How to start Sametime automatically when the OS starts

Source: HCL KB

In the HCL Knowledge Base, there is an article on how to configure Sametime 12 to start automatically after the operating system starts.
And what is the procedure?

  • Create a file similar to the one mentioned below under “/etc/systemd/system
  • Edit this file and add the below entries to that.
    Description=Docker Compose Application Service

    ExecStart=/usr/bin/docker-compose up -d


  • Save the file.

    Note : Change the “WorkingDirectory” & “ExecStart” path according to your environment.
  • Run the below command to enable the service to start automatically.
    systemctl enable docker-compose-app.service
  • Run the below command to start the service
    systemctl start docker-compose-app.service
  • Run the below command and check if the docker-compose is started properly
    systemctl status docker-compose-app.service

    Note: It may take some time to start all the containers.
  • Check if the Sametime is working properly from the embedded client \ Proxy or meetings.
  • If everything is working, do a docker-compose down and restart the OS. Wait for the OS to reboot completely and you can run the command mentioned in step#6 to check if the Sametime server is started.

  • In case any change is done in the “docker-compose-app.service” file, do a “systemctl daemon-reload” to reload the unit.
  • In case the service is not loading, run the command “journalctl -xe” \ or systemctl status docker-compose-app.service and check the error associated.

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