SUTOL Symposium 2020 ONLINE – Looking back

Last year we celebrated the 25th SUTOL Symposium. Apart from sessions, this event has always been a place of personal meetings. Covid-19 joined (without invitation) the organization of this year’s event , and he did not allow us to meet in our standard place. And so we organized the entire SUTOL Symposium online for the first time.

I must thank the representatives of HCL Digital Solutions for joining us and presenting plans for the future with HCL products for collaborations with their entries. Thanks again for Richard Jefts (General Manager of HCL Digital Solutions), Andrew Manby (Assistant Vice President of Product Management, HCL Domino, Leap, and Sametime), Ginni Saini (Product Manager for HCL Sametime) a Danielle Baptiste (Director for Connections with HCL Digital Solutions). And Petr Kunc (Technical Advisor, HCL Digital Solutions), who represented the Czech Republic.

All sessions were prepared by the Czech HCL Masters: Martin Hansgut, Jan Krejcarek, Jan Valdman and me. Many thanks to them for the preparation and time devoted to their presentations.

I must also thank Filip Pavlicek and his colleague from the company Techdata Michaela Kocankova, for for providing the background and technical equipment for online broadcasting.
Thanks to Mirek Orlik for managing registrations. Thanks to all the others from the SUTOL team, who did not have their session this time, but were a great support and helped us to compile an excellent program.

And most thanks to you, all of you 150 attendes who joined our premiere online SUTOL Symposium and were with us all the time. THANKS!!!
I have received many positive responses and I am glad that the event was a success. It has been reaffirmed to us that this effort is important.

We have published the date of another traditional meeting, the technical SUTOL conference, which we always hold at the end of the year. This time on November 25.

Although I had my presentations in czech language, I tried to make them in English and if you are interested in looking at them, here is the link: HCL Sametime 11 and HCL Nomad for Admins. All presentations are available on the sutol.cz website


Engage 2020 – Day 2 – Summary

Engage.ug 2020 is over. Thanks @theoheselmans and everyone who participated in the conference. Everyone safe return home.

…. that was my last tweet before I got into the my car and drove home.
What interesting happened on the second day of the conference?

Although Day 1 was long, the start of Day 2, which was already at 8 am, did not allow much rest. The composition of the program did not allow a thorough tour of the zoo, but Burgers’ Ocean really surprised me.

Summary in points:

HCL Nomad

  • HCL Nomad Web Proxy (Licensing will require current Maintenance and Support Agreement in place)
  • Nomad for Android Mobile 1.0.3 available LINK
  • Sign up Nomad (web) Beta LINK

Domino/Notes 12 (Candidate Functionality)

  • Domino/Notes V12 will come 1H/21
  • Two-Factor Authentication web apps o Domino (supporting e.g. Google Authenticator)
  • Two-Factor Authentication for NRPS clients
  • Auto-Deploy IDVault
  • Let’s Encrypt integration enabled by default
  • TouchID support for MacOS
  • Maintenance of ID file in IDVAult for non-NRPS clients (rename, recertify, move …)

Security Improvements – Domino/Notes V11.0.1

  • SNI (Server Name Indicator)support for Domino
  • 128/256Bit AES for DB encryption
  • New RSA keys created as 2048 bit by default
  • Removed RC2 and RC4 algorithms for DB encryption

HCL Sametime V11 Meetings

  • Sametime V11 Meetings 1H/20
  • Built on open source
  • Voice, video, and screen sharing
  • Choice youtube streaming
  • All components on single server
  • Sign up Mobile Beta V11 HCL Sametime (Android and iOS) LINK


  • Webinar: An Inside Look at HCL Domino Volt Beta Program, March 18 LINK
  • Webinar: Domino Volt Is Here: Everything You Need to Know, Apr. 16 LINK

A new way of licensing …..

Starting with ND V11.0.1, new licensing, registration and “monitoring” of licenses with Flexnet should be launched. I admit that I have not fully understood this method and I am not alone by discussion with others. I think HCL will have to work on it. Above all, a detailed explanation and demonstration of each model will be needed.
In any case:

  • Flexnet registration required
  • Completely abandon IBM Authorized Users an IBM CEO concepts
    – cannot be measured
    – only qualified by audit/post operations inspected
  • Focus on monthly term license with 12 consecutive terms as 1 “license period”
  • Customer mandate : Ability to enable Overdraft /Manage enforcement
    – Must not shut down operations – critical processes depends on Domino
    – Term license always permit Overdraft with post-billing at license period end
  • Special Federal/Goverment Customer requirements (Capex licensing)


The conference was very interesting. It is amazing that the number of participants increased again, despite the participation fee and the current situation associated with Covid-19.

We could see all the sessions via webinars without the need to travel, save time, money and other worries. But Theo Heselmans with his wife! managed to attract lots of people with the same interest to one place. As far as I remember, they were representatives from more than 30 countries. Thanks to both!

And that’s exactly what we all value in the digital world today. Meetings. Sharing our experiences, ideas, problems. And to have fun.

Or am i wrong?


Engage 2020 Conference – Day 0 – Summary

Despite the threat of coronavirus that has appeared in our country and all Earth, I traveled to the next Engage.ug conference. 900 km by car is not a problem, but a little tired, but I happily arrived in Arnhem.

There were more workshops, but because I tested and implemented a lot of Panagenda products before, I wrote articles about them and presented them at the Sutol conference, I was looking forward to the workshop organized by Christoph Adler and Florian Vogler . Workshop was focused on : All things Notes 11! This means using Marvel Client Essentials for Notes/Domino environment analysis, Marvel Client Upgrade to update your clients and Marvel Client for Nomad to manage HCL Notes on mobile devices.

It was more than 3 hours of information that summarized the use of these products. I have to say, “Keep it up”.

During the workshop, the first version of HCL Nomad was released for Android phones.

In the evening I attended the HCL Masters 2020 meeting, who came to Engage. It was my first “HCL Masters”meeting though I met some Masters at previous events. I am honored to be in this company of great people. Thank you for your enthusiasm for my blog and Twitter. I did not expect that.
There was no real Czech beer including pizza without pineapple, but the evening was very amazing;-) Thanks Richard Jefts , Tim Clark and all HCL Digitals Solutions.

It’s time to prepare for Day 1. It’s a big expectation, because Engage conferences by Theo Heselmans and his team is always absolutely amazing.

See you tomorrow!