How to install HCL Nomad for web: Step-By-Step: updated

Thanks author Petr Kunc (Technical Advisor, Digital Solutions HCL Software) LinkedIn for updating his Step-by-Step document on how to install and configure HCL Nomad for web (previous article LINK) . Petr updated the document for example with a new version of SafeLinx and added or corrected additional information based on your feedback.

Workaround for problem synchronization contacts Verse Android contacts with device contacts on Samsung devices running Android 11 will be available on Friday, November 19

Source: HCL SupportMany users have a problem with synchronization contacts in Verse after the August upgrade of Samsung mobile devices. It has been described in this article. Samsung has not yet released a fix, but HCL has included a workaround in the current November update. This workaround is being deployed to production users at this … Read more

HCL Traveler has ended supporting HTTP (without SSL)

With today’s update (November 15) HCL Verse for Android, HCL Traveler Companion for iOS and HCL ToDo for iOS has ended HTTP configuration support and only HTTPs are no longer supported. This applies from these versions: HCL Verse pro Android (12.0.5) HCL Companion pro iOS (12.0.2) HCL To Do pro iOS (12.0.2) Source: HCL Support