What do you need to test HCL Nomad for Android?

If you want to test the first HCL Nomad beta for Android, have these minimum system requirements:

  • Android 10.0″ class tablet
  • Android 8.0 (Chrome OS 73 for Android 9)
  • Arm64 or x86_64 architecture
  • 2GB RAM

The following features are not complete:

  • Search
  • Import and export of attachments
  • attachment viewing
  • Copy/Paste
  • Scrollbars in document views


  • Domino policies are not fully supported. Policy settings are applied during first installation and setup of Domino Mobile Apps. Changes made to policy settings after the initial setup may not be applied, however. In addition, not all policy settings have been fully tested. Full support of policies is planned for a future release.
  • AES GCM encryption is not supported. HCL Nomad falls back to AES-128 CBC mode when communicating with Domino servers configured to use AES GCM.
  • Java™-based applications (JavaAgents, XPages) are not supported.
  • Web services design elements are not supported.
  • Use of application management framework such as Android Enterprise is not supported.
  • The Lotus Script ODBC Extension is not supported.
  • Custom actions that are defined for the drop-down action menu are not available.
  • HCL Nomad network requests are limited to 10 seconds. If latency between the client and a Domino server causes network operations to exceed this limit, then normal operations can fail.
  • The Notes Workspace is not supported.
  • Roaming is not supported.
  • The Create menu is not available.

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