HCL Nomad beta for Android Tablet is available – how to install

Today was released beta HCL Nomad for Android, for now for Tablet.

Could you like to try it on?

  • Go to the Google Play store and go to the “Pre-Access” tab at the end of the top app ranking screen
  • Find the HCL Nomad app and install.
  • After installation, open HCL Nomad. It’s a little easier than installing on iOS.
  1. Open the application. Enter your name and the server you are connecting to.

2. If you are unable to connect to the server, enter the server’s IP address or hostname on the next screen.

3. If you have a working IDVault, you will be prompted to enter a password in your User ID. If not, find the User ID that you saved there on the tablet in the storage. ID Vault worked in my installation.

4. After installation, you can start using it.
The illustration shows Workspace or your mail, which is already supported in this version.

So test !

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