Engage 2020 Conference – Day 0 – Summary

Despite the threat of coronavirus that has appeared in our country and all Earth, I traveled to the next Engage.ug conference. 900 km by car is not a problem, but a little tired, but I happily arrived in Arnhem.

There were more workshops, but because I tested and implemented a lot of Panagenda products before, I wrote articles about them and presented them at the Sutol conference, I was looking forward to the workshop organized by Christoph Adler and Florian Vogler . Workshop was focused on : All things Notes 11! This means using Marvel Client Essentials for Notes/Domino environment analysis, Marvel Client Upgrade to update your clients and Marvel Client for Nomad to manage HCL Notes on mobile devices.

It was more than 3 hours of information that summarized the use of these products. I have to say, “Keep it up”.

During the workshop, the first version of HCL Nomad was released for Android phones.

In the evening I attended the HCL Ambassadors 2020 meeting, who came to Engage. It was my first “HCL Ambassadors”meeting though I met some Ambassadors at previous events. I am honored to be in this company of great people. Thank you for your enthusiasm for my blog and Twitter. I did not expect that.
There was no real Czech beer including pizza without pineapple, but the evening was very amazing;-) Thanks Richard Jefts , Tim Clark and all HCL Digitals Solutions.

It’s time to prepare for Day 1. It’s a big expectation, because Engage conferences by Theo Heselmans and his team is always absolutely amazing.

See you tomorrow!

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