XML manifest file for the Domino Auto Update Task (AUT) catalog for 12.0.x (including 12.0.2 FP3)

With the release of FP3 for Notes 12.0.2, updated XML manifests for Auto Update Task (AUT) are available. Notes Version XML File     Notes 12.0.2FP3 Basic AUTRepository_1202FP3_BasicClient.xml Notes 12.0.2FP3 Standard All Client W32 AUTRepository_1202FP3_StandardAllClient.xml Notes 12.0.2FP3 Standard All Client W64 AUTRepository_1202FP3_StandardAllClientW64.xml Notes 12.0.2FP3 Standard Notes Client Only W32 AUTRepository_1202FP3_StandardNotesClientW32.xml Notes 12.0.2FP3 Standard Notes Client … Read more

HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.10

Next release HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.10 is out and brings several fixes as well as new features and improvements. All new features can be found in the documentation LINK.HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.x Release Notes – LINK New features Fix list Issue Identifiers Defect Article Details NWASM-3466 KB0109105 Construct file paths using … Read more

HCL Notes/Domino and Traveler 14.0 is available

December 7 is the day the next release of Notes/Domino and Traveler 14 was released. Download from the new My HCLSoftware portal, which is clearer and faster than the existing Flexnet. Whats new – LINKHCL Notes/Domino Fix List – LINKHCL Notes and Domino 14.0 Release Notes LINKHCL Domino 14.0 Documentation LINK HCL Notes 14.0 Documentation … Read more

Losing the persistent chat history of a renamed HCL Sametime 12 user – how to fix it

If you rename a user and they log into Sametime, they will not see the persistent chat history. This is not a bug and the loss is not permanent. You need to run the database tool to synchronize the data properly. The Sametime 12 documentation describes everything. Here is a simple description of how to … Read more

Notes and Designer V14 EA3 clients are available for other languages

I haven’t checked the content on the My HCLSoftware portal for V14 since the first day of the Notes/Domino V14 EA3 release. Today I noticed that Notes and Designer clients are available for other languages, including language packs for Domino servers. Below is a table of the current Notes V14 EA3 clients. Check the portal … Read more