HCL Sametime V11 beta

Along with Domino / Notes V11 beta 2, HCL Sametime 11 beta was released.

Major changes you can expect in HCL Sametime 11:

  • Sametime V11 Community server – 64-bit support. Sametime Community Server is now ported to 64 – bit on Windows. It fully supports Domino V11 Beta 2.
  • Sametime V11 Proxy server – Simple to install and maintain. With Sametime V11 we now have an incredibly simple, fast and lightweight installer for Sametime Proxy server. The installer is a single .zip file that includes everything you need to run and install the Sametime Proxy Server – no DB2, WebSphere or System Console is required.
  • New modern look for Web Chat client. HCL Sametime 11 Web Chat client has a new, simplified, and modern look. The latest version of Sametime web chat client has a new color scheme and design.

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