Interesting news in Notes/Domino 12 beta 3

On March 30, beta 3 for Notes / Domino 12 was released and a webinar was held to summarize the news in this drop.

Here is a list of some news that might interest you:

  • Active Directory password synchronization enables Windows users whose Active Directory information is synced to Domino to apply their Windows passwords to their Domino HTTP and Notes ID passwords
  • Vault administrators or users can upload Notes IDs manually to the ID vault.
  • Backup and restore capability is integrated with Domino 12 servers
  • Entitlement Tracking & Reporting for CCB/CCX
  • The ODS level for Domino 12 has changed from 54 to 55.
  • Beta 3 includes a 64-bit version of the Notes Basic client for Windows
  • Improved HTML rendering in Notes mail
  • Workspace navigator now collapses partially or completely

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