Removing HTTP (non-SSL) support in HCL Traveler mobile clients

In the future, HCL mobile applications including HCL Verse for Android, HCL Companion for iOS and HCL To Do will no longer support being configured with an HTTP (non-SSL) server address. Note that HCL Verse for iOS already does not support this configuration.

Due to security vulnerabilities associated with communicating over non-SSL HTTP connections, the support for that configuration will be removed for the following applications:

  • HCL Verse for Android
  • HCL Companion for iOS
  • HCL To Do for iOS

More detailed info on HCL Support: LINK

2 thoughts on “Removing HTTP (non-SSL) support in HCL Traveler mobile clients”

  1. Hi Ales,
    from my point of view in today’s world having authentication processes configured over the http is definitely unacceptable.
    Besides the free availability of certificates from Let’sEncrypt via LE4D gives no excuses to use (only) https.


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