Some components no longer included Domino/Notes 10

The following components are no long part of Domino/Notes 10:

  • IBM HTTP Server. IBM HTTP Server (IHS) has been removed as an install option for Domino on Windows and is no longer supported as a tightly integrated HTTP replacement for Domino HTTP on the same machine.
  • Older IBM Lotus file types for import and export. Lotus 1-2-3 file type is no longer available, by default, for view import or export.Use the notes.ini setting IncludeOldFileTypes=1 on clients if you want to enable these file type options again.
  • The IBM iNotes ActiveX installer. The IBM iNotes ActiveX installer is no longer provided with Domino for iNotes. As of Internet Explorer 11, standard users can install ActiveX controls themselves and administrator access is no longer required.
  • RSS feed reader
  • Domino Offline Services (DOLS)
  • The Open Social components

What’s new in IBM Domino 10.0

A few tips for Administrator Domino 10.0

  • ODS 53 supports larger databases and folders. The maximum size of databases allowed in IBM Domino 10 has increased to 256 GB; previously it was 64 GB.
  • ODS 52 is the default ODS level. he default On-Disk Structure (ODS) for databases is now ODS 52, the ODS for IBM Domino and Notes 9.0.1. Unless there is a Create_Rx_Databases=1 notes.ini setting on server or client that specifies another ODS (for example, Create_R10_Databases=1).
  • Publishing statistics to external services. A Domino server is preconfigured to publish Domino statistics to the New Relic service using the New Relic Plugin API.
  • Dynamic indexing of high-usage views. IBM Domino now dynamically assigns dedicated view indexing threads to views with content that is frequently updated. This feature keeps busy views up-to-date and enables them to be opened more quickly.
  • Symmetrical clusters. Symmetrical clusters is a feature that ensures that Notes databases remain identical across all servers in a cluster. Any missing or damaged databases are repaired (replaced) with good copies from a donor cluster member.
  • Improved streaming cluster replication during server restarts. IBM Domino 10 implements streaming cluster replication improvements that help preserve the state of the SCR queue after Domino server restarts.
  • New way to synchronize database replicas. IBM Domino 10 provides a new argument for the Replicate command, -F, to force a full database replication when replicas of a database get out of sync. The replication occurs on the side and allows users to continue to see replication updates during the full replication.
  • Document deletion logging. A new compact task option is available to enable logging of data about deleted documents in databases that you specify. The data is logged to entries in deletion log files added to the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory on a server. For example, you can log when documents are deleted from mail files to help troubleshoot if users report missing documents.
  • Automatic dead mail processing. Dead mail occurs when the router can’t deliver or transfer a message to the intended recipient or a non-delivery report to the sender. Prior to Domino 10, if administrators wanted to retry sending dead mail, they did it manually. Also, dead mail stayed in mail.box until an administrator deleted it. In Domino 10, administrators can configure the router to automatically retry delivery of dead mail and if unsuccessful delete it from mail.box after a specified number of retry attempts.

What’s new in IBM Notes 10 – Calendar

What interesting news can you find in IBM Notes 10 Calendar? Here are few helpful features.

  • Team calendar. A team calendar enables everyone on a team to see the availability of team members and schedule meetings with team members. To use a team calendar, you create a mail file that is configured as a mail-in database.
  • Add calendar categories and assign colors at the same time. You can add calendar categories right from the Category colors preference tab.You need template Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf)
  • Allow attendees to invite others. A meeting chair can allow attendees to invite or propose other people to attend a meeting. You need template Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf)
Allow attendees to invite others
  • Delegate calendar but not Contacts. You can delegate your calendar to someone while keeping your Contacts private. You need template Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf)
Delegate calendar but not Contacts.
  • Apply Sender Colors to meetings. If you use the Sender Colors feature to assign colors to particular people you receive mail from, you can now apply those colors to the meetings chaired by these people, too. You need template Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf)
Apply Sender Colors to meetings

What’s new in IBM Notes 10 – Mail

What interesting news can you find in IBM Notes 10 Mail? I allowed myself to choose a few helpful features.

  • New By Sender view categorizes messages received by sender. Unlike the Inbox, it contains all messages you’ve received,even ones that you’ve moved to folders. You need the IBM Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf).
By Sender view
  • Schedule when messages are delivered. You can schedule a message to be delivered at a specific date and time. For example, you can send a message on the afternoon but schedule it to be delivered next day. You need the IBM Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf). The administrator must allow this option with a policy.
Delay Delivery settings
  • Keep multiple forwarded messages separate. You can select multiple messages in your Inbox and forward them as .eml attachments. You need the IBM Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf).
Forward multiple messages as .eml

  • Second signature for replying and forwarding. You can create a mail signature to use just when you reply to or forward messages. This feature comes in handy if you use a more concise version when you reply to or forward messages. You need the IBM Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf).
Setting signature for Reply and Forward Messages
  • Larger Junk Mail Senders list. Your Junk Mail Senders List can now contain up to 300 KB of data for addresses, 10 times more than before. You need the IBM Notes 10 mail template (mail10.ntf).S
  • Send mail errors and warnings. Administrator has the option to put limits on messages that you send, such as limits on the number of attachments or recipients. When you send a message that exceeds more than one of these limits, you’ll see all error or warnings messages at once.

Mail errors and warnings

Verse On-Premises 1.0.6 is available

Verse On-Premises 1.0.6 is available from December 18. You can run it on Domino 9.0.1 and Domino 10.0.x

What’s new in version 1.0.6

  • Import events from an internet calendar
    You can now import single and repeat events from an internet calendar into your IBM Verse calendar. For example, import events from your Google calendar.
  • Choose the language to use in IBM Verse
  • Enhancements to the calendar event design preview.
  • In IBM Verse 1.0.6, the calendar event design preview feature

VOP 1.0.6 of course includes news from version 1.0.5

  • New calendar event design preview. A preview of a new calendar event design offers an improved experience for creating and managing events in your calendar.
  • Add an image of yourself from Gravatar. You can upload an image of yourself to an account on Gravatar web site (gravatar.com) that is then shown in the Verse “important to me” bar. An administrator enables this feature.
  • Minimize a new message or new calendar event in the mail view You can minimize a new message or calendar event that you compose from the mail view. Minimizing collapses the message or event and moves it to the bottom of the window temporarily so that you can read other mail content.
  • Select from suggested folders. As you add or move a message to a folder, Verse suggests ones to select based on the folders you’ve used previously
  • Print your calendar. You can print your calendar and choose printing options.
  • Show an additional time zone in your calendar. Do you have co-workers that are in a different time zone? Now you can add the times from their time zone in your calendar to make it easier to schedule meetings with them.
  • Remove all messages from the Trash at once. There’s now an Empty Trash option to remove all messages from the Trash folder at one time.
  • Put the word Confidential in the subject of a message.
  • As you compose a message, use the option Mark Subject Confidential to precede the message subject with the word Confidential

The View option for attachment is back in Notes 10.0.1

In Notes 10.0.1 returned option “View” when double click attachment.

You can prevent dialog box from appearing by enabling the local notes.ini parameter AttachmentActionDefault=1. With this parameter enabled, double clicking on an attachment icon will simply open the file without a dialog box first displaying. This parameter may also be set via a Desktop policy.

The setting options for this notes.ini parameter include:

AttachmentActionDefault=1 Defaults to “Open”

AttachmentActionDefault=2 Defaults to “Edit”

AttachmentActionDefault=3 Defaults to “View”

AttachmentActionDefault=4 Defaults to “Save…”


IBM Domino/Notes 10.0.1 is available

On December 18 – Domino / Notes 10.0.1 is available. Here are part numbers for downloads:

  • IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Windows English(CNXL7EN)
  • IBM Domino Server v10.0.1 64 bit for Linux English(CNXL9EN)
  • IBM Notes, Domino Designer and Admin V10.0.1 for Windows English(CNXL1EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 Basic Configuration for Windows English(CNXK5EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 for Windows English(CNXK6EN)
  • IBM Notes v10.0.1 Mac 64 bit English(CNXK7EN)
  • IBM Domino AppDev Pack 1.0 Linux English(CNXJ9EN)
  • IBM Client Application Access v2.0.1 Release Notes Multiplatform English(CNXK9EN)
  • IBM Client Application Access v2.0.1 Windows English(CNXL0EN)
  • IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Windows Multilngual(CNY0QML)
  • IBM Traveler v10.0.1 for Linux Multilngual(CNY0RML)


IBM Traveler 10.0.0

  • IBM Notes Traveler 10.0 supported Domino server 10.0 and 9.0.1.
  • IBM Traveler 10 installer is now 64 bit. Therefore, it is no longer required to install 32 bit runtime libraries when installing Traveler on a 64 bit OS
  • Verse on iOS device users can now add attachments from other apps on the device that register as providers, for example, apps such as iCloud, Box, Connections,Dropbox
  • A new search view in your calendar provides a continuous view of your agenda that spans multiple days. As you type in the search field, the agenda view changes to show just events by search
  • Verse on iOS client users is the ability to set and edit alarms. This feature was provided on Android only
  • Select all documents in a folder. Open the inbox (or any other folder) and tap the Edit button on the title bar