HCL Sametime and HCL Sametime Premium 12.0.2

Next version of HCL Sametime is available. It contains a number of new features and fixes.

  • HCL Sametime Premium and HCL Sametime 12.0.2 System Requirements – LINK
  • New Features – LINK
  • Cumulative Fix List for Sametime – LINK
  • HCL Sametime and HCL Sametime Premium 12.0.2 Fix List – LINK
  • HCL Sametime Documentation – LINK

Fix List

  • SAME-36761 
    The “Meeting Recorder” virtual user could show once or multiple times in the participants list for the meeting group chat
  • SAME-39102 
    Retrieval of a user photo via PhotoURL would fail due to having spaces in the name and URL
  • SAME-43126
    ESC key to close/hide a group chat notifies the group chat the user “left the chat”. 
  • SAME-44927
    In the desktop chat client, the option to prevent bringing the chat window to front when receiving new chats was not working
  • SAME-46063
    In Safari, cursor is moving to backward direction on selecting emoji’s. 
  • SAME-46164
    Recording started and stopped strings should include time/date in translation 
  • SAME-46259
    When using the web chat client in Firefox, the cursor might move backward when adding emoticons immediately after logging in 
  • SAME-47072
    In a full meeting report the speaker access permission is not included
  • SAME-47105
    After a meeting starts, a password message is occasionally displayed in error 
  • SAME-47106
    Users might not see the correct UI change when the owner enables or turns off password required for the meeting
  • SAME-47018 
    The value configured for an external Meeting Provider URL could be lost after a restart of the desktop chat client
  • SAME-47193 
    The desktop chat client where the option to automatically change into “Away” status when locking the OS, would not work when logged into multiple UIM clients at the same time
  • SAME-47232 
    The desktop chat client where connections could fail when using the “Direction connection using HTTP protocol” connection type
  • SAME-47300 
    ST Proxy support for web and mobile chats could fail due to a need to change configuration on the Community server
  • SAME-47447 
    Mobile chat users could fail to get invitations to group chats
  • SAME-47452 
    LDAP custom search filters were not being properly supported by the Community server
  • SAME-47554 
    A long path length could cause problems for the ST Proxy in retrieving user photos via URL
  • SAME-47864
    In a limited use chat deployment, the Community ID parameter is missing from docker-compose.yml 
  • SAME-48266
    The Notes migration utility incorrectly sets SKIP_ATTR_LIST
  • SAME-48507 
    Community server was not properly supporting multiple LDAP server connections= 
  • SAME-48858
    UserInfo fails in Domino 12.02FP1 LDAPs (TLS) environment
  • SAME-49150 
    Desktop chat client unexpectedly switch a user’s awareness status to Available
  • SAME-49269
    When using the Web Chat client, the user interface does not immediately show that a chat partner has logged out
  • SAME-49276 
    Retrieval of the favicon image for external meeting providers fails
  • SAME-49476 
    Unhandled exception could cause an Activity pod to restart
  • SAME-49680 
    In the desktop chat client, the option to automatically change into “Away” status would not work when locking the OS on Windows 10
  • SAME-49768 
    In the desktop chat client, sending an image in chat could fail if the image was included in the first chat sent to another user
  • SAME-50009
    Sametime limited/entry – ‘downloads’ folder doesn’t workf

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  1. Hi Ales,
    fyi – your screenshot of the embedded Grafana dashboard shows “No data” for Chat Server Logins and Active Group Chats. When the dashboard is initialized for the first time, it can take a few seconds before these metrics from the Community service are available. The dashboard should then automatically refresh with the real values.


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