HCL Verse 3.2.1 is available

Next version 3.2 for HCL Verse is available as of today.
See the documentation for details. Download on My HCLSoftware.
HCL Knowledge Article



  • VERSE-65970: Not able to preview an attachment using Domino preview service
  • VERSE-65905: New line characters are causing problems when sending emails
  • VERSE-65801: Translation error in Italian for calendar option for All Instances
  • VERSE-65672, VERSE-65671, VERSE-65430: Editor when composing mail is missing German and Italian translations
  • VERSE-65670: Editor when creating an event is not translated
  • VERSE-65660: Incorrect short day characters for Catalan
  • VERSE-65640: User with an apostraphe in the user name is not able to open mail-in database
  • VERSE-65586: _getDirectoryData error seen when opening mail-in database
  • VERSE-66067: German translation of “Type-ahead” (in settings) is incorrect
  • VERSE-66068: “Cancel a meeting” translation inconsistency in Verse German
  • VERSE-65874: Accessibility Fix: [online meeting preference] – TAB on select-list menu item results in no selection
  • VERSE-65860: Accessibility Fix: [Contacts application] – Page crashing on Tab key pressed when Sort by drop down is open
  • VERSE-65524: Accessibility Fix: [WCAG 2.0 1.3.1][ Info and Relationships][Verse Settings] NVDA read out the DOMI service names twice from the default Online meeting drop-down
  • VERSE-65523: Accessibility Fix: [WCAG 2.1 4.1.2] [Verse Settings] NVDA doesn’t announce the online meeting/DOMI service name for Edit and Delete button
  • VERSE-64122: Accessibility Fix: [Contacts application] Focus in not set on contacts list item after closing contact
  • VERSE-63116: Accessibility Fix: [Contacts application] User is not notified that there are more items to load when navigating down the contact list

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