HCL Notes 11.0.1 IF1

Interim Fix 1 is available for HCL Notes client. You can download it from FlexNet. Here is a list of fixes.

Description Additional Information 
SSARBNFCXKFixed a crash that occurred when deleting the last document from a folder. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
RKRYBMTPUAFixed an issue where the client would hang when using the calendar timezone drop down control with two finger scroll
SBLEBN2HGNFixed an issue where certain infobox fields would result in a crash when clicking on the drop-down list of choices – section border styles and action bar button Notes icons in particular. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
MSKABN2HEDFixed an issue in the Admin client where, when trying to manage a vault server to do an action like add/remove a vault server, the error “NULL Parameter Error” would be received and the action would fail. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
PDARBNFC7NFixed a problem where a second repeating meeting could not be created after creating a repeating meeting. Error about too many dates scheduled would be shown. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1

IF6 for IBM Notes client 9.0.1 FP10

IF6 for the IBM Notes client is available. You can download it at FixCentral
or here:

FixPlatformFix Central ID
Download Link
Notes Client 9.0.1 FP10 IF6
Windows StandardNotes_901FP10IF6_W32_Standard901FP10SHF315_W32_standard.exe
Notes Client 9.0.1 FP10 IF6Windows Basic

Whats new in IF6?

PCMAB4BMCE Fixed an issue where File->Close All is not behaving as expected
RGAUAHBF9UFixed an issue in Xpages (Djtabcontainer Extlib Control – Toolbar In Rich Text Control) where is not consistent with different tabs
LHEY9FNJQPFixed an issue in XPages where the XPinC resources are not being loaded correctly
JOHNAXJGW9Fixed an issue with the Client startup in Windows 7
JACQAVQV8NFixed an issue where the replication and sync icon change after the first shutdown of the Notes Client