Custom image for the Notes client Workspace background by a policy

In Notes Client V11, you can set your own image for the Workspace background. You may want everyone in your company to have the same background, such as a picture with company logo.

There is a way to distribute an image with a background, including setting that background to all or selected users, without the need
physical intervention on users computers. This is done using the Notes client policy and the notes.ini parameter.

Use the Custom Settings tab of a Desktop Settings policy to configure the setting. Use the notes.ini setting “Load_Workspace_image” to deploy a custom image.

Specify “Load_Workspace_image=url”, where url is the URL path to the image file. The following types of image files are supported: jpg, jpeg, gif, bmp.

Picture: Desktop Policy
Picture: notes.ini settings

– This setting overrides user-selected Workspace background images.
– notes.ini settings must be 256 bytes or less in size.
– Once the image is downloaded through the Desktop policy, the notes.ini setting is removed from the Notes client.

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