Domino 12.0.2 Early Access Drop 4

Next drop 4 for Domino and Notes 12.0.2 is out.For Notes, Early Access Drop 3 files are the most current, and will be refreshed in Drop 5.What does it contain and what can you test? Whats news: Drop 4 Domino SMTP server configuration to reduce spam Entitlement tracking enhancements Updates to virus scanning (ICAP protocol) … Read more

Notes/Domino 12.0.2 Beta Drop 3 including Nomad for web 1.0.5 Beta is out

From today, Drop 3 is available not only for Domino servers, but also for Notes clients. You can also test the 64-bit Administrator client. Clients are for Mac OS and Windows. You can now start testing Nomad 1.0.5 Beta, which already not requires SafeLinx. The documentation is here LINK Whats news: Domino 12.0.2 Notes 12.0.2 … Read more

HCL Domino Volt Open Beta

Want to try HCL Domino Volt and join Beta testing? Now is the time to register. Want to know more? You’re Invited to the Domino Volt Beta Program LINK Registration form: LINK Webinar: An Inside Look at HCL Domino Volt Beta Program, March 18 LINK Webinar: Domino Volt Is Here: Everything You Need to Know, … Read more

HCL Sametime V11 beta

Along with Domino / Notes V11 beta 2, HCL Sametime 11 beta was released. Major changes you can expect in HCL Sametime 11: Sametime V11 Community server – 64-bit support. Sametime Community Server is now ported to 64 – bit on Windows. It fully supports Domino V11 Beta 2. Sametime V11 Proxy server – Simple … Read more