HCL Sametime Premium and HCL Sametime 12.0 released

Sametime V12 Premium has just been released. Here is an overview with links to the necessary documents. New Features LINK Fixes – A list of is located in the Fixlist article. LINK Prerequisites and Requirements LINK Documentations LINK New Features Business User experience Company branding Meeting reports Click to Call Pre-Join meeting experience Virtual backgrounds … Read more

Where to download XML Manifest File for Domino AUT Catalog for Notes Client V10.x, V11.x and V12.x

If you are looking for XML manifest files for upgrading Notes clients using AUT and you cannot find them on Flexnet, then I have prepared download links for V10.x, 11.x and 12.x, including individual Fix Packs. Where to download the XML manifest file for the Domino Auto Update Task (AUT) catalog for 12.0.x LINK Where … Read more

Domino Auto Update Task (AUT) problem with language versions

With several other Domino admins and customers, I consulted problem with upgrading the Notes client V12.x using AUT (Domino Auto Update Task). The English version worked correctly, but in our case the Czech version did not work. Everything was configured correctly, but the upgrade itself failed to start.After consulting with HCL Support, the workaround is … Read more