HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.9

HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.9 brings several fixes as well as new features and improvements. All new features can be found in the documentation LINK.HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.x Release Notes – LINK Fix List Issue Identifiers Defect Article Details NWASM-5045 KB0107486 Attachments are not being searched when including attachments for Full Text … Read more

Domino AUT catalog XML manifest file for Notes V11.x client – updated for 11.0.1 FP8

FP8 for Notes/Domino 11 was released yesterday. Here is the updated list of xml manifests for AUT, which includes this FP. Source: HCL KB Notes 11.0.1FP8 Basic AUTRepository_1101FP8_BasicClient.xml Notes 11.0.1FP8 Basic NL Kits AUTRepository_1101FP8_BasicClient_NLKits.xml Notes 11.0.1FP8 Standard All Client AUTRepository_1101FP8_StandardAllClient.xml Notes 11.0.1FP8 Standard All Client NL Kits AUTRepository_1101FP8_StandardAllClient_NLKits.xml Notes 11.0.1FP8 Standard Notes Client Only AUTRepository_1101FP8_StandardNotesClient.xml … Read more