My install manual “HCL Sametime V11.0 – Step by Step” is out

According to previous announcements, I tried to create first version a step by step installation manual for HCL Sametime V11.0.

I would very much appreciate your reactions, ideas, comments that I could still include or correct in the manual.

I hope that at least someone will be helped by this document.

Download current “HCL Sametime V11.0 – Step by Step” file:



The Result of the Poll – HCL Sametime V11.0 extended install manual

I recently announced poll on whether you are interested in the extended Step-by-Step manual for installing HCL Sametime V11.0.
The result is clear, so I decided to create a manual during this poll.

I am currently in the preparation phase of the release of the first version, and if all goes well, I would like to publish it as soon as possible. Perhaps on Monday evening (June 22).


Custom image for the Notes client Workspace background by a policy

In Notes Client V11, you can set your own image for the Workspace background. You may want everyone in your company to have the same background, such as a picture with company logo.

There is a way to distribute an image with a background, including setting that background to all or selected users, without the need
physical intervention on users computers. This is done using the Notes client policy and the notes.ini parameter.

Use the Custom Settings tab of a Desktop Settings policy to configure the setting. Use the notes.ini setting “Load_Workspace_image” to deploy a custom image.

Specify “Load_Workspace_image=url”, where url is the URL path to the image file. The following types of image files are supported: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp.

Picture: Desktop Policy
Picture: notes.ini settings

– This setting overrides user-selected Workspace background images.
– notes.ini settings must be 256 bytes or less in size.
– Once the image is downloaded through the Desktop policy, the notes.ini setting is removed from the Notes client.


“Sametime: The New Experience” – presentation

Today (June9) we had online web presentation – “Sametime: The New Experience” with Petr Kunc from HCL . It was one event within “HCL Digital Solutions Academy“. The event was for Czech and Slovak users.

Petr presented the HCL Sametime 11 news, together we showed live Sametime Meetings 11.5 Beta. I then focused on tips related to installing HCL Sametime V11. I put the presentation in Czech and English on SlideShare. You can view both presentations.


Poll – HCL Sametime 11 extended installation manual

While preparing a presentation for SUTOL Symposium and webinar for HCL Sametime 11, I gathered a lot of materials, ideas and tips.

I got the idea to prepare extended step by step installation manual including screens for HCL Sametime 11. Something like “From Zero to Hero”.

I have an idea that I would divide it into individual topics in the form of a multi – part series (Domino, MongoDB, Sametime Community server, Sametime Proxy server, tips, some problems.

You think it’s a good idea. Would you be interested in such a manual? Vote in this poll.

Write your ideas, comments, tips in the comments to this article.


Sametime 11

Are you interested in an extended manual
for installing HCL Sametime 11?


HCL Domino Volt 1.0. FP1 released – Fix List

HCL released Domino Volt 1.0 FP1 (Build level: on Flexnet.

New Feature:

Released HCL Domino Volt on Docker: LINK

Fix List is here:

609When reading a parent record, nested table records are not retrieved.
839A single quote in a search filter causes an error.
843Error launching a form using a service and at least one service record contains an attachment.
859For clarity, the View Data page should display abbreviated names.
870The charts tab does not show the “Create Filters” button.
871Reader-names field error.  In some cases the reader-names field for an attachment can be different than for the attachment’s parent record.
919Email link to an application record is not working as expected.
932After redeploying an application, the ACL of the deployed .nsf file is sometimes incorrect

HCL Traveler 11.0.1 FP1 is available. New Features and Fix List

Traveler 11.0.1 FP1 ( Build 202005211639_3) installation package is available on Flexnet.

New Features

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2019
    Traveler 11.0.1 Fix Pack 1 has been validated with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 as the Traveler server database when running in high availability mode.
  • Changes in calendar notice routing
    A side effect of the server support for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) 16.1 is that meeting notices from the Apple calendar application on these devices are sent using the Traveler server’s mail.box. Routing failures can occur if the Traveler server is not configured to route mail to and from the mail servers. Meeting notices from the HCL Verse client on Apple devices are not impacted as these notices are still routed via the mail server mail.box. In configurations where customer wants to avoid routing these notices though the Traveler server then in this fixpack there is a new notes.ini setting NTS_AS_SEND_NOTICES_FROM_MAIL_SERVER that can be used to route the notices via the user’s mail server mail.box. Note that this setting does not apply to notices sent from HCL Verse mobile clients. For more information, see the updated knowledge article Traveler

Fix List

  • TRAV-4582 – Traveler warning Unexpected tag in Options: Class
    Details: Exchange ActiveSync 14.0 moved the Class XML element for GetItemEstimate commands from being a child of Collection to a child of Options which is a child of Collection. Traveler was not looking for Class as a child of Options and was logging a warning indicating an unknown child of Options was detected on the GetItemEstimate request. Traveler now expects Class to be a child of Options and no longer logs an incorrect warning. Traveler does not use the Class value, so there is no functional change – only no longer incorrectly logging the warning.
  • TRAV-4519 – Display name of groups with / on their names
    Details: Display names for email addresses have been compacted by Traveler to the content before the first forward slash to save user interface space on the devices. However, some customers have asked that the full display name be used, so new notes.ini’s have been added to give customers more display name options. NTS_ADDRESSCACHE_ENCODING_DISPLAY_NAME_COMPACT controls the display name for addresses that are not internet addresses and need to be encoded as described in “Address encoding for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync devices” of the Traveler documentation. The default is true which means the display name is the content up to the first forward slash.
    NTS_ADDRESSCACHE_DISPLAY_NAME_COMPACT controls the display name for all other (not encoded) addresses. The default is true which means the display name is the content up to the first forward slash.
  • TRAV-4372 – Provide an option to avoid routing meeting notices via the Traveler server’s mail.box when making changes from the Apple iOS or iPadOS Calendar application
    Details: Invitations and other meeting notices will be routed via the Traveler server’s mail.box when the meeting chair creates or updates the meeting from an Apple iOS or iPadOS Calendar application on a device syncing with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 16.0 or 16.1. This is the default behavior for HCL Traveler version 11.0 and later (note that there was no change in meeting notice routing from HCL Verse mobile clients). Failure to have routing and connection documents configured on the HCL Traveler server to/from the mail servers can prevent meeting notices from being received by the chair and/or invitees of the meeting. To avoid routing these notices through the HCL Traveler server, the notes.ini setting NTS_AS_SEND_NOTICES_FROM_MAIL_SERVER can be set to True to route the notices via the user’s mail server mail.box.