HCL Domino/Notes 11.0.1 Fix List

In addition to the previously mentioned news, Domino / Notes 11.0.1 contains a lot of fixes.

Source: HCL Support web page
Please note this is a living document and is being updated.

Note: A plus symbol (+) before the SPR number indicates a fix for a regression bug. A regression bug is an issue that was introduced in a Maintenance Release that did not exist in previous releases of that code stream. For example, a bug that appears in Release 11.0.1 but did not exist in Release 11.0 is a regression.


  • +SPR# ASHEBK9BZF – Fixed an issue with Web Site Rules where a content-disposition custom header with value of inline was being working correctly (value of inline was not being honored). This regression was introduced in 10.0
  • +SPR# ASHEBL3HDZ – Fixed an issue where you need to add a Notes resource directory (for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\HCL\Notes\res\C ) in the Path system variable in Windows when you call a database agent from an external program. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# BRISBKTL3F – Fixed a seldom seen issue where a before new mail agent would cause delivery to fail, with the error Router: Agent ‘BeforeNewMail’ error: Notes error: Field is too large (32K) or View’s column & selection formulas are too large.
  • +SPR# BSPRBJ3R74 – Fixed a crash in Domino on startup in RestoreSCRState – OSFileGetToken. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# BSPRBK5NP8 – DAOS – Improved error messages being logged to console for DAOS Tier 2 errors. Prior to this fix a generic message “DAOS Tier 2 storage services are not available. : Program library not loaded. Required .DLL missing or could not load.” was being given.
  • +SPR# CDUTBLARPL – Fixed an issue in Verse and iNotes where re-authentication was broken when deletion logging was enabled on a mail database. This regression was introduced in 10.0
  • SPR# CSAHBJGQHP – Fixes some deadlocks during the trash cleanup of documents contain file attachments stored in DAOS.
  • +SPR# CSIOBKPHDX – Fixed a problem where the CKEditor stopped working in web app after upgraded to 10.0. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • +SPR# DANOBKPSFC – DAOS – Fixed a bug where DAOS resync could fail to report errors from scanning .nlo files in the local filesystem (Tier 1)
  • SPR# DANOBKXVE5 – When cluster symmetry is enabled and a person and all replicas of the person’s mail file are deleted using the Administration client, Domino could fail to delete all replicas.
  • SPR# HPRHBLBDJQ – Fixed a Server Panic issue
  • SPR# JBUDBHMT89 – Dirsync will now successfully remove documents as configuration options change, such as filter definition.
  • SPR# JBUDBKTS97 – Introduced ENABLE_NEW_FTLEXWORD_HANDLING ini to toggle lexical word handling. DISABLE_ATTACHMENT_SEARCH_BY_FILENAMES no longer affects the lexical word processing.
  • SPR# JCALBEYQGU – Prior to this fix, HCL Domino Install always sets domino as a service even before it was selected not ‘Always start Domino at startup’ and it still stays service even after the OS is rebooted.
  • +SPR# JKEYBEYGPQ – Messages sent to external SMTP systems that returned a failed Delivery Status Notification used to retain the original sent message id in $MessageID. Now the original sent message id is in the item SMTPSavedMsgID, even for the case fixed in this SPR, where a mime before new mail agent is defined. This regression was introduced in 10.01
  • SPR# JMANBHNKQM – If Cluster Symmetry (Repair) is enabled, when a person was deleted via the Delete Person dialog in the Admin client with the option “Delete mail replicas on all other servers”, if the option “Delete user from the Domino Directory immediately” was also selected, Repair would recreate the mail file from a cluster mate after it was deleted. This is now fixed so that all replicas of the mail file in the cluster are deleted. A workaround prior to the fix being installed is to not check the “Delete user from the Domino Directory immediately” option.
  • SPR# JPAIBHQL4X – LDAP – Fixed a crash in LAP task – “Memory following pool block has been destroyed”
  • SPR# JUYYBJK4QV – Fixed an issue where there was an HTTP performance issue due to a lock on a semaphore which had been locked by a thread that did not exist.
  • SPR# KHORB6ZRCY – Prior to this fix some CD->MIME conversions would fail because the LMBCS string length for some HTML entities was not calculated properly, resulting in garbage at the end of the string.
  • +SPR# KMAYBLJR4D – Domino now shows an appropriate message if using IMAP authenticate to open a non-IMAP enabled mailfile. The incorrect message was about invalid user name or password. It now indicates the database has not been enabled for IMAP. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# MDAABKUEP4 – The Domino installer on RedHat Linux now checks for the needed X Window libraries. These are needed even in a console mode installation.
  • SPR# MDLSBHHKDV – Memory leak fixed for Directory Catalog task.
  • SPR# MDLSBJ3UJF – If Dirsync is configured not to sync “contacts” then it will now sync all fields except internetaddress for the registered users
  • SPR# MDLSBJ6PXJ – You can now have multiple Directory Assistance documents with the same LDAP host name for multiple Dirsync docs configured for same Active Directory host
  • SPR# MDLSBJGMFN – Dirsync now reports the skip count in stats and summary lines
  • SPR# MGUOB4HP6B – The MIME to CD convert was not handling attached $RFC822.eml attachments created by Domino 4.6 correctly.
  • SPR# MIAS899T5U – Fixed an issue with “insufficient memory – database list pool is full” when many databases are on the server.
  • SPR# MKIN7VYUFA – The Domino installer on Linux/AIX now checks if there is a space in the path to the installer. If so, we fail gracefully and ask to be moved to a different directory.
  • +SPR# MKINBKFSZR – The Domino installer now localizes the InstallAnywere provided text (such as button labels).
  • +SPR# MKINBL8SDW – Fixed an issue when using “IBM Spectrum” as the location of our Windows registry entry was changed from “Lotus” to “HCL”. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# MKINBLBR9L – Prior to this fix, the tika-server.jar (all 71M of it) were installed in both the program directory and data directory. With this fix, the tika-server.jar is now installed in the program directory only.
  • SPR# MKINBLGLNX – Prior to this fix, Domino installer allows installation to a directory with a space in it.
  • SPR# MKINBLGRVG – Fixed an issue where the text in the Installanywhere panels and on the buttons are not translated.
  • SPR# MOBNBHQNXJ – The server will no longer crash when certain SSL failures happen with Directory Assistance LDAP connections
  • SPR# MOBNBHQQUH – You can now register Active Directories on other secondary address books and non Admin servers
  • SPR# MOBNBHUHCH – Running Dirsync in “test” mode now removes the “resync” request document once completed
  • SPR# MOBNBHUHGD – If the database name is empty in a Dirsync config document, the task will now continue to process other documents
  • SPR# MOBNBJ2QZM – Dirsync will now remove attributes like MiddleName if they have been removed in Active Directory
  • SPR# MOBNBL9R2P – If you change the Dirsync option to NOT sync contacts, they will not be removed if you have already synced them
  • SPR# MOBNBLZREW – We now log help information when a Condensed Directory Catalog exists with an error and doesn’t complete due to very large “member” fields.
  • +SPR# MRONBGZKYM – Fix a problem which caused the Domino IMAP server to return “BAD unknown command” instead of “NO LOGIN The database has not been enabled for IMAP” when a user tries to open their mail file via an IMAP client. This would occur if the mail database was not IMAP enabled and the server configuration did not have “Enable IMAP during login” enabled. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# MSKAA2VP7F – Fixed the Domino TLS connections with endpoints that use TLS certificates without SubjectDN attributes that have SAN attributes.
  • SPR# MSKABJHPD9 – Fixed a problem where the statistic database.database.bufferpool.percentreadsinbuffer was not being seen via SMP.
  • SPR# MSKABLNQCZ – iSeries – Fixed an issue where the Panagenda database PMCInstaller.nsf was corrupt after an iSeries install
  • SPR# MWVOBLVQW8 – repaircleanup tool has been renamed rprcleanup on all platforms to fix a start up error – Repaircleanup.pgm for IBM i
  • SPR# PJONB9B7R9 – This change fixes a race condition that could occur when creating uniquely named temporary files.
  • SPR# PKURBC8FUG – iSeries – Fixed a problem where the SLP could not be installed on iSeries.
  • SPR# PKURBLAMMW – Domcfg database – Fixed an issue where Domcfg database gave error mapping handling (General errors) for a few sites. This was due to a limitation of 32 error mapping documents. Default is now 256 via INI DOMINO_MAX_CUSTOMRESPONSE_VIEW_ENTRIES, whereas the default before was 32.
  • +SPR# PKURBLBDGF – Fixed an issue where the Domino server shows warnings when starting HTTP server when the OS locale is set to Latvian. The warnings are harmless and don’t affect the HTTP server functionality. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10.
  • +SPR# PLYSBMDUMM – This change fixes a bug that prevented the Domino SMTP Server from correctly parsing and storing nested Internet messages as EML attachments.
  • SPR# RDRABGQMWZ – compact – Fixed an issue where compact -c -ZU pulled attachments of a DAOS enabled application back into the database
  • SPR# RJTOBLGMWM – The Domino installer now installs the correct version of the administrator help file on IBM i systems.
  • SPR# RJTOBM6SRS – Fixed an issue where the log file gets full due to an agent doing stampnotes.
  • SPR# SMAUBGLFLC – Prior to this fix, Server selection type always defaults to ‘Enterprise’ server during upgrades regardless server type was selcted to different type other than ‘Enterprise’.
  • +SPR# SMOYBKKL8C – Fixed an issue where DCT scan failed when trying to be run. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# SPPPBCLCX6 – Fixed a crash that occurred when deletion logging was enabled under certain circumstances
  • +SPR# SPPPBJQJJT – Fixed an issue where the compact -replica command removes all the ghost documents (including profiles) from a database.
  • SPR# SPPPBJXEZ8 – iSeries – Fixed a problem with message logging where an unneeded message warning messaging was being output resulting in too many message keys being used.
  • SPR# SPPPBK5DZB – Fixed an issue where server console was showing a licensing error “using value as token” error message. This message now only appears at the info level of debug verbosity.
  • +SPR# SPPPBKPKSZ – Fixed an error when trying to configure SNMP Service on Windows when trying to open Lotus/IBM versions of the registry key. This regression was introduced in 11.0
  • +SPR# SSHEBGSHJU – Fixed a server crash that would sometimes occur when creating a file connector in DECS or HEI. This regression was introduced in 10.0
  • +SPR# UTOOBK79AY – Fixed bug which caused the Notes client to fail when handling long filenames in MIME headers which were incorrectly folded.

Administrator client

  • SPR# AJBR9M9HE8 – Prior to 11.0.1, the default behavior for INI ENABLE_ACL_FILES was considered disabled if it was not set. 11.0.1 and later, the default behavior of INI ENABLE_ACL_FILES is considered as enabled if it was not set. The administrator must set it explicitly to 0 if they want it disabled.
  • SPR# MSKAB5MKHZ – When switching views in the admin client registration queue, it will no longer display an error that a document does not exist. Switching views is not common.
  • SPR# MSKABMDTDL – The Manage Views tool in the Administration client was showing an incorrect total for the sum of the view indexes when that total exceeded 2 GBs. The value was wrapping to a lower value. The individual view sizes however were listed correctly. This has been fixed.

Designer client

  • +SPR# AGUDBEDK7R – Designer – Fixed a problem where opening Domino Designer after Notes had been auto updated would result in a crash. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP3.
  • SPR# ARANBGSN7Q – Designer – Fixed a problem with Data Connection Shared Resources where Isolation level was not being set, causing the feature to fail.
  • SPR# ARUIBKFNUS – Designer – Fixed the Designer Help menu Resources links
  • +SPR# IFBTBJP637 – Designer – Fixed an issue where hovering over a tab title was not showing the tooltip with details about the design element like db name, server / local, type of design element. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.
  • +SPR# PJONAW7SSB – Designer – xPages – Fixed an issue here the Data palette drop down menu was blank resulting in being unable to define a new data source using hthe palette. This regression was introduced in 9.0.1 FP10

Notes client

  • SPR# AGUDBJ5KRU – Fixed the issue in which “IBM Notes” showed up under “Open with” option for nsf files. This was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# AKURBKF8UG – Fixed a Notes client crash when selecting to enumerate all entities from the address book.
  • +SPR# AKURBLWEDN – Prior to this fix, double entry for “Open Mini View” link was shown on Mail Navigator and the link was not functional. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • +SPR# ASHEBKPEBE – You can now use the ini AllowWildcardLookup=1 on the client and it will not hang and any circumstance
  • SPR# ASIABKNKBD – Fixed an issue with the action bar for mail have distorted icons on MacOS 10.14.x & 10.15.x.
  • SPR# AYAVBH9E9W – Fixed a problem in the Notes client where Notes would crash when JAWS 2019 was running.
  • +SPR# AYAVBLPEHP – Mac – Catalina – fixed several intermittent crashes when running Notes on Catalina – exiting User Configuration dialog, opening Embedded ST \Day at Glance in a new window, exiting Notes Login dialog and exiting from Notes were some of the cases that would sometimes crash. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1 FP4.
  • SPR# CLUGBLSRLA – Fixed the Notes installer UI, to show “HCL Connections” instead of “IBM Connections”. Also upgraded the client to use latest Connections components.
  • SPR# CSMHBHWJAY – Fixed an issue on MacOS Catalina where clicking notes:// URL links, in Sametime chat or any external application, does not open the link in the Notes client.
  • +SPR# ECRABGLQPK – Fixed a problem in the Notes basic client where some toolbar icons were showing the bidirectional version of the icon (right to left). The following icons were impacted: Indent, Outdent, Indent First, Bullet, Numbered List. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# ECRABK6FU3 – Fixed the issue in which a registry entry was showing incorrect value for Multi User client. The Multi User value should have been 1 but was 0, has been fixed now.
  • SPR# ECRABKZLJQ – Fixed an issue where the mailto link gets corrupted when two or more “#” signs are used in the Subject Field.
  • SPR# JNAOBJ5674 – Fixed an issue where the database title overflows in the Workspace
  • +SPR# JPKRBKBW4Y – Client – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to highlight Hebrew text in a table from within Notes documents that were in edit mode via the use of keyboard shortcuts. This issue impacted Surface tablets and unicode. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# KHORB6ZRCY – Prior to this fix some CD->MIME conversions would fail because the LMBCS string length for some HTML entities was not calculated properly, resulting in garbage at the end of the string.
  • +SPR# KHORBGLRT8 – Fixed an issue where the Eclipse iFolderLayout class does not display folders in custom plugins deployed as Notes Widgets.
  • +SPR# MAVAB9CQ6B – Fixed an issue where the action bar background (white) color turns into a gradient color. This regression was introduced in 10.0.1.
  • SPR# MGUOB4HP6B – The MIME to CD convert was not handling attached $RFC822.eml attachments created by Domino 4.6 correctly.
  • SPR# MSAHB7RVZH – Fixed an issue to retain the workspace background setting after the notes upgrade.
  • SPR# NBFOBGH67T – Fixed a Notes client crash when opening a MIME email due to leading white spaces in an image URL in the MIME email body.
  • SPR# NDIOBFAMG7 – Fixed an issue where the Notes client intermitently shows less menu items after launching. User needs to restart the client to fix the Menu’s.
  • +SPR# NMMMB6NB2Y – Mac Client – Fixed a problem where the version info for Notes shown in Finder window has 10.0.10 instead of 10.0.1.
  • +SPR# PALTB75LHK – Fixed a problem in the Notes client where Action Hotspots tied to an image generate an Entry not found in Index error. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# PJONB9B7R9 – This change fixes a race condition that could occur when creating uniquely named temporary files.
  • +SPR# PLYSBMDUMM – This change fixes a bug that prevented the Domino SMTP Server from correctly parsing and storing nested Internet messages as EML attachments.
  • SPR# PPUEBJ2RDT – Fixed an issue to set proper margine of the sash navigator in the Notes client.
  • SPR# RHAN8MXKGA – Fixed a Notes client crash due to accessibility (usually in a Citrix environment). The following INI will disable the complete accessibility in Notes (only C++ side i.e, Basic Notes) DisableAccessibility=1.
  • SPR# RKRYBJSNCB – Fixed an issue where user was unable to view the contacts in typeahead, if the typeahead list had a longer name listed. The issue caused the typeahead dropdown text to get clipped because of which user could not select the required contact. To fix the issue we have now limited the width of the typeahead dropdown, so that all the names in the list are visible to the user.
  • +SPR# RRENBF9LHP – Fixed an issue with an incorrect translation “Entgegnet” to “Gegenvorschlag” in the subject of a counter proposal. This regression was introduced in Notes Client German 10.0.1 FP2.
  • SPR# RSSNBJJL9A – Fixed an issue on Macosx Catalina which slows down the Notes performance.
  • +SPR# SAHNBLNGEB – Fixed an error message with a strange character show when the Notes client hung. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# SAIABJWCFS – Fixed the issue to show information on Notes status bar of the file being exported as a PDF document.
  • SPR# SANEBKGBRB – Fixed this issue by updating HCL help resource link in exiting IBM help resource link for the Notes NL client.
  • +SPR# SAPLBDVE56 – Fixed an issue showing incorrect email label fields on edit / modify existing contact added using “Quick Contact” option. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • +SPR# SAPLBJHJ37 – Client – Contact – Fixed an issue where the Contacts and To Do navigators were showing an Open Mini View option in both local and mail file contacts. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • +SPR# SRAOBHGPND – Fixed an issue with Notes Federated Login (NFL) where NFL failed with an “Invalid argument” error when there was no match found in the list of configurations specified in the ID Vault. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • +SPR# SSARBKGLP6 – Fixed an error during spellcheck with multilingual dictionaries on basic client in Windows. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# SSARBKWGLP – Fixed an issue where several months in the left sidebar calendar picker is not showing the last days of the month.
  • SPR# SSARBM84RJ – Fixed an issue of an incorrect display of the hotspot button (table) in the body of an HTML email via 2 INI’s ENABLE_EE=1, IgnoreUnreferencedAttachmentsMime=1.
  • +SPR# UTOOBK79AY – Fixed bug which caused the Notes client to fail when handling long filenames in MIME headers which were incorrectly folded.
  • +SPR# VRARBMEGG3 – Client – Fixed an issue where nnotes.dll did not have the versioning info set, resulting in no info showing in the Details panel of file Properties box. This regression was introduced in 11.0
  • SPR# WDCABHFPYM – Fixed a problem where the Rest API was showing the incorrect version information.

iNotes client

  • SPR# ANIABJH5DD – iNotes – Fix problem that HTML source is displayed when particular type of message is opened in iNotes portal UI.
  • +SPR# ASHEBKKKVD – iNotes – Fixed a problem where Layers in a from were not being rendered properly in browsers. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
  • SPR# DMDDBJ54XZ – iNotes – Fixed an issue where needless notice will not be sent to invitee on adding recipients
  • SPR# FPAIBMBKXT – iNotes – Fixed an issue in iNotes where the chair cannot remove the subject or location from a meeting.
  • SPR# HHIEBJA6T7 – iNotes – Fixed an issue where login label on DWALoginForm shows “Log in to HCL iNotes” when “HCL Verse” was selected as login mode, if “Force login on SSL” option was enabled.
  • SPR# HHIEBJAAUU – iNotes – Fixed a problem where login mode option for HCL Verse does not work on IE11.
  • SPR# KKOOAP8A66 – iNotes – Fix JavaScript error when the user invoke “Track Message” if iNotes nonce check feature is disabled.
  • SPR# KKOOBJJ7YR – iNotes – Fix an issue where a needless P tag is generated on hitting enter on IE.
  • +SPR# KKOOBJJ9FG – iNotes – Fixed an issue where the input [enter] key inserts a rather than.
  • This regression was introduced in 9.0.1FP9.
  • SPR# KKOOBL2A7M – iNotes – Fix a problem where the button action is issued to incorrect URL on some incoming messages.
  • SPR# KKOOBL9CGU – iNotes – Resolved an issue that generating needless P tag on hitting enter on IE
  • SPR# KKOOBLB85M – iNotes – Fixed an issue where the line breaks become paragraphs when copying and editing the mail via Traveler.
  • SPR# KKOOBLB8U2 – iNotes – Resolved issue that generating needless P tag on hitting enter on IE
  • SPR# KMOABGKAMX – iNotes – Fixed an issue where the meeting will keep the long meeting flags on rescheduling/counter actions.
  • SPR# KMOABJR7K5 – iNotes – Added option to show additional confirmation to open attachments or link to comply with UK Cyber Essensials security practices (Phone Message, Notebook, To Do, Home, Contacts)
  • SPR# KMOABJRBEV – iNotes – Disabled double-click to open attachments directly in iNotes ActiveX control if option to show extended confirmation for UK Cyber Essensials security practices is enabled.
  • +SPR# KMOABKK97D – iNotes – Fixed an issue where a broadcast meeting will not unexpectedly be a non broadcast meeting. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# MSAHBH25ZC – iNotes – Fixed an issue on in Safari on iPadOS 13 that logging in to iNotes leads to full mode desktop UI instead of Ultra-light mode for mobile devices.
  • SPR# NLUABA8C28 – iNotes – Fixed an iNotes crash when the Active Content Filter (ACF) tries to filter an image or pdf when the file name is in the data URL of HTML file contents.
  • SPR# UTOOBJJ2GH – iNotes – Fix problem that the default mail client setting doesn’t work as expected on IE which runs as administrator on Windows 10 version 1809 or newer versions.


  • SPR# AMPLB89K7P – Fixed an issue where the HTTP PATCH returning response with blank body, when PATCH was done with parameters
  • SPR# ASHEBGZATW – LotusScript – Fixed an issue where the LotusScript StrToken function produced incorrect results if the delimiter contained two of the same character
  • SPR# DDEYBM4M4L – DQL – Fixed an issue where time-only DQL terms were not supporting extensions to RFC3339 syntax such as ’09:00:00.00z’, ’09:00:00′, ’09:00:00.20′, ’09:00:00.02z’, resulting in “error during planning and tree generation”
  • SPR# JCORBJ9LHZ -LotusScript – Fixed an issue with ViewEntryCollection intersect method was unreliable for collections with greater than 16K documents if the “MaintainOrder” option was being used.
  • SPR# JCORBLHKJT – Fixed the help documentation for using GPS with HCL Nomad.
  • SPR# JCUSBJL4H6 – DQL – Fixed an issue where partial timedate terms coupled with other terms were producing incorrect results.
  • SPR# JCUSBJLRT9 – DQL – Fixed an issue in DQL where queries with complex boolean expressions were not correctly placing ORed terms under the proper boolean operator.
  • SPR# JCUSBJM5JG – DQL – Fixed a problem where certain DQL queries with many terms and complex boolean expressions had some terms erroneously executed and the results ANDed or ORed with the wrong intermediate results.
  • SPR JCUSBKPQRK – DQL – Fixed an issue where DQL Queries were incorrectly comparing field values to 0-length strings (text1 > ”), resulting in intermittently erroneously finding documents
  • SPR # JCUSBLJR4Z – DQL – Fixed a problem where DQL textual terms with leading single quotes (like ””’Quoted value ‘) were not functioning properly, finding an incorrect set of documents.
  • +SPR# JCUSBMDJZJ – DQL – Fixed a problem where view names that contained two consecutive spaces would result in a failure during view rebuild of the design catalog. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# JCUSBMJK34 – DQL – Fixed an issue with DQL where there is a failure with the @dt syntax.
  • SPR# SRKMBFNESR – XPages – Fixed an issue where Edit document Custom Control in XPages would show a dialog box instead of editing the document after the session is lost when opened in Firefox. No issue with IE.


  • SPR# AABSBM5NYT – Domino Directory Assistance template – Fixed an issue where the 11.0 Domino Directory Assistance template, da.ntf, was getting ovewritten by older templates due to an incorrect replica id.
  • SPR# AGUDB63PB4 – ACL on the template admin4.ntf was changed to not allow Anonymous web access.
  • +SPR# AGUDBJHMK9 – Fixed an error “Expiration days is required” creating Web Rule HTTP headers. This regression was introduced in 11.0.
  • SPR# ASAEBKVKDR – Fixed the Domino directory to show the correct German holiday names.
  • SPR# ATHNBKV9W4 – Notes – Calendar – Fixed a problem where the ‘Do not receive responses from invitees’ property was getting unchecked when reopening a >24 hr invite
  • +SPR# CSAHBDPJ7D – Disable DAOS option in autcat.ntf to avoid DAOS reset and annoying log messages.
  • SPR# DSLL7AN5LG – Corrected failure of action in Domino Administrator to open Directory Assistance database.
  • SPR# NPDIBG7A4A – Client mail – Fixed an issue where if a large local group of more than 20KB was added to the cc field of a message the error “Only plain text can be used in this type of field” would be displayed
  • SPR# PPRTBH8HQA – (German only) Function “SP-XML exportieren” failure in IdP configuration screen.
  • SPR# SAIABLGADP – Domino Directory was updated to support HCAA as a client type for auto upgrade.
  • SPR# SAPLBJHJ9S – Fixed an issue to show the Form heading label to “New”.
  • SPR# SAPLBLCDV2 – Prior to this fix, incorrect labels for email address fields usd to get displayed if user adds new contact from Inbox.

Enterprise Integration

  • SPR# KKOOAW5AU4 – HEI – Fixed a problem where Finish Time was not being recorded in log.nsf for virtual field activities which had “Synchronize Key Documents” option set
  • SPR# KKOOAW5BKM – HEI – Fixed a problem where the Domino server would crash if the “tell hei quit” command was executed while virtual field activity was running with the “Synchronize Key Documents” option enabled.

Table of Client types for to a HCL Sametime server (including V11)

If you need an up-to-date list of Sametime client types, here is an updated table that also includes versions 11.0 and 11.0.FP1

ClientClient ID
Sametime Connect clients (stand-alone) 
Sametime Connect 11.0 & 11.0 FP10x1312
Sametime Connect 10.00x1311
Sametime Connect 9.0.10x130F
Sametime Connect 9.00x130E
Sametime Connect 8.5.20x130D
Sametime Proxy clients 
Sametime 11 Proxy server (New Browser client)0x14C3
Sametime 10 Proxy Server (New Browser client)0x14C1
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (Browser client)0x14AF
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (Meeting client, redirected from login page)0x14B1
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (Meeting client)0x14B2
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (iNotes client)0x14B4
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (SDK App)0x14B6
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (SDK App) with concurrent login support0x14B8
Sametime browser (Web proxy) client 8.5.20x14AD
Sametime browser (Web proxy) client 8.5.10x14A2
Sametime browser (Web proxy) client 8.5.00x14A0
Sametime Directory applet 
Sametime Directory applet 7.5.1 IMLU and later0x1010
Sametime Meetings 
Sametime Meeting Room client (browser)0x1099
Sametime Mobile and STLinks 
Sametime 11 Mobile for iOS0x1453
Sametime 11 Mobile for Android0x1454
Sametime 10 Mobile for iOS0x1451
Sametime 10 Mobile for Android0x1452
Sametime 9 Mobile for Browser0x1443
Sametime 9 Mobile for iOS0x143A
Sametime 9 Mobile for Android0x143B
Sametime 9 Mobile Embedded for iOS0x143E
Sametime 9 Mobile Embedded for Android0x143F
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 IFR1 for iOS0x143A
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 for iOS0x143A
Sametime Mobile MIDP client 8.5.20x1437
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 for Windows Mobile Expeditor0x1438
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 for Android0x143B
Notes clients 
Notes 11.0.1 (using embedded Sametime 11.0 FP1)0x122B
Notes 11 (using embedded Sametime 11.0)0x12A2
Notes 10 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0.1 client)0x122A
Notes 9.0.1 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0.1 client)0x129C
Notes 9.0.1 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0 client)0x129A, 0x1299
Notes 9.0.1 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1298
Notes 9.0 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0.1 client)0x129B
Notes 9.0 (using the Sametime 9.0 client)0x1247
Notes 9.0 (using the Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1246
Notes 9.0 Beta0x1246
Notes 8.5.3 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1244
Notes 8.5.3 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.1 client)0x1243
Notes 8.5.3 Basic/Admin client0x1216
Notes 8.5.2 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1240
Notes 8.5.2 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.1 client)0x123D
Notes 8.5.2 (using the embedded Sametime 8.0.2 client)0x123C
Notes 8.5.2 Basic/Admin client0x1216
Telephony Presence Adapter 8.5.10x17AA
Third party 
Trillian Pro with IBM Sametime Plug-in 1.2.1 (alphaworks)0x16BB
Trillian Sametime Plug-in (SourceForge)0x16AA
GAIM Meanwhile 1.2.80x1700
Pidgin Instant Messaging 2.5.10x1700
Default value for clients on top of the C++ toolkit, (such as GXS Monitor)0x1000
Default value for clients on top of the Java toolkit (such as BlackBerry client)0x1001
v11 Web SDK0x14C4
v10 Web SDK0x14C2
Proxy 8.5.2 SDK clients0x14AB
Proxy 8.5.2 SDK in iNotes0x14A4
Proxy 8.5.1 SDK clients0x14A3
Proxy 8.5.0 SDK clients0x14A1
Proxy 8.5 SDK in iNotes0x14A4

HCL Domino Volt announced

Today (April, 13th) HCL announced the official launch of Domino Volt.

HCL Domino Volt is a new product that provides low-code app building capabilities for IT teams and business users. With Volt’s minimalistic and intuitive interface, users can easily create and customize apps, collect and track information, and automate processes.

Webnar: Domino Volt Is Here LINK
Domino Volt website LINK
Video Tutorials LINK

HCL Domino Volt Overview:


The free panagenda ApplicationInsights license ends on April 10, 2020

Starting April 11, 2017, customers who were currently using Subscription and Software Support (S&S) for Domino servers were eligible for the free ApplicationInsights panagenda.

The entitled version of ApplicationInsights is valid until April 10, 2020. Both HCL & panagenda agreed to NOT renew the license after this.

If you have purchased an extended pack, then support will be provided directly from panagenda.

See more in this article LINK


HCL Sametime V11 users policy setting

Use the parameters in the “policies.users.xml” file to enable or disable some Instant Messaging features and other settings. Several parameters are listed in the table.

But don’t forget that HCL Sametime 11 Limited Use prohibits the use of the following components:

  • Multiple communities
  • File transfer
  • Screen capture
  • Built-in audio / video function
  • External user
  • Integration with external meetings

Instant messaging policy IDs:

Enable=1, Disable=0.

im.2019.labelUser must set this community as the default server community
im.2011.labelAllow user to add multiple server communities
im.2001.labelAllow user to add external users using Sametime gateway communities
im.2002.labelAllow user to save chat transcripts
im.2004.labelAutomatically save chat transcripts
im.1.labelAllow user to transfer files through server
im.2.labelMaximum individual file transfer size, in Kilobytes, for files sent through the server
im.3.labelUse exclude file types transfer list, for files sent through the server
im.4.labelTypes to exclude from transfer. Type the three-letter extension of each file type, separated by a comma or semicolon
im.2005.labelAllow client-to-client file transfer
im.2006.labelMaximum days to save automatically saved chat transcripts
im.2008.labelAllow custom emoticons
im.2009.labelAllow screen capture and images
im.2010.labelAllow mobile client
im.2012.labelSametime update site URL
im.2013.labelAllow user to install plug-ins
im.2014.labelLimit contact list size
im.2020.labelSet maximum image size for custom emoticons, screen captures, and inline images
im.3000.labelAllow all Sametime Connect features to be used with integrated clients

HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1 – News and Fix List

Here is news and detailed list Sametime 11.0 FP1:

What’s new in HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1

  • HCL Sametime Proxy support for Mobile clients
    HCL Sametime Proxy 11.0 FP1 enables support for mobile clients! This includes supporting persistent chat, multiple client connections and mobile device push notifications.
  • New Mobile HCL Sametime 11 clients on iOS and Android
    – With the release of HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1, HCL Sametime 11 for iOS and Android have been released!

    – With a new cleaner, modernized color scheme and design, HCL Sametime 11 mobile clients fully support persistent chat. Chats from mobile device now flow seamlessly across all clients that support persistent chat.

    – New “Click to meet” feature is fully integrated with the HCL Sametime 11 mobile clients.

    – iOS and Android Keyboard Emoticons enabled! With HCL Sametime 11 mobile client, you can now send all the iOS and Android emoticons installed and available on the mobile device.
  • Stand-alone HCL Sametime Community Mux install
    HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1 added support for Stand-alone HCL Sametime Community Mux server installs. If you have a large number of Sametime users, the HCL Sametime Community server can be expanded and extended for chat and awareness using a stand-alone Sametime Community Mux. Mux is a connections synchronizer that can take in thousands of connections and send them to backend Community servers, making the Community Server more scalable. HCL Sametime Community Mux installs are supported on both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Install support for Linux console and sample files for silent
    HCL Sametime Community 11.0 FP1 on Linux operating system added support for console installs. In addition, sample files for silent installs are now provided.
  • Translation updates
    HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1 provides translation updates! Additional language support was added to the HCL Sametime Community, Proxy and Clients.

Community Server – fixlist

  • SAME-32879 – In the Community Server install, the install would fail if Domino had been installed in a non-default directory.
  • SAME-32888 – In the Community Server, server-side chat logging could not be enabled when the persistent chat feature was enabled.
  • SAME-32934 – In the Community Server, install could fail if an attempt was made to configure Advanced LDAP settings.
  • SAME-32954 – In the Community Server uninstaller, some services cleanup was not being done correctly.
  • SAME-33145 – An issue in the Community Server was preventing proper configuration of SSL for the connection to the LDAP server.

Proxy Server – fixlist

  • SAME-32319 – Tomcat window does not automatically shuts down when the proxy server is stopped.
  • SAME-32557 – The server prevents large numbers of messages to be sent to an offline user.
  • SAME-32988 – Google API keys not sending push notifications to the mobile clients.

Connect/Embedded client – fixlist

  • SAME-30607 – Emoticons do not display the actual emoticon, in the preview area for n-way chats.
  • SAME-31005 – A confirmation dialog is displayed, asking you if you really want to close/leave the conversation. If confirmed, the conversation is removed from all clients.
  • SAME-32616 – A user on rich client could not start a chat with other users while the sender was in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • SAME-32752 – A user on rich client was unable to save a change to the external meeting provide URL unless the URL domain name had changed.
  • SAME-33356 – In the rich client, there was an issue where closing a chat was not cleanly closing the chat session and so impacting server-side Chat Logging.

Web/Mobile client – fixlist

  • SAME-31526 – While sending the text and timestamp, the preview area displays the text and timestamp is properly aligned.
  • SAME-32067 – While adding multiple contacts, the new users are visible because the scroll bar scrolls down so that the user can see the updated contacts.
  • SAME-32560 – Message notifications on the web chat client could not pop up unexpectedly.
  • SAME-32618 – In the web chat client users were unable to transfer files with double-byte character names to other clients.
  • SAME-32907 – In the web chat client, file transfers could fail due to spaces or special characters in file names.
  • SAME-33055 – Proxy server blocking mobile client connections when branding info set to ENTRY in sametime.ini.
  • SAME-33082 – Emojis may not display properly in the chat preview area.
  • SAME-33102 – Emoji inserted from system palette on Mac or mobile devices may not display correctly.
  • SAME-33132 – In the web meeting client, emojis inserted from the system palette would not display correctly.
  • SAME-33184 – In the web chat client, the external meeting provider URL setting could be removed unexpectedly.

HCL Domino, Notes and Traveler V 11.0.1 – Whats new?

HCL released Domino/Notes and Traveler V11.0.1. What does the update contain?
Documentation: Domino: LINK, Notes: LINK, Traveler: LINK

Domino server

  • New command to run Domino Server Setup from Windows for IBM i
    On IBM i, Flexera InstallAnywhere 2018 is the platform used for the Domino Server Setup wizard on a Windows computer. As a result, the command to run setup from a Windows computer on IBM i is now domwzd.bat. Previously it was domwzd.exe. In other respects, installation and setup on IBM i remain the same as in Domino 11.0.
  • Domino for Linux Docker container
    HCL Domino 11.0.1 includes a Docker-compatible Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) of Domino that is part of your entitlement and available for download through the HCL Licensing Portal. HCL Domino 11.0.1 is pre-installed on this image, allowing you to deploy Domino servers as containers with just a few commands.
  • Auto Update (AUT) supports future HCAA upgrades
    Domino 11.0.1 Auto Update (AUT) servers support future upgrades of HCL Client Application Access (HCAA) clients.
  • Configuration enhancements for DAOS tier 2 storage
    Domino 11.0.1 introduces the following enhancements to DAOS tier 2 storage.
  • Support for Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field in X.509 certificates
    Domino 11.0.1 now supports the use of X.509 certificates that
    contain a Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field. Certificates with a SAN field (extension) no longer require a Subject field containing a distinguished name for TLS connections.
  • Domino Web server support for Server Name Indication (SNI)
    Domino 11.0.1 Web servers now support the Server Name Indication (SNI) extension to the Transport Security Layer (TLS) protocol.
  • New Notes IDs must have 1024-bit or stronger RSA keys
    When you register new Notes users, you must select at least a 1024-bit RSA key size for their Notes IDs.
  • Register multiple Active Directory users in Domino
    When you use the Directory Sync feature, in Domino 11.0.1 you can now select multiple Active Directory users to register in Domino. Previously you needed to select and register each Active Directory user individually.
  • Configuring a custom image for the Notes Workspace background
    Use the notes.ini setting Load_Workspace_image to deploy a custom image to display in your users’ Notes Workspace background.
  • Disabling SwiftFile
    SwiftFile is integrated with HCL Notes starting in Notes 11.0.1. However, you can use the notes.ini setting DisableSwiftFile=1 to prevent your users from using it.
  • MarvelClient Essentials version 11.0.3
    The version of MarvelClient Essentials from panagenda that comes with Notes and Domino has been updated. The installer is version 11.0.3 which contains template version 20200204 and binary version 11.0.6.
  • New Java Runtime Environment
    The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that comes with Domino 11.0.1 and Domino Designer 11.0.1 is updated from that provided in release 11.0.

HCL Traveler V11.01

  • Updated APNS P12 files
    Updated APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) P12 files expire in February, 2021 (current files expire in June, 2020).
  • Support for cross-domain ID vault
    Traveler now supports retrieval of a user’s ID file from an ID vault in a different Domino domain than the Traveler server. See Supporting multiple HCL Domino domains for more information.

Notes client

  • SwiftFile installed with Notes
    SwiftFile assistant is integrated with HCL Notes in 11.0.1. In previous releases, it was provided separately.
  • Changes to attachment viewing and importing
    The underlying software that Notes uses to import and view attachments has changed in 11.0.1.
  • AES for database encryption
    HCL Notes 11.0.1 introduces 128-bit AES as an option for local database encryption.
  • Support for JAWS 2019
    The screenreader JAWS version 2019 is supported for use with Notes 11.0.1.

Domino Designer

  • CreateDocumentCollection method for the NotesDatabase class
    This new method for the LotusScript NotesDatabase class allows you to create a new document collection.
  • ContactNoteID property for the NotesRegistration class
    This new property for the LotusScript NotesRegistration class allows you to register a user who has an existing Person document that was synced from Active Directory.
  • Domino Query Language enhancements
    Domino 11.0.1 includes the following Domino Query Language (DQL) enhancements