HCL Domino Volt announced

Today (April, 13th) HCL announced the official launch of Domino Volt.

HCL Domino Volt is a new product that provides low-code app building capabilities for IT teams and business users. With Volt’s minimalistic and intuitive interface, users can easily create and customize apps, collect and track information, and automate processes.

Webnar: Domino Volt Is Here LINK
Domino Volt website LINK
Video Tutorials LINK

HCL Domino Volt Overview:


HCL Domino Volt Open Beta

Want to try HCL Domino Volt and join Beta testing? Now is the time to register.

Want to know more?

  • You’re Invited to the Domino Volt Beta Program LINK
  • Registration form: LINK
  • Webinar: An Inside Look at HCL Domino Volt Beta Program, March 18 LINK
  • Webinar: Domino Volt Is Here: Everything You Need to Know, Apr. 16 LINK
  • Introducing HCL Domino Volt LINK

What is HCL Domino Volt:

  • A new low-code way to build apps on Domino
  • Great at building forms and forms-based workflow apps
  • Both a design and runtime environment
  • A way to augment existing Domino applications

What is not HCL Domino Volt:

  • A way to modernize existing Domino apps
  • A solution for pro-coders
  • A way to build apps for the Notes client