HCL Verse 3.0 – What’s new

The release of version 3.0 is available. What’s new and what can you expect thos release?

What’s new

Source: HCL Verse 3.0 Documentation

  • Create contacts in Verse
    Users can now add and manage contacts in HCL Verse. Previously, users managed contacts through HCL iNotes. This is a Beta feature and is off by default. HCL Domino administrators can enable it through a notes.ini setting on the server.
  • Find availability when scheduling a new meeting
    Users can find availability of invitees when scheduling a meeting using the new Find a time option. This is a Beta feature and is off by default. HCL Domino administrators can enable it through a notes.ini setting on the server.
  • Manage alternate addresses when sending emails
    HCL Verse now allows users to use an alternate address when sending mail from their mail file, from a shared mail file, or from a delegated mail file. This feature requires Domino version 12.0.1 FP1 or higher. All mail files should use the Domino 12 mail template.
  • View mail file quota
    If the HCL Domino administrator has set a mail file quota on a user’s mail file, HCL Verse now displays the mail file quota information in the Folder panel.
  • Set availability preferences
    Users can now customize their availability in their preferred time zone to let people know when they’re available for meetings. This feature requires Domino 12 or higher or Domino 11.0.1 FP4 or higher FP or Domino 10.0.1 FP8 or higher FP.
  • Use chat option in offline and do not disturb mode
    Users can now leave a Sametime chat message for colleagues who are offline or who mark themselves as “Do Not Disturb”. This feature requires Sametime® version 11.6.2 or higher FP or Sametime® version 12 or higher and the persistent chat option enabled on the Sametime® server.
  • Mail and calendar settings changed to Verse settings
    In HCL Verse 3.0, the title for mail and calendar settings has been changed to Verse Settings.

Fix list

Source: HCL KB

  • Search directory in delegation mode uses personal contacts from currently logged in user: VERSE-62310
  • Cannot download attachment in the message list in delegation mode: VERSE-63107
  • Verse user’s acceptance of calendar invites fail to be sent back as acknowledgements back to the meeting owner: VERSE-61680
  • Users with read only mail files still see actions that try to add content: VERSE-60541
  • Closing keyboard of iOS in Compose leaves white space: VERSE-62386
  • Takes 2 taps on iOS to download/view attachment: VERSE-62385
  • Archives should not appear in the folder list for Send and File: VERSE-62384
  • French translation of Send and File is incorrect: VERSE-62383
  • Spanish Translation of ‘Countered’ should match the iNotes translation: VERSE-62321

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