HCL Domino/Notes 10.0.1 FP5 Fix List

Today released FP5 for HCL Domino/Notes 10.0.1. You can download it from FlexNet. Here is a list of fixes.

Administrator client

  • SPR# MSKABMDTDL – Admin Client – The Manage Views tool in the Administration client was showing an incorrect total for the sum of the view indexes when that total exceeded 2 GBs. The value was wrapping to a lower value. The individual view sizes however were listed correctly. This has been fixed.

Domino server

  • SPR# ARUIBLZLMB – JVM upgraded to SR6FP5
  • SPR# BSPRBMMLEP – Fixed a potential deadlock during replication in NSFDbGetReplHistorySummary – init provided if needed which is off by default – to enable, set DEBUG_WRITE_LOCK_IF_REMOTE_DB=1
  • +SPR# CDUTBLARPL – Fixed an issue in Verse and iNotes where re-authentication was broken when deletion logging was enabled on a mail database. This regression was introduced in 10.0
  • +SPR# CSAHBDPJ7D – Disable DAOS option in autcat.ntf to avoid DAOS reset and extra log messages. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# CSAHBJGQHP – Server – Fixed some deadlocks that could occur during trash cleanup of documents contain file attachments stored in DAOS.
  • SPR# DANOBKXVE5 – Fixed a bug where a mail database deleted by adminp could be recreated by Repair if Cluster Symmetry is enabled.
  • SPR# HPRHBLBDJQ – Domino – fixed a crash during restart recovery in DbCheckExtendAllowed
  • SPR# JPAIBHQL4X – LDAP – Fixed a crash in LAP task – “Memory following pool block has been destroyed”
  • SPR# KBREBNBNME – Domino – W64 fix pack installer – fixed an issue where the W64 fix pack installer would sometimes hang during install showing Not Responding.
  • +SPR# MDAABLZGXN – Fixed the missing class in dconsole.jar that was causing scontroller/jconsole connection failure. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1FP4.
  • SPR# MKINBNJS4K – Domino – Fixed an issue where the fix pack installer was not updating the OSGI rpc plugins.
  • SPR# MOBNBEFTNB – Domino – LDAP server – Fixed an issue where photos are not getting returned from the Domino LDAP server search results.
  • SPR# MOBNBGBM76 – Domino – FT Indexing – Fixed an issue when the single document size limit is reached during FT indexing, what has been indexed so far is retained.
  • SPR# MOBNBGKV9P – Fixed a problem where particular NAMELookup calls would return an error ERR_NAMELOOKUP_TOO_BIG and cause a long held lock. Workaround was to set NAMELOOKUP_MAX_MB=1 to limit search results.
  • SPR# MOBNBHQNXJ – When SSL connections go bad due to failover or other reasons, we now detect it immediately, sever the connection and retry.
  • +SPR# MOBNBL4Q6G – When SSL connections go bad due to failover or other reasons, we now detect it immediately, sever the connection and retry.
  • SPR# NVENBN2UVS – Adminp – Added an INI to allow the admin to skip the check of the free disk space that is normally done before creating a new replica. The admin will have to confirm there is a enough free space using other tools. The INI to set is ADMINP_DISABLE_DISK_SPACE_CHECK=1
  • SPR# PKURBLAMMW – Domcfg database – Fixed an issue where Domcfg database gave error mapping handling (General errors) for a few sites. This was due to a limitation of 32 error mapping documents. Default is now 256 via INI DOMINO_MAX_CUSTOMRESPONSE_VIEW_ENTRIES, whereas the default before was 32.
  • SPR# PKURBEMAJ4 – Fixed a potential crash
  • SPR# RGAU9Y9NK2 – Fixed potential crash with Extmngr From Notes 901 C API Toolkit on Win 64
  • SPR# RSTNA92D6E – For complex queries generated by Websphere, we now enforce using FT if there is a NOT node and multiple AND nodes.
  • SPR# SKSWB83MHT – Fixed a problem where NotesHTTPRequest methods are throwing errors while executing on an OS400 system.
  • SPR# SKUEBEKBHV – Fixed a problem which could cause recently sent mail to appear as unread in the Sent folder when using a Thunderbird IMAP client with a Domino IMAP server.
  • SPR# SPPPBCLCX6 – Server – Fixed a crash that occurred when deletion logging was enabled under certain circumstances
  • SPR# SPPPBJXEZ8 – iSeries – Fixed a problem with message logging where an unneeded message warning messaging was being output resulting in too many message keys being used.

Notes client

  • +SPR# ASHEBKPEBE – Fixed a regression caused by an optimizer. The ini AllowWildCardLookup=1 on the client will no longer hang the client under any condition.
  • +SPR# AYAVBLPEHP – Client – Mac – Catalina – fixed several intermittent crashes when running Notes on Catalina – exiting User Configuration dialog, opening Embedded ST \Day at Glance in a new window, exiting Notes Login dialog and exiting from Notes were some of the cases that would sometimes crash. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP4.
  • +SPR# AYAVBLRE24 – Client – Mac – Catalina – Fixed an issue where the Edit Location UI didn’t show locations. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP4
  • +SPR# ECRABGLQPK – Client – Basic – Fixed a problem in the Notes basic client where some toolbar icons were showing the bidirectional version of the icon (right to left). The following icons were impacted: Indent, Outdent, Indent First, Bullet, Numbered List. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# ECRABKZLJQ – Client – Fixed an issue where a mailto URL that had two or more ‘#’ characters in the subject resulted in the subject being truncated in Notes.
  • +SPR# IFBTBM6D7A – Client – Mac – Fixed a problem where Mac Client translated builds were showing some menus in English. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP4
  • SPR# JNAOBJ5674 – Client – Fixed an issue where the database title overflows in the Workspace
  • SPR# KHORB6ZRCY – Prior to this fix some CD->MIME conversions would fail because the LMBCS string length for some HTML entities was not calculated properly, resulting in garbage at the end of the string.
  • +SPR# PLYSBMDUMM – This change fixes a bug that prevented the Domino SMTP Server from correctly parsing and storing nested Internet messages as EML attachments. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# RKRYBMTPUA – Client – Mac – Catalina – Fixed an issue where the client would hang when using the calendar timezone drop down control with two finger scroll
  • SPR# RSSNBJJL9A – Client – Mac – Catalina – Fixed an issue on Macosx Catalina which slows down the Notes performance.
  • SPR# SANEBGZH2A – Client – fixed an issue where Notes client crashed when a user opened up a particular email with the preview pane open Other details of fix in parent or original SPR
  • +SPR# SAPLBMTMAL – Client – Mac – Catalina – Fixed an issue where the ICS file did not launch with Notes on Catalina.
  • +SPR# SRAOBHGPND – Fixed an issue with Notes Federated Login (NFL) where NFL failed with an “Invalid argument” error when there was no match found in the list of configurations specified in the ID Vault. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • +SPR# SSARBKGLP6 – Fixed an error during spellcheck with multilingual dictionaries on basic client in Windows. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# SSARBKWGLP – Client – Calendar – Fixed an issue where several months in the left sidebar calendar picker is not showing the last days of the month.
  • +SPR# TRANBLXFF9 – Client – Mac – Catalina – Fixed an issue where the user would see the Notes 9 splash screen on a 10.0.1 FP4 Mac OS NL build. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1FP4.
  • +SPR# UTOOBK79AY – Client – Fixed an issue where the Notes client could not correctly display long filenames in MIME headers which were incorrectly folded. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP3
  • SPR# WDCABHFPYM – Fixed a problem where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.

iNotes client

  • +SPR# ASHEBKKKVD – iNotes – Fixed a problem where Layers in a from were not being rendered properly in browsers. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# DMDDBJ54XZ – iNotes – Fixed an issue where a second invitation is sent out when an update is made to a meeting
  • SPR# FPAIBMBKXT – iNotes – Fixed an issue where the Chair could not remove the Subject nor location from a meeting.
  • SPR# KKOOBL2A7M – Fix problem that button action is issued to incorrect URL on some incoming messages.
  • SPR# KKOOBL9CGU – Resolved issue that generating needless P tag on hitting enter on IE
  • SPR# KKOOBLB85M – Resolved issue that generating needless P tag on hitting enter on IE
  • SPR# KMOABJRBEV – iNotes – Disabled double-click to open attachments directly in iNotes ActiveX control if option to show extended confirmation for UK Cyber Essensials security practices is enabled.
  • SPR# KMOABJR7K5 – iNotes – Added option to show additional confirmation to open attachments or link to comply with UK Cyber Essensials security practices (Phone Message, Notebook, To Do, Home, Contacts)
  • SPR# MSAHBH25ZC – Fixed an issue on in Safari on iPadOS 13 that logging in to iNotes leads to full mode desktop UI instead of Ultra-light mode for mobile devices.

Designer client

  • +SPR# PJONAW7SSB – Designer – XPages – Fixed an issue here the Data palette drop down menu was blank resulting in being unable to define a new data source using the palette. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10


  • SPR# ASHEBGZATW – LotusScript – Fixed an issue where the LotusScript StrToken function produced incorrect results if the delimiter contained two of the same character
  • +SPR# ASHEBMVBUM – Java – Fixed an issue where com.ibm.notes.java.ui.documents.NotesUIDocument always return NULL. After an Eclipse e4 upgrade, the implementation to get the selfpart window is changed and the existing code was still using the old e3 way to get the selfpart window which caused an issue. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
  • SPR# HOKA99Y2PM – XPages – Fixed a problem with file upload where DBCS chars are corrupted by uploading a file whose name has over 45 DBCS chars.
  • SPR# JCUSBJL4H6 – DQL – Fixed an issue where partial timedate terms coupled with other terms were producing incorrect results
  • SPR# JCUSBJLRT9 – DQL – Fixed an issue in DQL where queries with complex boolean expressions were not correctly placing ORed terms under the proper boolean operator.
  • SPR# JCUSBJM5JG -DQL – Fixed a problem where certain DQL queries with many terms and complex boolean expressions had some terms erroneously executed and the results ANDed or ORed with the wrong intermediate results.
  • SPR JCUSBKPQRK – DQL – Fixed an issue where DQL Queries were incorrectly comparing field values to 0-length strings (text1 > ”), resulting in intermittently erroneously finding documents
  • SPR # JCUSBLJR4Z – DQL – Fixed a problem where DQL textual terms with leading single quotes (like ””’Quoted value ‘) were not functioning properly, finding an incorrect set of documents.
  • SPR# MGUOB4HP6B – The MIME to CD convert was not handling attached $RFC822.eml attachments created by Domino 4.6 correctly. New notes.ini was introduced MIMEConvertBlob=0 to disable this fix (on by default).
  • SPR# PJONB9B7R9 – Java – convertToMIME – This change fixes a race condition that could occur when creating uniquely named temporary files when converting RichText to Mime
  • SPR# RDJS8VENUN – XPages – Fixed an error with Xpages Startkeys Property when trying to return a variant containing datetime – Java.Io.Ioexception: Error While Serializing Domino View Containersd

SUTOL Symposium 2020 ONLINE – Looking back

Last year we celebrated the 25th SUTOL Symposium. Apart from sessions, this event has always been a place of personal meetings. Covid-19 joined (without invitation) the organization of this year’s event , and he did not allow us to meet in our standard place. And so we organized the entire SUTOL Symposium online for the first time.

I must thank the representatives of HCL Digital Solutions for joining us and presenting plans for the future with HCL products for collaborations with their entries. Thanks again for Richard Jefts (General Manager of HCL Digital Solutions), Andrew Manby (Assistant Vice President of Product Management, HCL Domino, Leap, and Sametime), Ginni Saini (Product Manager for HCL Sametime) a Danielle Baptiste (Director for Connections with HCL Digital Solutions). And Petr Kunc (Technical Advisor, HCL Digital Solutions), who represented the Czech Republic.

All sessions were prepared by the Czech HCL Masters: Martin Hansgut, Jan Krejcarek, Jan Valdman and me. Many thanks to them for the preparation and time devoted to their presentations.

I must also thank Filip Pavlicek and his colleague from the company Techdata Michaela Kocankova, for for providing the background and technical equipment for online broadcasting.
Thanks to Mirek Orlik for managing registrations. Thanks to all the others from the SUTOL team, who did not have their session this time, but were a great support and helped us to compile an excellent program.

And most thanks to you, all of you 150 attendes who joined our premiere online SUTOL Symposium and were with us all the time. THANKS!!!
I have received many positive responses and I am glad that the event was a success. It has been reaffirmed to us that this effort is important.

We have published the date of another traditional meeting, the technical SUTOL conference, which we always hold at the end of the year. This time on November 25.

Although I had my presentations in czech language, I tried to make them in English and if you are interested in looking at them, here is the link: HCL Sametime 11 and HCL Nomad for Admins. All presentations are available on the sutol.cz website


HCL Notes 11.0.1 IF1

Interim Fix 1 is available for HCL Notes client. You can download it from FlexNet. Here is a list of fixes.

Description Additional Information 
SSARBNFCXKFixed a crash that occurred when deleting the last document from a folder. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
RKRYBMTPUAFixed an issue where the client would hang when using the calendar timezone drop down control with two finger scroll
SBLEBN2HGNFixed an issue where certain infobox fields would result in a crash when clicking on the drop-down list of choices – section border styles and action bar button Notes icons in particular. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
MSKABN2HEDFixed an issue in the Admin client where, when trying to manage a vault server to do an action like add/remove a vault server, the error “NULL Parameter Error” would be received and the action would fail. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1
PDARBNFC7NFixed a problem where a second repeating meeting could not be created after creating a repeating meeting. Error about too many dates scheduled would be shown. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1

HCL Traveler V11.0.1 Fix List

At the end of March, Traveler V11.0.1 was released, which includes several new features and fixes for known issues. This list will tell you if the update is right or necessary for you.

New Features:

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017
    Traveler has been validated with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 as the Traveler server database when running in high availability mode.
  • Updated APNS Certificates
    Traveler 11.0.1 includes updated APNS Certificates that replace the certificates shipped with Traveler These new certificates expire February 13, 2021.
  • Support for cross-domain ID vault
    When working with encrypted mail, Traveler now supports retrieval of a user’s Notes ID file from an ID vault that is in a different Domino domain than the Traveler server. See Supporting multiple HCL Domino domains for more information.

Fix List:

Customer Problem #
TRAV-4441Traveler server shows thousands of errors are logged in the Domino console Details: When Traveler encounters problems accessing the UnreadTable for a user or users, a large number of severe errors are logged to the console.  This fix reduces the severe logging for UnreadTable access errors.
TRAV-4383Server crashes since upgrading to Traveler 11.0 Details: After upgrading to Traveler 11.0, servers started crashing with LSXBE: ****** Out of Backend Memory ******* errors in the console. Fix addresses memory leak associated with these crashes.
TRAV-4348APNS push notifications working only for HCL Verse for iOS Details: Starting with Traveler 11.0.0, applications other than Verse for iOS that use APNS notifications (Verse for Citrix, To Do, MaaS360 and Third Party registered applications such as Virtual Solutions SecurePIM client) were having those notifications rejected by the Apple APNS servers with the rejection reason of “DeviceTokenNotForTopic”. This fix corrects the topic to be correct for all applications using APNS notifications.
TRAV-4331Traveler server reporting red status due to native memory usage on Microsoft Windows Servers Details: The Traveler server method of calculating native (C) memory usage in the Windows environment was incorrectly leading to Traveler reporting a red status for native memory usage.  Traveler has changed to use the Traveler process memory instead of total system virtual memory for C memory usage calculations on Windows servers.
TRAV-4314Add Outlook (IMSMO) client safety that sets push flags if SyncML gets to 50 messages Details: To protect itself from stack overflow issues, the IMSMO client will stop the sync after 50 SyncML messages to then start a new sync. There are some cases where the client does not start a new sync but does connect to push on the server. The push flags are already cleared based on the sync (as they should be), so the client does not sync again until some other data is changed such as receiving a new email. This changes the server to set the push flags for the IMSMO client if the sync reaches the 50th SyncML message so that if the client does not sync again but does connect to push, push will cause the needed sync to be started.
TRAV-4307After an upgrade to Traveler, when running with the Derby database, some devices were missing contacts/calendar/email Details: When running Traveler server with the Derby database, a re-sync of a user’s device with a large number of customer folders may take too long for the folder sync request.  This can prevent the user’s calendar, mail, and contacts from syncing to the device. A database indexing hint was added to reduce sync times. This problem can occur in versions including and prior to Traveler
 TRAV-4239Mail sent appears to sender to be 1 hour off Details: Changed the way the Traveler server checks for daylight savings time support on startup in order to prevent a problem with the Casablanca and El Aaiun time zones logging severe errors about a mismatch in DST support.
 TRAV-3733Update APNS p12 files that expire in June 2020 Details: Traveler includes updated APNS Certificates that replace the certificates shipped with Traveler  These new certificates expire February 13, 2021.
Traveler reports red status due to severe message flood from EventContainer.maintainSeqNumbers Details: Reduced the log level of a frequent error caused by processing events with corrupted sequence numbers.