HCL Verse 2.2.0a Release Notice and Fix List

A few fixes for Verse 2.2.0 in today’s fix release: Fix List VERSE-61943: Trouble opening mail-in database or delegated mail file. Clicking open mail action does nothing VERSE-61907: Wrong file type shown in FireFox when downloading an attachment VERSE-61838: Provide better Japanese translation for Discard button when a Draft is opened VERSE-61769: Web link in … Read more

IF1 for HCL Domino 12.0.1

HCL has released IF1 for Domino 12.0.1, which contains a bug fix that causes the server to crash. The problem occurs during fixup when the Fixup operation on databases with a very high number of NLOs causes a high number of locks which effects performance. Domino Server is showing multiple database locks on daoscat.nsf. This … Read more