HCL Notes/Domino 14.0 FP1 is available

FP1 for Notes/Domino 14.0 was released today… Download from the new My HCLSoftware portal, which is clearer and faster than the existing Flexnet.

Whats new – LINK
HCL Notes/Domino Fix List – LINK
HCL Notes and Domino 14.0 Release Notes LINK
HCL Notes 14.0 FP1 System Requirements LINK
HCL Domino 14.0 FP1 System Requirements LINK

What’s new in 14.0 Fixpack 1

  • AutoUpdate integrated with Notes AUT Catalog
    You can now use Domino AutoUpdate (autoupdate.nsf) to make it simpler to add Notes software packages for Windows to the Notes Auto Update Catalog (autcat.nsf). For more information, see Pushing Notes installs to the AUT Catalog using Domino AutoUpdate.
  • Documentation update for DAOS resync snapshot
    Starting in Domino 12.0, you can enable a snapshot to run during resync to capture data that LocalDomainAdmins can later review. You can use this data to understand the server’s DAOS usage if you need to troubleshoot your environment. For this updated information, see Gathering DAOS data using DAOS resync snapshot.

The Embedded Sametime fixes are as follows:

  • SAME-50267 – “Send Transcript as Email” creates a blank email if there is an image in the chat history
  • SAME-47497 – In the send area, emoticons are overriding by the first emoticon in between the space
  • SAME-50116 – Preview area is updated as <strike> when user uses strike text property
  • SAME-50784 – Group List: Participants list is not visible in the group chat
  • SAME-46974 – Group Invite missing from group chats
  • SAME-47496 – In the send area, space is showing when selecting emoticons from emoticon palette
  • SAME-50348 – When selecting more than one emoji to send in a chat message, the first one selected is always used
  • SAME-50387 – When sending multiple emoticons, only the first one is received.
  • SAME-50529 – Sometimes “NLS missing message…” is updated in the preview area when smile emojis are sent over.
  • SAME-50268 – Initial chat IMAGE message MISSING 
  • SAME-50269 – HTML injection through nickname added from contact
  • SAME-50390 – Heart emoji is updated as camera icon in the preview area on MAC Ventura and a camera icon along with heart symbol on Windows11

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