HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1 – News and Fix List

Here is news and detailed list Sametime 11.0 FP1:

What’s new in HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1

  • HCL Sametime Proxy support for Mobile clients
    HCL Sametime Proxy 11.0 FP1 enables support for mobile clients! This includes supporting persistent chat, multiple client connections and mobile device push notifications.
  • New Mobile HCL Sametime 11 clients on iOS and Android
    – With the release of HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1, HCL Sametime 11 for iOS and Android have been released!

    – With a new cleaner, modernized color scheme and design, HCL Sametime 11 mobile clients fully support persistent chat. Chats from mobile device now flow seamlessly across all clients that support persistent chat.

    – New “Click to meet” feature is fully integrated with the HCL Sametime 11 mobile clients.

    – iOS and Android Keyboard Emoticons enabled! With HCL Sametime 11 mobile client, you can now send all the iOS and Android emoticons installed and available on the mobile device.
  • Stand-alone HCL Sametime Community Mux install
    HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1 added support for Stand-alone HCL Sametime Community Mux server installs. If you have a large number of Sametime users, the HCL Sametime Community server can be expanded and extended for chat and awareness using a stand-alone Sametime Community Mux. Mux is a connections synchronizer that can take in thousands of connections and send them to backend Community servers, making the Community Server more scalable. HCL Sametime Community Mux installs are supported on both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Install support for Linux console and sample files for silent
    HCL Sametime Community 11.0 FP1 on Linux operating system added support for console installs. In addition, sample files for silent installs are now provided.
  • Translation updates
    HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1 provides translation updates! Additional language support was added to the HCL Sametime Community, Proxy and Clients.

Community Server – fixlist

  • SAME-32879 – In the Community Server install, the install would fail if Domino had been installed in a non-default directory.
  • SAME-32888 – In the Community Server, server-side chat logging could not be enabled when the persistent chat feature was enabled.
  • SAME-32934 – In the Community Server, install could fail if an attempt was made to configure Advanced LDAP settings.
  • SAME-32954 – In the Community Server uninstaller, some services cleanup was not being done correctly.
  • SAME-33145 – An issue in the Community Server was preventing proper configuration of SSL for the connection to the LDAP server.

Proxy Server – fixlist

  • SAME-32319 – Tomcat window does not automatically shuts down when the proxy server is stopped.
  • SAME-32557 – The server prevents large numbers of messages to be sent to an offline user.
  • SAME-32988 – Google API keys not sending push notifications to the mobile clients.

Connect/Embedded client – fixlist

  • SAME-30607 – Emoticons do not display the actual emoticon, in the preview area for n-way chats.
  • SAME-31005 – A confirmation dialog is displayed, asking you if you really want to close/leave the conversation. If confirmed, the conversation is removed from all clients.
  • SAME-32616 – A user on rich client could not start a chat with other users while the sender was in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • SAME-32752 – A user on rich client was unable to save a change to the external meeting provide URL unless the URL domain name had changed.
  • SAME-33356 – In the rich client, there was an issue where closing a chat was not cleanly closing the chat session and so impacting server-side Chat Logging.

Web/Mobile client – fixlist

  • SAME-31526 – While sending the text and timestamp, the preview area displays the text and timestamp is properly aligned.
  • SAME-32067 – While adding multiple contacts, the new users are visible because the scroll bar scrolls down so that the user can see the updated contacts.
  • SAME-32560 – Message notifications on the web chat client could not pop up unexpectedly.
  • SAME-32618 – In the web chat client users were unable to transfer files with double-byte character names to other clients.
  • SAME-32907 – In the web chat client, file transfers could fail due to spaces or special characters in file names.
  • SAME-33055 – Proxy server blocking mobile client connections when branding info set to ENTRY in sametime.ini.
  • SAME-33082 – Emojis may not display properly in the chat preview area.
  • SAME-33102 – Emoji inserted from system palette on Mac or mobile devices may not display correctly.
  • SAME-33132 – In the web meeting client, emojis inserted from the system palette would not display correctly.
  • SAME-33184 – In the web chat client, the external meeting provider URL setting could be removed unexpectedly.

1 thought on “HCL Sametime 11.0 FP1 – News and Fix List”

  1. Hello Ales

    is there a special commant to add a second host to an existing sametime community

    Old Sametime Host runs STVersion 9 or older (st09.acme.local)
    new Sametime Host runs STVersion 11 or newer (st11.acme.local)

    Both Host:
    sametime.ini [config] section share the same community ID=ACME
    policy-users file on both ST Servers point to this update site (im.2012)

    I’ve a managed-community-configs.xml file available on a reachable internal webserver.

    My goal is to first make the new server visible to move over the clients.
    Second step will be to remove the st09 host after migration.

    Unfortunately, my st11 server is not listed in sametime preferences.

    What’s did I do wrong ?


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