HCL Sametime Premium and HCL Sametime 12.0 released

Sametime V12 Premium has just been released. Here is an overview with links to the necessary documents.

  • New Features LINK
  • Fixes – A list of is located in the Fixlist article. LINK
  • Prerequisites and Requirements LINK
  • Documentations LINK

New Features

Business User experience

  • Company branding
  • Meeting reports
  • Click to Call
  • Pre-Join meeting experience
  • Virtual backgrounds
  • Outlook add-in updates for ST Meetings
  • File Transfer in Meetings and Chat
  • Pinned Chats
  • Mute Chats
  • Microphone Background noise detection

Data Privacy and Security

  • Meeting Modes
  • Member Management
  • Waiting Room
  • Mobile client policy improvements

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Fully Containerized Meetings and Chat
  • Improved scaling with video bridges
  • APIs (Tech Preview)

Fix List

  • SAME-42746
    Fixed an issue during file transfer from chat causing a MongoDB exception
  • SAME-42387
    Fixed an issue selecting “Chat” from iNotes causing chat to not open correctly.
  • SAME-42385
    Fixed an issue causing group conversations from displaying without actively taking part in the chat.
  • SAME-42067
    Fixed an issue with Mobile clients joining group chats from ‘background’ when invite is sent from Connect or Embedded clients.
  • SAME-41942
    Fixed an issue with Mobile clients not receiving group invites when user is also logged into a Connect or Embedded client.
  • SAME-41456
    Fixed an issue with Mobile clients joining group chats from ‘background’ when invite is sent from Web or Mobile clients.
  • SAME-41892
    Fixed an issue when pasting java script to a group chat which caused a client crash on chat reload (startup).
  • SAME-41833
    Fixed an issue with Connect or Embedded clients failing to login when a password has a trailing ‘space’.
  • SAME-40963
    FIxed an issue with Meetings RefreshJWT failing if only a LTPATOKEN2 is present.
  • SAME-37476
    Fixed an issue in the Connect or Embedded Geographic Location time to only displays in 12-hour format.
  • SAME-33524
    Fixed an issue causing client status to not show correctly when logged in to multiple clients.

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