Engage 2020 – Day 1 – Summary

Today was the first official day of the conference Engage 2020. This time Theo Heselmans chose the Arnhem and the place of the Royal Burgers’ Zoo. Again he chose a completely unique place, but honestly … as always. He deserves a big thank you for that. Also because he manages to attract more participants every year. This year it is almost 430 people.

The program was so busy that I had seen only some giraffes and zebras in the distance the first day. I’m sorry, I’m not here for them.

The opening keynote was conducted by Richard Jefts, which was gradually supplemented by his colleagues. Very interesting is the preparation of SoFy – Solution factory HCL software. accelerates the software rollout and deployment process. Available this summer.

Then a whirlwind of sessions started, accompanied by good refreshments in short breaks. My focus (as Admin) was on Domino / Notes, Verse, Nomad.


Notes V11.0.1

In Notes 11.0.1, which is, by the way, only a few days available in the beta tower, we can expect:

  • Set workspace background with policy
  • JAWS 2019
  • HCL Wash for Swift file
  • Future workspace concept (new app icons design)
  • New icon for Notes client

Notes V12 plans

  • Pick a different from when composing an email
  • Improve Import/Export
  • Improve search UI
  • Improved Workspace
  • Install dictionaries with language kits
  • Improved performance on slow networks
  • TLS 1.3 support

Verse On Premises

  • Enable the new Calendar Event Form user interface as the default event form
  • Create/view meetings that are more than 24 hours long
  • Search using a Date Range
  • Add options to “Send and File”
  • Add admin option to require more than 2 clicks to open a link or attachment
  • Connections 6.5 support
  • Verse Web Mobile : Pull message list down to refresh the message list
  • Stretch Goals: Allow users to manage their Mail Rules

    Join the survey for internal product planning purposes for HCL Verse On-Premises (VOP): hcl.co/vop-engage-survey

HCL Nomad

  • The first version Nomad for Android Phone was released during the conference
  • HCL in the area of mobile clients HCL Nomad great progress. Applications using on these devices has improved significantly
  • Domino developers have new options for developing applications with subsequent use in Nomad
  • If you cannot open the NRPC port to the Internet for security reasons, the Domino server can be allowed for Nomad via HTTPS using Nomad Web Proxy

Plans for 2020

  • Nomad Web 1.0 – Beta Q1 2020
  • Nomad web 1.0 – Desktop PWA – 2H 2020
  • Verse v 2.0 – Desktop PWA – June 2020
  • Sametime V11 – beta now
  • Sametime V11 – Web Meetings – June 2020
  • Sametime V11 – Desktop PWA – 2H 2020
  • PWA clients for Verse and Sametime soon also available for Linux


  • HCL plans to add Connections with persistent chat and O365
  • FileNet support for Connections will be discontinued.
  • Connections 6.5 will bring Connections Mail integrated both for Exchange and Notes
  • HCL plan to introduce community templates

The first day ends before 7 p.m and the next day begins at 8 in the morning. So much power for the next day.


Verse on-Premises or iNotes? Default or option?

Verse On-Premises (VOP) is already in version 1.0.9.A. Most users are still used to accessing mail from a web browser using iNotes. Do you want to set VOP as default or give users a option between iNotes and VOP?

Upgrade your design or create a new iwaredir from the template included in the VOP 1.0.9 or 1.0.9.A package.

Notice: This version (1.0.9) of the redirector template includes only translations for English, Chinese(China), Chinese(Taiwan), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese(Brazil), and Spanish.

You also need to set the “Domino Web Server Configuration” application (domcfg.nsf). For the internet site or virtual server set login form “DWALoginForm”

Verse On-Premises as default

If you want the VOP to be the default for webmail, you can simply set “/ verse” in the “HomeURL” field of the document server or internet site.
Of course, provided you use iwaredir for redirection.

The login form will open and after logging in you will open directly to the VOP. This is the setting for all users.

Verse on-Premises or iNotes as option

If you want the user to choose between iNotes and Verse, you can configure iwaredir.nsf. Open this redirector database iwaredir.nsf and on UI Setup page, select the following options which enable users to log on to Verse:

  • Enable Personal Options?
  • Enable Login Options?
  • Enable HCL Verse?

Then set set “ /iwaredir.nsf?open” in the “HomeURL” field of the document server or internet site. After restarting the HTTP task the login form will open with the option “Verse / iNotes”

Notice: I encountered the problem that upgrading the design from the template and setting all the options did not open the options page. Just create a new iwaredir.nsf from the template.


HCL Verse On-Premises 1.0.9 offers a new calendar event form design. How to enable it? Caution of the issue.

Verse On-Premises 1.0.9 offers a new calendar event form design. This provides an improved environment for creating and managing calendar events.

The new form opens quickly and is smaller and streamlined. Controls allow users to show just the options that they want to use. This is a preview feature that is off by default. To make this feature available to users, you must add new parameters to the notes.ini Domino server.

While testing this new “feature”, I found the issue that HCL Development will fix in future releases. More on point 2.

There are two options – two parameters:

  1. To enable the new event form for all users and prevent them from disabling it, add : VOP_GK_FEATURE_168=1
  2. To keep the new event form off by default but allow users to enable it, add: VOP_PREVIEW_REACT_EVENT_FORM=1
    Then, to enable the feature, users select the option New Calendar Event Form in Feature Preview section of Mail and Calendar Settings

If you use this setting (point 2) and the user selects a new form, the form will then appear completely blank when in use. HCL Development is implementing a fix for this issue. The fix will be included in a future release of VOP. For now you to use the workaround which has been described in point 1.


HCL Domino V11 – Authenticating web users against the Notes ID passwords in the ID vault

Starting with Domino V11, you can configure Domino to use an ID vault password to authenticate web users accessing the server.

If enabled uses the Domino server to authenticate users to HCL Verse, HCL iNotes with their Notes ID and passwords stored in IDVault. With this feature, users only can to remember their password in the file ID.

This feature is ignored for authentication of the following users:

  • Notes client users
  • Web-only users without Notes IDs
  • Users who authenticate via SAML federated identity authentication

How to configure?

  • Create or edit a Configuration document in the Domino directory. (Configuration – Servers – Configurations)
  • Open the Security tab
  • In the Internet Password Verification section, select one of the following options

If some web users with registered Notes IDs do not have IDs in the vault or if you are unsure if they do, use “Check vault first, then directory“. If Notes IDs are not found in the vault, Domino will use internet passwords in Domino directory Person documents to authenticate the users.


HCL Verse On-Premises 1.0.9 released for download – System Requirements

VOP 1.0.9 is available for download only a few days before the release of Domino, Notes and Sametime V11. Do you have to wait for Domino V11 or can you implement the changes already? Complete documentation LINK

There is System Requirements

  • Domino 9.0.1 with Feature Pack 10 or higher on Microsoft Windows (64-bit 2008, 2012) or Red Hat Linux (64-bit 6).
  • Domino 10.0 or higher on Microsoft Windows (64-bit 2012, 2016), Red Hat Linux (64-bit 7), or AIX (64-bit 7.2, TL1 or higher)
  • Domino 10.0.1 or higher on IBM i version V7R2 or V7R3.
  • Domino 11.0 on Microsoft Windows (64-bit 2012, 2016, 2019), Red Hat Linux (64-bit 7), or AIX (64-bit 7.2, TL1 or higher)
  • Mail files require a design derived from the mail9FP9.ntf template or a later version.

What’s new in HCL Verse 1.0.9

Part of the HCL Factory Tour in Tokyo was the presentation of Verse On-Premise. Andrew Manby had this presentation about Verse. This build can be expected some time after releasing Domino / Notes V11.

What should appear in VOP 1.0.9?

  • Calendar Event Form Improvements
  • New “Change Password” link menu option
  • New Verse version menu action
  • Double click open event in the calendar bar
  • Time zone enhancements
  • Read and open meetings 24-hours or longer
  • Verse can update the iwaredir.ntf template
  • New action that creates a QRCode for calendar meeting URL

At the same time the plans for Verse 1.0.10 were mentioned, which of course can change.

  • Search for emails within a specific date range
  • Implement mail rules from within Verse
  • Message “send and file” capability
  • Attachments and links meet UK Cyber Essentials requirements
  • Preview events contained in ICS file prior to importing file
  • Create a meeting that is 24-hours or longer
  • More Calendar Event Form UI improvements
  • Send mail on delayed basis

Source: Andrew Manby Presentation (HCL Factory Tour 4)


HCL Verse On-Premises 1.0.8.A available – Release Notice and Fix List

As I mentioned in the article “Verse On-Premises 1.0.8 unavailable mail DB archive” so today came out updates, which include other fixes.

This release is a fix pack release that contains changes for the following:

  • Dropping of DST timezone in Brazil: VERSE-57078
  • Suggested Folders feature intermittently fails to show suggestions: VERSE-57346
  • Server side archives should be listed in the folder panel even if the user does not have an Archive Settings policy assigned: VERSE-57616
  • Server side archives should not be displayed in delegation mode: VERSE-57634
  • Policy assigned Archive server is not used when loading archive from Verse: VERSE-57668
  • Japanese translations for alternate name settings need corrections: VERSE-57627
  • Documentation links in the product should point to HCL’s documentation site: VERSE-57547
  • Product name branding should be HCL Verse: VERSE-57623

Source: HCL Support


How to view the version of Verse On-Premises being use

Can a user find out which version of Verse On-Premises is used to access their mail database in a browser?
Yes, but it’s not quite user friendly. Someone would look for it somewhere in “About”, but you need to click a little more.

I have therefore created a new post in the Product Ideas Forum for which you can also vote LINK

I found it in the HCL knowledge database:

To determine which version of the Verse On-Premises is being used, you can examine the “build-number” in Verse. The “build-number” tag is an identifier that is unique to each Verse On-Premises version.

To view the “build-number” number you should:

  • Open Verse in your browser and right click on mouse to select the option: “Inspect”
  • Go to the “Console” tab and find the line that includes the word “Current Build”.
  • Use the table below to determine which Verse On-Premise version is currently in use.
Build-numberVerse On-premises version
12812-2521.0.0.1 IF1
14893-3441.0.2 IF1
16368-4391.0.4 IF1
*Note this is the same as 1.0.5 as the client code has not been updated*
1.0.5 IF1

Verse On-Premises 1.0.8 unavailable mail DB archive

You may not see the option to open an archive database after upgrading to Verse On-Premises 1.0.8.

If you have a “simple” solution where you have a manually created archive DB of your mail (without applying the policy), you probably won’t see this new option to open it to the VOP as described here LINK.

I solved this issue with HCL support and this is a bug on which request VERSE-57616 was created.

There will be a VOP 1.0.8a deliverable in the coming weeks that will include the fix for this issue.

More details:

The bug is due to the fact that the code was expecting there to be an Archive Settings policy document assigned to the user. If there was no archive Setting policy document assigned to the user, VOP would not show any archives.
You can work around this issue by assigning an Archive Settings policy document to the user.