Some interesting video sources of HCL Digital Solutions

I recently came across some interesting recordings of HCL webinars and product video demos published by HCL Here are a few links. HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook Webinar: Ensuring smooth upgrade for HCL Traveler Webinar: HCL AUT Overview, Configuration & Debugging/Troubleshooting Webinar : Domino Directory Sync(DirSync) and Troubleshooting Notes and Designer V12 Content HCL Nomad

My presentation of “HCL Sametime Meetings on Docker” from SUTOL Cafe 2021

Last week I had a more than an hour-long presentation of “HCL Sametime Meetings on Docker” at SUTOL Café, which we hold with our colleagues from this community every month. The presentation was online and attended by about 50 people. Because the session was all in Czech, I also created the presentation in English and … Read more