SUTOL Café 2/22 – Panagenda MarvelClient

Na únorovém SUTOL Café jsem měl více než hodinovou přednášku o Panagenda MarvelClient, nástroji, který vám pomůže analyzovat a spravovat vaše Notes klienty včetně mobilního a web Nomadu. A v neposlední řadě můžete pomocí MarvelClient Upgrade provádět automatické upgrady nových verzí nebo instalace Feature Packů. Pokud jste se nemohli zúčastnit nebo si chcete přednášku znovu … Read more

The free panagenda ApplicationInsights license ends on April 10, 2020

Starting April 11, 2017, customers who were currently using Subscription and Software Support (S&S) for Domino servers were eligible for the free ApplicationInsights panagenda. The entitled version of ApplicationInsights is valid until April 10, 2020. Both HCL & panagenda agreed to NOT renew the license after this. If you have purchased an extended pack, then … Read more

How I started managing HCL Nomad via Panagenda MarvelClient

What are my first impressions with HCL Nomad and Panagenda MarvelClient? Yeah, it works! And on the first attempt without a manual. In preparation for the SUTOL conference, where I will have a presentation on managing HCL Nomad using MarvelClient, I attended the webinar “MarvelClient and HCL Nomad – A match made in heaven”. Immediately … Read more

My SUTOL Symposium 2019 presentations are download available

At the May SUTOL Symposium 2019 in Prague I had two presentations about Upgrade Notes V10 via Panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition and Installation and Use of Domino Mobile Apps.† Title Language PDF Upgrading Notes clients to V10 CZ download Upgrading Notes clients to V10 ENG download Domino Mobile Apps CZ download Domino Mobile Apps … Read more

How to change the language for the upgrade process – Panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition

If you want the progress of the upgrade Notes client using the Panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition to be more user-friendly and clearer, you can choose the language in which will see the upgrade progress. I was honored to be approached for help with Czech localization. I thank Florian Vogler (CEO Panagenda) for giving me … Read more

How to create an IBM Notes upgrade package using Panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade Wizard

Immediately after the release of the MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition, I started testing. Here are my first steps with MarvelClient Upgrade Free. Want to learn how to easily use the MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition? Detailed information about Panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition on the product site Minimal prerequisites: You are using either the free … Read more

Panagenda MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition

What Is MarvelClient Upgrade? MarvelClient Upgrade is one of several additional modules available for MarvelClient. It allows you to perform Notes client upgrades fast, easy, and from within your Notes client infrastructure. Panagenda released for free: MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition. MarvelClient Upgrade Free Edition limitations:   MC Upgrade Free Upgrade from any Notes version from … Read more

Panagenda Application Insights – how to deploy

Application Insight is one of Panagenda’s products, one of the tools for analyzing Domino environments. This is not a new product that is closely related to Domino 10 but is certainly capable of helping in deciding on the transition to Domino 10. In addition, customers who have valid IBM support can get this product for … Read more

How to install Panagenda Marvel Client Essentials for Domino/Notes

Panagenda MarvelClient Essentials (PMC) is officially a part of IBM Notes 10.0.1 and available on Passport Advantage. The solution helps Administrators collect information on end user installs of IBM Notes. Example can identify which user is running single vs multi-user clients, who is using ICAA, who is on a Mac, along with which Notes client … Read more