HCL Domino Volt – Resources

Domino Volt is the most frequently mentioned product in recent days. And rightly so. I have prepared a summary of several interesting resources where you can learn more about this product. HCL Domino Volt Product Page LINK HCL Domino Volt Live Test on Sanbox LINK HCL Domino Volt Sanbox Overview LINK HCL Domino Volt Feature … Read more

HCL Domino/Notes 10.0.1 FP5 Fix List

Today released FP5 for HCL Domino/Notes 10.0.1. You can download it from FlexNet. Here is a list of fixes. Administrator client SPR# MSKABMDTDL – Admin Client – The Manage Views tool in the Administration client was showing an incorrect total for the sum of the view indexes when that total exceeded 2 GBs. The value … Read more

HCL Notes 11.0.1 IF1

Interim Fix 1 is available for HCL Notes client. You can download it from FlexNet. Here is a list of fixes. Description  Additional Information  SSARBNFCXK Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting the last document from a folder. This regression was introduced in 11.0.1 RKRYBMTPUA Fixed an issue where the client would hang when using … Read more

HCL Traveler V11.0.1 Fix List

At the end of March, Traveler V11.0.1 was released, which includes several new features and fixes for known issues. This list will tell you if the update is right or necessary for you. New Features: Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2017Traveler has been validated with Microsoft SQL Server 2017 as the Traveler server database … Read more