HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.12

Next release HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.12 is out and brings several fixes as well as new features and improvements.
All new features can be found in the documentation LINK.
HCL Nomad for web browsers 1.0.x Release Notes – LINK

New features

  • Nomad Designer Preview
    When a frameset, page, form, view or folder is selected, Design > Preview opens the element in the main Nomad window with a new header that allows the element to be viewed in desktop, phone or tablet sizes and with varying orientations. This allows a designer to test the responsiveness of their design without launching on a real device.
  • Log in using Domino HTTP as an OIDC Provider
    If Domino HTTP is configured to use an OIDC Provider for authentication, that mechanism can be used with Nomad for authentication too.
    Note: This does not apply to the Notes ID operations, so the user must still provide their Notes ID password to connect to the Domino server.
  • New Workspace
    The Workspace layout is updated to a more recent version (already utilized by the Notes client for multiple releases). This includes a new tile layout, updated fonts, updated database icons, folders on the left, and customizable backgrounds.
  • Drag and Drop​
    Drag and drop support for dragging mails between folders is extended to add addresses on the Select Addresses dialog, files into a rich text field, selected text within a rich text field, and folders in the Inbox view. Drag and drop support remains limited to the Chrome or Edge browsers.
  • Additional Fonts
    When using a Chrome or Edge browser, the user may give permission for Nomad to access operating system fonts which will then be used for font rendering purposes as long as the font supports regular, bold, italic, and bold+italic.
  • Log in as different user
    If Nomad Shared Login is disabled, users now have an additional option to Log in as different user on the Notes ID Password dialog that is shown on each startup if NSL is disabled.
  • Domino Restyle updates

Fix list

Issue IdentifiersDefect ArticleDetails
KB0111633KB0113527The @Prompt (without the [NoSort] option) is not sorting the options alphabetically
NWASM-6364KB0113527Disabled Nomad Shared Login: Users need a button to be able to clear the user data and log in as a new users when prompted with the Notes ID Password dialog
NWASM-6770KB0112161Nomad resetting user data in Nomad Federated Login environment with Nomad Shared Login disabled
NWASM-6958KB0112168Design elements not rendered properly while printing wider forms
NWASM-6959KB0112165Combo box overlapping horizontal scroll bar and status bar
NWASM-6987KB0111927A denial of service vulnerability affects HCL Nomad server on Domino (CVE-2024-23588)
NWASM-7024KB0112402Open Application shows @address->servername instead of just servername for users without Domino mai
NWASM-7089KB0112451Crash caused by LotusScript USELSX statement
NWASM-7118KB0112828First open of read-only combo box does not allow type to select
NWASM-7137KB0113029Nomad Designer does not show a grid for the Layout region
NWASM-7165KB0113655Don’t show the password change dialog when NSL is enabled
NWASM-7220KB0113955Missing “Replace Design” menu item
NWASM-7224KB0113955Multiple Open Source vulnerabilities affect HCL Nomad server on Domino (CVE-2024-28176 and CVE-2024-29041)

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  1. Note ready for production!
    Icons can no longer we moved on workspace pages.

    Drag and Drop mail ?
    Not while running Nomad in browser Linux.

    But anyway – I love Notes


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