HCL Sametime V12 Step by Step Guide – Poll

Since the release of Sametime V12, where the installation and migration process of the existing environment has changed to some extent, I am considering creating next guide to my relatively popular Step by Step guide for Sametime V11.

It’s new and there’s a lot of changes and it will take time to prepare. Just like before the first guide, I decided to first conduct a survey to see if such a guide would be interested at all or if official documentation would suffice.

During May, HCL is hosting a set of webinars on the Sametime V12.

So far, I leave the poll time unrestricted. If you want, vote!

I am interested in HCL Sametime V12 Step By Step Guide
103 votes · 103 answers

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  1. FYI – You will soon have access to a brand new ST 12 Deployment course on the HCL Academy website including Student Guides that can also be downloaded. I don’t want to stop you from creating your own material, but i suggest to wait until you have done the ST 12 workshop at Engage.


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