The SUTOL Conference 2019 is over. Yes, it makes sense

Every autumn we organize a technical conference with the Czech user group SUTOL. The same was true this year, when we met at a traditional place in Prague.

We have carefully selected topics so that both administrators and developers will find their way. And I think the program was successful because 124 participants were registered and it really arrived.

The conference is a bit specific in that most of the lectures are exclusively in Czech. Even so, there is interest in the conference abroad.

Very pleasing was the presence of representatives of HCL Digital Solution. And what more could you want than when Richard Jefts, Barry Rosen and Uffe Sorensen, Tim Clark, Antony Blake, Rene Schimmer, Michael Florentino, Stephan Wissel arrive with them. Not only pleasant, but even more responsible.

The conference started keynote by Richard Jefts – Vice President and General Manager of HCL’s Collaborative Workflow Platform business. What happened, what was happening, what was going to happen. What we have done, what we are doing less well and what we will focus on. Those were Richard’s keynote themes.

This was followed by a summary of HCL products by Petr Kunc, who represents HCL in the Czech Republic. Petr in his presentation gradually invited to all other sessions and thus started the technical part of the conference.

Jan Valdman (Whitesoft and HCL Master) has prepared a presentation on the latest in HCL Connections and managed to get Rene Schimmer, Director of Product Management for HCL Connections, for a joint performance.

We look forward to the release of Connections 6.5, which should be this year and next year, we expect another big version that looks very interesting in the first screens.

Barry Rosen – Director of Product Management (Domino, Sametime, Verse) summarized the news we can expect with the coming Domino 11 and Sametime 11. The official announcement will be on December 4 in Tokyo and you can watch online. Registration for this event is here.

Questions were asked about the Czech Language Pack, which falls into Group2 and it was promised that it is still true that the LP for Group2 will be for Domino / Notes 10 as well as for V11. Exact deadlines, but they are not.

There followed two sessions for developers, when Mirek Orlík (Downstream) introduced HCL Leap as a tool for easy development of web applications (Low code strategy) and connection with Domino V11.

Tim Clark (responsible for the HCL Master program, for example) also showed a live demonstration of HCL Leap usage.

For me as a pure Administrator, HCL Leap seems like an interesting and fast tool that can be used in minutes without the need for complex programming. I hope to find time soon and personally try it.

Ondra Fuxa (Your System) focused on the news awaiting developers in Domino 11 because he had the opportunity to beta test. And as he said: functionalities or news are shifted more to the status of “Developer Friendly”. For example, he showed practical programming using new classes in LotusScript.

After lunch break we prepared an interesting session t “Ask HCL”, where people from the audience could ask the HCL team about everything. There were repeated questions about language localization or support. This discussion was also open to those who did not have a stand-alone presentation, such as Uffe Sorensen (Global Director of DS Strategy at HCL Software) or Michael Fiorentino, who is Director of Support. The interest was great and the “round table” exceeded the time limit, but that was not to the detriment of the next conference program.

After this interesting part, I had a practical demonstration of how to analyze and configure HCL Nomad for iPad and iPhone using Panagenda MarvelClient. Anyone who is still interested can sign up for the HCL Nomad beta and start testing Nomad for Android.

Stephan Wissel (Solution Director – Products & Platforms Division at HCL Technologies) arrived at the conference. It was an opportunity for a large group of developers to meet and discuss everything they were interested in. And the interest was so great that we had to move another developer presentation to another time.

Not only for administrators Lukáš Doležal (Whitesoft) summed up the news in Sametime V10 and especially showed what we expect in Sametime 11. No more DB2, no Websphere. Simpler implementation, less hardware. What else could you wish for?

In the next block of lectures, one of our current HCL Masters Jan Krejcarek (PPF Bank) could present his precisely prepared demo (of course everyone had precisely prepared their presentations) on Domino AppDev Pack – what’s new in version 1.0.2. He has shown, for example, the use of IAM Service (Identity and Access Management); access control of documents; work with files.

This was followed by another HCL Master – Martin Hansgut (TOTAL SERVICE), who always presents tips for administrators at SUTOL conferences. This time he chose a very interesting topic, showing different possibilities of connecting Domino with Microsoft Active Directory: SSO, SAML and service that will be part of Domino V11 DirSync.

Slowly approaching the end of the conference and for the developers were prepared the latest presentation by Mirek Orlík, where showed how to deal with large volumes of data in Domino. The lecture full of tips, ideas, observations certainly captivated a completely full house despite advanced time.

Finally, I shared with Jan Valdman our experience on how to register for HCL customer programs, how to support HCL, where and how to download installation files. We mentioned information about planned licensing changes, which raised a lot of questions.

The conference was over. Yes, there was a lot of information that has already been presented, but also a lot of new information. However, it is always a good idea to hear and see this information in a comprehensive way. It is always good to have a community of people who have a common interest, to discuss common problems, to show their tips, ideas and achievements.

It’s always good to see a lot of people for whom all of this matters, and if there’s a chance of meeting a team of the most skilled people from HCL, that’s all the better.

It was a difficult day not only for us organizers and speakers. It was a difficult day for the audience. But it was a really successful day.

Thanks again to my colleagues with the SUTOL team, thanks to the HCL team for taking such a long journey behind us. But mainly thanks to all who arrived and stayed with us until the end. See you next time.


Shared calendar? From anywhere – no restrictions (via HCL)

I got a clear assignment from the customer:

“We want to use shared calendars and want to access them online. We have Notes clients, web browsers, mobile phones, tablets with both iOS and Android. So why restrain yourself.” Do you have a solution? “

Well, yeah. I think the task is done. Although in a test environment, but here it is:

Shared calendar using Notes client 11

Shared calendar using web browser (iNotes)

Shared calendar using web browser (HCL Verse)

Shared calendar using HCL Nomad iPad

Shared calendar using HCL Nomad Tablet Android

Shared calendar using HCL Nomad iPhone

Do you have group calendars created in your calendar? You can also display it on your mobile device.

Group calendar Using HCL Nomad (iPhone, iPad, Android

Nomad iPad
Nomad iPhone
Nomad Android

What’s new in HCL Sametime V11

With the release of Domino / Notes 11, we can also expect Sametime V11 to be available. Beta V11 is currently available.
I like the constant simplification of system requirements using HCL. And yet with new features and almost no limitations to existing ones. Keep it up!

What will appear in this version?

  • No DB2 dependency
  • No WebSphere dependency
  • Sametime V11 Community server – 64-bit support
  • Sametime V11 Proxy server – Simple to install and maintain
  • Simplified, user-oriented look
  • will stay Mongo
  • New modern look for Web Chat client
  • Updated rich clients
  • Support only HCL Domino V11
  • Easy installation
  • New feature – Click to meet

Whats components included in Sametime V11

  • Community Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Mac Standalone Client
  • Notes V11 embedded client
  • Windows Standalone Client
  • Web Client
  • New Client IDs – “12A2” for ST11 embedded in Notes V11 and “1312” for ST11 Standalone

New feature – Click to meet

  • Available in both web chat client and rich client.
  • Lets you start a meeting through a Third-party conferencing application from the chat conversation.
  • The Launch Meeting and Send Invitation option appears as a button on the chat conversation window.
  • A pop-up window displays, to configure the External Meeting Provider

Source: Presentation Ginni Saini – HCL Software (Collabsphere2019)


What’s coming in Notes V11 almost before release?

After the Engage conference (May 2019), I wrote an article about what to expect in the new version of Domino / Notes. I wrote that there will be a beta version in Q3 / 19 and so on. So what is the current situation?

HCL fulfilled its promises and released at the end of October perhaps the latest Domino / Notes beta 2 including Traveler and Sametime V11 beta.

At the same time, HCL announced the first major release of V11 on December 4, so it is more than likely that we will be able to install the final version by the end of the year.

Are there any changes from the May information? Here is a selection of some important things:

  • Cleaner, modernized UI.
    The overall appearance of Notes has changed in this release.
  • Minimalistic menus
    Less used actions and options are hidden until you need them. Drop-down and expanding menus allow you to retain all previous capabilities without cluttering the workspace.
  • Simplified forms
    Forms within Notes Calendar and Contacts are organized in a basic, user friendly layout.
  • Domino licensing
    Starting with HCL Domino 11, each Domino server must be configured to connect to a FlexNet licensing server. The licensing server is used to validate that a Domino server is in compliance with the licensing requirements.
  • Inbox action bar
    There are fewer icons above the inbox on the action bar. Further options can be viewed when you select and hover over an email
  • Multiple Dictionaries Support
    You can now spell check any language that your HCL Notes client supports within an email or document.
  • Meetings > 24 Hour Support
    Meetings that are longer than 24 hours are now supported by the HCL Notes Calendar
  • Export As PDF
  • TLS 1.2 support for SAML
    Notes and Embedded Sametime now support TLS 1.2 with Notes’ Federated login (SAML).
  • Mac 64-bit Uninstaller
    The uninstaller provided for Notes 11 on Mac is now 64-bit. This change is made because Apple will no longer support a 32-bit uninstaller as of Mac OS 10.15 (Catalina) release.
  • Moving folders prompt
    Users are now prompted to confirm when a mail folder is moved
  • Synched release schedule
    Starting with this release, Sametime® and Notes® follow the same release schedule.
  • New HCL Notes 11 theme
    HCL Notes has a new theme for Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Notebook. After the previous blue, there has been a change that is much more pleasant after a long period of use.