Workspace background.
  • Disabling SwiftFile
    SwiftFile is integrated with HCL Notes starting in Notes 11.0.1. However, you can use the notes.ini setting DisableSwiftFile=1 to prevent your users from using it.
  • MarvelClient Essentials version 11.0.3
    The version of MarvelClient Essentials from panagenda that comes with Notes and Domino has been updated. The installer is version 11.0.3 which contains template version 20200204 and binary version 11.0.6.
  • New Java Runtime Environment
    The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that comes with Domino 11.0.1 and Domino Designer 11.0.1 is updated from that provided in release 11.0.

HCL Traveler V11.01

  • Updated APNS P12 files
    Updated APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) P12 files expire in February, 2021 (current files expire in June, 2020).
  • Support for cross-domain ID vault
    Traveler now supports retrieval of a user’s ID file from an ID vault in a different Domino domain than the Traveler server. See Supporting multiple HCL Domino domains for more information.

Notes client

  • SwiftFile installed with Notes
    SwiftFile assistant is integrated with HCL Notes in 11.0.1. In previous releases, it was provided separately.
  • Changes to attachment viewing and importing
    The underlying software that Notes uses to import and view attachments has changed in 11.0.1.
  • AES for database encryption
    HCL Notes 11.0.1 introduces 128-bit AES as an option for local database encryption.
  • Support for JAWS 2019
    The screenreader JAWS version 2019 is supported for use with Notes 11.0.1.

Domino Designer

  • CreateDocumentCollection method for the NotesDatabase class
    This new method for the LotusScript NotesDatabase class allows you to create a new document collection.
  • ContactNoteID property for the NotesRegistration class
    This new property for the LotusScript NotesRegistration class allows you to register a user who has an existing Person document that was synced from Active Directory.
  • Domino Query Language enhancements
    Domino 11.0.1 includes the following Domino Query Language (DQL) enhancements


HCL Verse 11.0.1 for iOS

hours ago another release of HCL Verse for iOS was released. LINK
This release includes:

  • VI-4637 – PRB0056790: Viewing problem with Powerpoint file on iPad
  • VI-4617 – PRB0056528: HCL Verse v11 Attachment Auto-Download set to 100k, but 20KB attachment does not auto-downloadf

What’s new in HCL Verse 11.0.0 for iOS and Android

HCL Verse for iOS and Android has been updated during February. HCL Traveler Companion has also been updated. This is especially the case of HCL rebranding.

What does HCL Verse 11.0.0 for iOS and Android contain?

  • HCL Branding
  • Support for non-repeating Calendar events greater than 24 hours in duration
    Verse for iOS now supports creating and editing events for non-repeating meetings and appointments with a duration greater than 24 hours and less than 6 months
  • Support for Calendar attachments
    Support for viewing, exporting and sharing calendar attachments has now been added to Verse for iOS. Beginning with release 11, HCL Traveler servers are synched to the Verse app, and calendar event attachments are available for viewing, exporting to the device filesystem, or sharing with other apps.

What's new in the final release – Traveler server V11

In the previous articles I summarized the news in the final release of V11 Notes client, iNotes and Domino server. In this article I will summarize news in V11 Traveler server.

Traveler V11

  • Support for Exchange ActiveSync 16.x
    (Traveler now supports Microsoft™ Exchange ActiveSync versions 16.0 and 16.1 on iOS devices. This change allows for the development of features that require this version, such as the ability to sync calendar attachments)
  • Draft mail messages synchronized with server
    (Apple iOS devices now support the syncing of draft messages. As part of Exchange ActiveSync 16.X, the draft messages sync are in both directions)
  • Support for non-repeating Calendar events greater than 24 hours in duration
    (Traveler now supports creating and editing events for non-repeating meetings and appointments with a duration greater than 24 hours and less than 6 months)
  • View attachments in Calendar events
    (When your calendar has an event that includes attachments in the event description, you can now download and open the attachments on your mobile device (if your device’s calendar app supports this capability)
  • Support for APNS HTTP/2
    (Traveler now supports HTTP/2 for communication with Apple’s Apple Push Notification Service (APNS)

HCL Domino, Notes, Traveler, Sametime V11 Documentation

If you are looking for what’s new in Domino, Notes, Sametime, Traveler V11 or need a quick reference to the documentation, here are a few links.

HCL Domino 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Notes 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL iNotes 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Client Application Access 3.0LINK
HCL Domino 11 documentation updatesLINK
HCL Traveler 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Sametime 11.0 documentationLINK

Domino, Notes, Traveler, Sametime V11 released

As announced in early December, Domino, Notes, Traveler and Sametime V11 were released. Check Flexnet where you should already see the installation files.

Active license management is not available for production use licenses of HCL Domino 11 at this time. Therefore, configuring a FlexNet license server for Domino 11.0.0 is not required. Details of when HCL will enable active license management will be announced.

In addition to English, a German and Japanese language version is available. We’ll have to wait for more languages.

Traveler V11 can be installed on Domino server V9.0.1 and V10.


HCL Domino 11.0 Detailed System Requirements LINK
HCL Notes 11.0 Detailed System Requirements  LINK
HCL iNotes 11.0 Browser Requirements LINK
HCL Client Application Access 3.0 Detailed System Requirements LINK
HCL Sametime 11 System requirements LINK
HCL Sametime 11 Installation and Administration Guide LINK
Getting Started with HCL Sametime 11 LINK

HCL Traveler V11 – what to expect

HCL Domino / Notes V11 and HCL Sametime 11 are coming, along with HCL Traveler V11. What’s new in Domino / Notes and Sametime has been mentioned many times. What does the Traveler V11 bring?

  • View attachments in calendar events
    When you receive an invitation from a Notes user or Verse web user that includes an attachment in the event description, you can now open or download the attachment from your mobile device. But that opening or downloading inline attachments or creating or editing attachments isn’t supported
  • Support for 24+ hour meetings or events
    You can now create and modify non-repeating meetings and appointments that are longer than 24 hours. If Traveler V11 runs on Domino V11
  • Support for ActiveSync 16.x
    Traveler V11 supports MS Exchange ActiveSync versions 16.0 and 16.1 on iOS devices. This change allows for the development of future features that require this version, such as the ability to sync calendar attachments. Traveler V11 automatically switches to ActiveSync 16.x when it detects devices that run on it.
  • Support for draft message synchronization
    Traveler supports the syncing of draft messages on iOS. As part of Exchange ActiveSync 16.X, which Traveler supports, the draft messages will sync from the server to the device and from the device to the server.
  • Support for APNS HTTP/2
    Traveler V11 supports HTTP/2 for communication with Apple’s Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) servers. No configuration is required and there is no change in behavior

Known Traveler issues with iOS 13.x

The following issues have been identified when running the Apple built-in apps for mail and calendar with a Traveler Server:

Duplicate Sent folder entries

As of iOS/iPadOS 13.0, Apple devices add an entry to the Sent folder for any emails sent from the Mail app. When the Sent folder is synced, the server entry is added and the device does not remove the original, resulting in a duplicate. HCL development has opened an Apple bug for this issue (FB7337231).

No workaround is available

Accepting a meeting invitation from the iOS device does not send the response to the server


If ghosting is disabled on the Traveler server, responding to a calendar notice from an iOS 13 device does not send the response. The meeting accept is reflected on the app but not in the user’s notes calendar. iOS 13.0 and 13.1 do not send MeetingResponse requests to the Traveler server unless the event is ghosted to the calendar. HCL Development has opened an Apple bug for this issue (FB7328175).

Ghosting is enabled at the Traveler server by default. Check the Traveler server notes.ini parameters for NTS_CALENDAR_GHOSTING_SYNCML and NTS_IOS_CALENDAR_INITIAL_GHOST. If found, make sure that they are set to true.


When users cannot manage the Notes ID from Traveler homepage

When user click the “Manage the Notes ID” from Traveler home page, there is an error saying:
“404 – File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

It is possible that the server administrator changed the URL of the external server when using large “T” in the word “traveler”.

The “External Server URL” configuration of the Notes Traveler tab in the server documents is case sensitive.

Change therefore:
https://server URL/Traveler to https://server URL/traveler
Restart traveler server

Source: Support HCL