XML manifest file for the Domino Auto Update Task (AUT) catalog for 12.0.x

With the release of FP1 for Notes 12.0.2, updated XML manifests for Auto Update Task (AUT) are available. Notes Version XML File Notes 12.0.2FP1 Basic AUTRepository_1202FP1_BasicClient.xml Notes 12.0.2FP1 Standard All Client AUTRepository_1202FP1_StandardAllClient.xml Notes 12.0.2FP1 Standard Notes Client Only AUTRepository_1202FP1_StandardNotesClient.xml     Notes 12.0.1FP1 Basic AUTRepository_1201FP1_BasicClient.xml Notes 12.0.1FP1 Standard All Client AUTRepository_1201FP1_StandardAllClient.xml Notes 12.0.1FP1 Standard Notes … Read more

HCL Notes 12.0.2 Template Fixes

If you are looking for a 12.0.2 mail template fix or a new feature has been added, you can simply check the current versions and availability of changes and functionality. You can find more in this article where the updates will take place. It’s the same with version 12.0.1 mail templates. For example: Release Date: … Read more