What’s new and fix in HCL Verse 2.2?

What you will find in the upcoming Verse 2.2.0?Source: HCL Documentation LINK and HCL KnowledgeBase LINK News Archive and restore messagesYou can now archive messages to an archive mail file and restore archived messages. See Sametime awareness of message sendersIf an administrator enables HCL Sametime integration, when you open a mail message from someone, Sametime … Read more

HCL Sametime Meetings 11.6. IF1 Fix List

HCL Sametime Meetings 11.6 IF1 has been released. IF1 enables support for Chrome M93 RTCPeerConnections changes. Detailed Fix List:Source: LINK SAME-40152 Enabled support for Chrome M93 RTCPeerConnections changes. SAME-40702 Accessing the Meeting landing page via Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge on iPad/iOS does not display anything. SAME-40704 The vertical tile view scroll bar displays a … Read more

Important: HCL Sametime Meetings’ support for Chrome WebRTC Unified Plan

HCL publishes article about HCL Sametime Meetings and Chrome M93 update (August 31). Source and complete article LINK. “The HCL Sametime team wants everyone to be aware of the pending Chrome change related to conformance with the WebRTC standard that will impact Sametime Meetings. This change is scheduled to take affect with the M93 update … Read more

Traveler 12.0.0 Fix Pack 1 available

At the turn of July and August, IF1 was released for Traveler 12.0.0.HCL Traveler Fixes by Release: LINK FP solves these problems: Customer Problem # Abstract KB0092150 attachment file name changed when using SmartForward/SmartReply KB0091495 HCL Traveler server 12.0.0 repeated crashes KB0092130 Error connecting to FCM servers via proxy KB0092147 long delay of syncing emails … Read more