midpoints Let’s Encrypt 4 Domino Release Notes v2.1.0 is available

Thanks to Detlev Poettgen and Ulrich Krause for releasing another version of midpoints Let’s Encrypt 4 Domino 2.1.0. The new version is available here: www.midpoints.de

New Features and Changes:

  • Multi value field for Domain now supports comma, semicolon and new line as separator.
  • New Setting: HTML Directory to support custom domino/html directory.
  • New Restart Option: Restart of the Domino Server after successfully renewal.
  • Extended log messages during agent execution.
  • Agent output will be added and saved in the settings document and can be viewed there.
  • Added additional hints in the settings form to make it a little bit easier to start using LE4D.

IBM Domino Mobile Apps 1.0.3 test on iOS

At the turn of June and July, the Domino Mobile App (for now) for iPad version 1.0.3 was released for testing.

What are we testing now?

  • Added Notes Rich Text Selection – Double tap a word to select text.
  • Added Notes Rich Text Copy/Paste
  • @Command FileOpenDatabase temporary flag now works with “Recent Applications” when the application has never been opened previously
  • @Platform[Specific] returns additional entries for iOS: model type (“iPad” or “iPhone”), apple model identifier
  • Native OS Style number fields will now display a number keyboard by default
  • Fixed Native OS style multi-input time fields

HCL software is coming

On July 1, a new era “Collaboration” software under the leadership of HCL begins. The transaction between IBM and HCL was successfully completed by June 30th and now everything can be started.

Here’s the official announcement LINK

The transfer under HCL includes in particular these products:

  • Notes
  • Domino
  • Traveler
  • Verse
  • Domino Mobile Apps
  • Sametime
  • Connections
  • Portal
  • and more

Here are some resources:

  • HCL software page LINK
  • HCL Domino page LINK
  • HCL Notes page LINK
  • HCL Sametime page LINK
  • HCL Verse page LINK
  • HCL Connections page LINK
  • HCL Customer Support page LINK
  • HCL Partner Connect page LINK