HCL Sametime V11 users policy setting

Use the parameters in the “policies.users.xml” file to enable or disable some Instant Messaging features and other settings. Several parameters are listed in the table.

But don’t forget that HCL Sametime 11 Limited Use prohibits the use of the following components:

  • Multiple communities
  • File transfer
  • Screen capture
  • Built-in audio / video function
  • External user
  • Integration with external meetings

Instant messaging policy IDs:

Enable=1, Disable=0.

im.2019.labelUser must set this community as the default server community
im.2011.labelAllow user to add multiple server communities
im.2001.labelAllow user to add external users using Sametime gateway communities
im.2002.labelAllow user to save chat transcripts
im.2004.labelAutomatically save chat transcripts
im.1.labelAllow user to transfer files through server
im.2.labelMaximum individual file transfer size, in Kilobytes, for files sent through the server
im.3.labelUse exclude file types transfer list, for files sent through the server
im.4.labelTypes to exclude from transfer. Type the three-letter extension of each file type, separated by a comma or semicolon
im.2005.labelAllow client-to-client file transfer
im.2006.labelMaximum days to save automatically saved chat transcripts
im.2008.labelAllow custom emoticons
im.2009.labelAllow screen capture and images
im.2010.labelAllow mobile client
im.2012.labelSametime update site URL
im.2013.labelAllow user to install plug-ins
im.2014.labelLimit contact list size
im.2020.labelSet maximum image size for custom emoticons, screen captures, and inline images
im.3000.labelAllow all Sametime Connect features to be used with integrated clients

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