Year 2019 – Summary

The year 2019 is over. For me personally it was a very successful year in terms of work. I would therefore like to summarize the important events in which I have somehow participated.


At the end of 2018, I decided to set up my personal blog dedicated to HCL Digital Solutions products. I thought that no one would visit the blog and that I would delete it at the end of Q1.

The opposite was true, since the first published article, traffic has risen, and today, by the end of the year, I have had 84 articles that have exceeded 20 000 views. Thanks to all! It is, of course, a commitment to continue.


I’ve been trying to keep all my information on HCL “Collaborations” software available on my Twitter for a year. Audience was absolutely amazing and thank everyone for likes, retweets, following.


At the beginning of the year I had the opportunity to be part of the HCL Factory Tour in Milan. Amazing event, lots of great people. I tried to summarize the event on my blog LINK and LINK.

In May I was at the Engage Conference in Brussels. That it is one of the best actions, it makes no sense to write ;-). I look forward to March, when there will be another conference. Again I summarized everything on my blog LINK and I was very pleased because my name was given in connection with the Czech localization of MarvelClient Upgrade in the opening keynote by Florian Vogler (CEO Panagenda) LINK.

Even at the end of May I organized a spring SUTOL Symposium with colleagues from the Czech user group SUTOL, where I had two presentations. Summary LINK.

After the holidays, I attended the Social Connections conference in Munich, Germany, which was focused exclusively on HCL Connections, which is not my primary focus, but it was again the perfect event that gave me a clear overview and shifted my interest in this product.

In November, we organized the autumn technical conference SUTOL, which was attended by over 100 people and in particular we were able to welcome a substantial part of the management of HCL Digital Solutions. Summary LINK.


I’m glad I could be part of HCL Domino / Notes V11 testing, HCL Nomad for iOS and Android throughout the year. I hope that in 2020 I will be able to continue to test V12 and other products.

HCL Master

The end of the year was absolutely amazing for me. I have been awarded the HCL Master for 2020. I am very proud of this award and I am glad that I could join among other big HCL CWP experts. Article LINK.


Thanks, Thanks, Thanks !!!

Without all of you, I could not achieve these achievements. I can promise that I will do my best in 2020 to write again that 2020 was as successful as 2019 …. or even more successful.


HCL Domino, Notes, Traveler, Sametime V11 Documentation

If you are looking for what’s new in Domino, Notes, Sametime, Traveler V11 or need a quick reference to the documentation, here are a few links.

HCL Domino 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Notes 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL iNotes 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Client Application Access 3.0LINK
HCL Domino 11 documentation updatesLINK
HCL Traveler 11.0 documentationLINK
HCL Sametime 11.0 documentationLINK

Domino, Notes, Traveler, Sametime V11 released

As announced in early December, Domino, Notes, Traveler and Sametime V11 were released. Check Flexnet where you should already see the installation files.

Active license management is not available for production use licenses of HCL Domino 11 at this time. Therefore, configuring a FlexNet license server for Domino 11.0.0 is not required. Details of when HCL will enable active license management will be announced.

In addition to English, a German and Japanese language version is available. We’ll have to wait for more languages.

Traveler V11 can be installed on Domino server V9.0.1 and V10.


HCL Domino 11.0 Detailed System Requirements LINK
HCL Notes 11.0 Detailed System Requirements  LINK
HCL iNotes 11.0 Browser Requirements LINK
HCL Client Application Access 3.0 Detailed System Requirements LINK
HCL Sametime 11 System requirements LINK
HCL Sametime 11 Installation and Administration Guide LINK
Getting Started with HCL Sametime 11 LINK

I became HCL Master 2020. Thanks!

I’m proud and happy I came to a selected community of professionals from around the world who are dedicated to HCL CWP products.

It is a great appreciation for me and at the same time an even greater commitment to continue my work.

Thanks HCL, thanks to all who nominated me!

Huge congratulations to all the other HCL Masters 2020. I am honored to be part of this team.

I look forward to further work.

List all HCL Grandmasters and HCL Masters 2020 LINK

HCL Grandmasters

Daniel NashedJulian RobichauxRoberto Mazzoni
​Gabriella Davis​​Richard Moy​Theo Heselmans
  Paul Withers (retired)

HCL Masters 2020

Adam Brown​Jan KrejcarekPaul Harrison
Aleksandr UsenkoJan ValdmanPavel Aleshkevich
Ales LichtenbergJared RobertsPer Henrik Lausten
Amy StonesiferJens Overgaard DinesenRainer Brandl
Andreas PonteJesse GallagherRamazan Salpagarov
Andreas WeinbrechtJoao VendruscoloRemco Angioni
Andrew MagermanJohnny OldenburgerRobert van den Breemen
Arne Sigurd Rognan NielsenJon SchultzRoberto Boccadoro
Bernd GewehrJörg RafflenbeulSandra Bühler
Carsten GerrickeJustin HillSang Jin Kim
Christian LuxemKarl-Henry MartinssonSatoru Abe
Christoph AdlerKarsten LehmannSerdar Basegmez
Colin BrecklesKazunori TatsukiSharon James
Daniel ReicheltKeith BrooksSiggi Meyer
Daniele GrilloKenio CarvalhoSoehnke Grams
Daniele VistalliKensuke HagiharaSonja Wessels
David HablewitzKim GreeneStefan Lage
Detlev PoettgenKris De BisschopStefan Thier
Devin OlsonLeonardo Antonio Pereira da CostaStefano Benassi
Doug RobinsonLucy MontagueStephen Thorne
Femke GoedhartLuis SuarezSunny Qi
Francie TannerMakoto OnoThilo Volprich
Georg SchallerMaria NordinTim Malone
Giuseppe GrassoMartijn de JongTobias Edelmann
Graham AcresMartin GarrelsTom Van Aken
Guillaume GESNELMartin HansgutTony Holder
Haruyuki NakanoMasahiko MiyoTore Søgård
Heather HottensteinMathieu FABIENUlrich Krause
Heiko VoigtMatteo BisiVerena Hausmann
Helmut SprollMichael McReadyVladislav Tatarincev
Hogne B. PettersenMike McGarelWannes Rams
Horacio BenedictoMitsuru KatohWilliam Malchisky
Igor BreusMouhanad ChebibWinai Sriariyanant
Ivan KuzmenkovNico MeisenzahlYuuichi Kojima
Jan F. ZeuthenOliver Busse

HCL Verse On-Premises 1.0.9 released for download – System Requirements

VOP 1.0.9 is available for download only a few days before the release of Domino, Notes and Sametime V11. Do you have to wait for Domino V11 or can you implement the changes already? Complete documentation LINK

There is System Requirements

  • Domino 9.0.1 with Feature Pack 10 or higher on Microsoft Windows (64-bit 2008, 2012) or Red Hat Linux (64-bit 6).
  • Domino 10.0 or higher on Microsoft Windows (64-bit 2012, 2016), Red Hat Linux (64-bit 7), or AIX (64-bit 7.2, TL1 or higher)
  • Domino 10.0.1 or higher on IBM i version V7R2 or V7R3.
  • Domino 11.0 on Microsoft Windows (64-bit 2012, 2016, 2019), Red Hat Linux (64-bit 7), or AIX (64-bit 7.2, TL1 or higher)
  • Mail files require a design derived from the mail9FP9.ntf template or a later version.

First release of HCL Nomad for Android Tablets is available

Starting today on Google Play, you’ll find the first release of HCL Nomad for Android Tablets. You can find the application on this LINK. Documentation is here LINK. What are the system requirements and limitations of this release?


  • Android tablet with version 8.0 or higher and 64-bit architecture (Android Go edition not supported)
  • Domino server 9.0.1, 10.x (or 11.x) that you can access through a virtual private network (VPN) or over the internet.

Limitations for Android

  • Domino policies are not fully supported. Policy settings are applied during first installation and setup of Domino Mobile Apps. Changes made to policy settings after the initial setup may not be applied, however. In addition, not all policy settings have been fully tested. Full support of policies is planned for a future release.
  • AES GCM encryption is not supported. HCL Nomad falls back to AES-128 CBC mode when communicating with Domino servers configured to use AES GCM.
  • Java™-based applications (JavaAgents, XPages) are not supported.
  • Web services design elements are not supported.
  • Use of application management framework such as Android Enterprise is not supported.
  • The Lotus Script ODBC Extension is not supported.
  • Custom actions that are defined for the drop-down action menu are not available.
  • HCL Nomad does not work with On Demand VPN configurations. If a VPN connection is required in order to connect to your Domino server, then the VPN connection must be present before using HCL Nomad to connect to your Domino server
  • The Notes Workspace is not supported.
  • Roaming is not supported.
  • The Create menu is not available.
  • Mail file usage does not support MIME type emails.
  • “Forward as attachments” is not currently supported as a mail file action.
  • Initial setup of the Nomad client using a passthru server connection document is not currently supported. Once the client’s initial setup is complete, a passthru server connection document can be created and Nomad will use the passthru server as expected.
  • Spell checking support is limited to device spell checking service support

What’s new in HCL Verse 1.0.9

Part of the HCL Factory Tour in Tokyo was the presentation of Verse On-Premise. Andrew Manby had this presentation about Verse. This build can be expected some time after releasing Domino / Notes V11.

What should appear in VOP 1.0.9?

  • Calendar Event Form Improvements
  • New “Change Password” link menu option
  • New Verse version menu action
  • Double click open event in the calendar bar
  • Time zone enhancements
  • Read and open meetings 24-hours or longer
  • Verse can update the iwaredir.ntf template
  • New action that creates a QRCode for calendar meeting URL

At the same time the plans for Verse 1.0.10 were mentioned, which of course can change.

  • Search for emails within a specific date range
  • Implement mail rules from within Verse
  • Message “send and file” capability
  • Attachments and links meet UK Cyber Essentials requirements
  • Preview events contained in ICS file prior to importing file
  • Create a meeting that is 24-hours or longer
  • More Calendar Event Form UI improvements
  • Send mail on delayed basis

Source: Andrew Manby Presentation (HCL Factory Tour 4)


HCL Traveler V11 – what to expect

HCL Domino / Notes V11 and HCL Sametime 11 are coming, along with HCL Traveler V11. What’s new in Domino / Notes and Sametime has been mentioned many times. What does the Traveler V11 bring?

  • View attachments in calendar events
    When you receive an invitation from a Notes user or Verse web user that includes an attachment in the event description, you can now open or download the attachment from your mobile device. But that opening or downloading inline attachments or creating or editing attachments isn’t supported
  • Support for 24+ hour meetings or events
    You can now create and modify non-repeating meetings and appointments that are longer than 24 hours. If Traveler V11 runs on Domino V11
  • Support for ActiveSync 16.x
    Traveler V11 supports MS Exchange ActiveSync versions 16.0 and 16.1 on iOS devices. This change allows for the development of future features that require this version, such as the ability to sync calendar attachments. Traveler V11 automatically switches to ActiveSync 16.x when it detects devices that run on it.
  • Support for draft message synchronization
    Traveler supports the syncing of draft messages on iOS. As part of Exchange ActiveSync 16.X, which Traveler supports, the draft messages will sync from the server to the device and from the device to the server.
  • Support for APNS HTTP/2
    Traveler V11 supports HTTP/2 for communication with Apple’s Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) servers. No configuration is required and there is no change in behavior