IBM mail support for MS Outlook (IMSMO) on Domino 10

IBM mail support for MS Outlook (IMSMO) is a tool that allows MS Outlook users to synchronize mail, calendar with Domino server.
This is not a new tool, but with Domino 10 it has undergone some configuration changes, especially on the server side.

Important change:
The server components required for IMSMO are installed with the Traveler server. Installing the IBM mail server add-on (IMSA) is no longer necessary.

So let’s look at the basic configuration

What components we need:

  • Domino 10.0.0 or 10.0.1
  • Traveler 10.0.0 or 10.0.1
  • MS Outlook 2010 – 2016. I used MS Outlook 2013 Czech Version
  • IMSMO Client

What is needed (minimum) on the server:

  • enable SSL for HTTP
  • basic session authentication on Domino Web Engine
  • enable REST services
  • active IDVAult

What is needed (minimum) for user:

  • A mail replica on the Traveler server.
  • A valid internet address, set in the user’s person document
  • A valid internet password, set in the user’s person document
  • The user’s Notes ID must be in an ID Vault

Server configuration

Suppose we have a Domino 10 server installed, Traveler 10, created replicas of users’ DBs that will use IMSMO. Furthermore, we already have SSL enabled for HTTP. NOTE: It is better to disable HTTP on port 80 (Server Document/Ports/Internet Ports/Web).

We will use a simple configuration for testing without using Internet sites.

  • Add the setting NTS_OUTLOOK_ONLY=true to the Traveler server notes.ini file
  • Not required: By default, Traveler removes all of its notes.ini values if uninstalled. If you want the notes.ini values to remain in the event that you uninstall, set NTS_PRESERVE_PROPS=true in the server notes.ini.file
  • From the Domino┬« Administrator client, open the Traveler server and click the Configuration tab.Select Configurations then click the Edit Configuration. Click the Router/SMTP – Basics tab and set the variable “SMTP allowed within the local internet domain” to Disabled
  • Enabling REST services. Open the server document. Select the Internet Protocols tab, then select Domino Web Engine. In the Domino Access Services section of the form, select the Enabled services drop-down menu. In the Select Keywords dialog, add Mail and Freebusy using the New keyword field. Restart the server’s HTTP task.

Client configuration

  • Install MS Outlook. For example, version 2013
  • Install IMSMO Client You can download the file from IBM Passport Advantage site
  • Start Outlook and create a new profile:
Create New profile MS Outlook
Select Manual setup or additional server types, and click Next
In the Choose service box, select Other.
Then, select IBM Mail Sync, and click Next
Enter User name, email address. In the Server Type field, select My Company’s Mail Server. Enter your mail server name.
Provide your password (internet password)
A connection to the Domino / Traveler server and the services are checked. If everything is fine, you can complete the configuration to run MS Outlook.

After a few minutes, folders, mail, calendar, and contacts sync to Outlook.

For more information and configuration options outside this basic setup, refer to the Domino 10 documentation.