HCL Sametime Premium and HCL Sametime 12.0 FP1 is out

the first FP for Sametime V12.0 is now available and includes the following list of fixes:
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  • SAME-44570
    Fixed an issue enabling LDAP TLS configurations
  • SAME-44584
    Fixed an issue with Group based policy assignments
  • SAME-44588
    Fixed a string index out of range error when encoding username and password in Business Cards configuration (UserInfoConfig.xml)
  • SAME-44511
    Fixed an issue applying TLS configuration to Business Cards (UserInfoConfig.xml)
  • SAME-44734
    Fixed an issue updating Sametime configuration when Multi Tenancy is enabled
  • SAME-44801
    Fixed an issue with File Transfer is not working consistently in a clustered deployment
  • SAME-44656
    Fixed an issue with LTPA token authentication failing using embedded client
  • SAME-44720
    Fixed an issue applying TLS LDAP configurations during install on Kubernetes
  • SAME-44480
    Fixed an issue with SAML configuration for Mobile clients
  • SAME-44431
    Fixed an issue with applying LDAP bind entry values containing a space or quote
  • SAME-44407
    Fixed an issue displaying offline Verse users in the participant list
  • SAME-44311
    Fixed an issue where an error would occur if creating a meeting with same or similar name as one just deleted
  • SAME-44309
    Fixed an issue adding moderators to meetings created before 12.0 install
  • SAME-44308
    Fixed a Japanese translation on the Meetings page
  • SAME-44305
    Fixed an issue with install.sh causing LDAP information to be lost on Docker
  • SAME-44301
    Fixed an issue with load.sh on Kubernetes when performing an upgrade
  • SAME-44300
    Fixed an issue applying multiple configuration values resulting in parsing errors
  • SAME-44261
    Fixed an issue preventing user login from Verse under certain conditions
  • SAME-44232
    Fixed an issue causing guest names from displaying correctly in group participation list
  • SAME-44785 | SAME-44805
    Fixed an issue causing user to get logged out or back in when selecting refresh

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