My install manual “HCL Sametime V11.0 – Step by Step” is out

According to previous announcements, I tried to create first version a step by step installation manual for HCL Sametime V11.0.

I would very much appreciate your reactions, ideas, comments that I could still include or correct in the manual.

I hope that at least someone will be helped by this document.

Download current “HCL Sametime V11.0 – Step by Step” file:


8 thoughts on “My install manual “HCL Sametime V11.0 – Step by Step” is out”

  1. In your documentation you install Domino 11.0.1. I talked to Tony during Engage, and he confirmed that 11.0.1 is not supported. Domino 11.0 is the only supported Domino version by now.11.0.1 will probably be supportet in later versions, but so far it is not supported.
    One more thing: I dont think it is neccessary to install Sametime 11.0 prior to FP1, FP1 should superseed 11.0. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • Yes, if you do not have the Sametime v11.0 Community server installed, you do not need to install V11.0 first, but Sametime V11.0 FP1 directly. I also wanted to show the upgrade method in this manual.
      It should be the same with Sametime V11.5

      In the “System Requirements” documentation is listed Domino 11.0

  2. Hello, on slide 94 you have written as step
    And enter:
    it should be replace by
    And enter:

  3. Hello Ales, great job and documentation
    A little hints about the MonogDB
    1. If you want to create MongoDB on different drive/folder (e.g. e:\) you need to start Mongo with the following command “mongod –dbpath f:\\st11db”
    2. On mongod.cfg creation (side 82) before creating mongo service; to check if the mogod.cfg is correct use the following command “mongod –config c:\\mongod.cfg”


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