HCL Verse 3.2 is available

Next version 3.2 for HCL Verse is available as of today.
See the documentation for details. Download from Flexnet or if you already use My HCLSoftware.
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What’s new in Verse 3.2

  • Keep Private option
    This option allows you to mark the message private. This prevents the recipient from forwarding or copying the message. For more information, see How can I keep my mails private?
  • TinyMCE editor in Mail Compose
    In HCL Verse 3.2, the existing CKEditor is replaced with TinyMCE editor in Mail Compose
  • Pin Folder Panel
    HCL Verse 3.2 now remembers the past state of the Folder Panel. When you click on the Folder Panel to open or close it, the state gets saved. If you refresh the browser or open another browser instance with Verse, the state of the Folder Panel is fetched and then reflected.


  • VERSE-65303 – Not able to hide the identity of user when sending mail from mail-in database
  • VERSE-65245 – Unable to load Verse if server WebSite document is missing data in the ‘Domino servers that host this site’ field
  • VERSE-65207 – Translation for Name in contacts sort menu is not correct in French:
  • VERSE-65171 – Unable to search for rooms/resources for an event if the room/resource site contains an apostrophe
  • VERSE-64866 – When using a non-English mail file, the contact phone numbers do not show in the contact list
  • VERSE-64839 – Verse does not honor the INOTES_WA_LOGOUTREDIRECT notes.ini setting
  • VERSE-64803 – Translated pages of Verse documentation are not loading correctly when using Verse in another language
  • VERSE-64750 – Unable to scroll to view the history of an email Reply on iOS
  • VERSE-63695 – Email signature sometimes does not appear when composing mail on Android/Chrome

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