What will the Fix list HCL Sametime 11.6 contain?

The announced launch of Sametime 11.6 is expected soon. Support has already published the Fix List, take a look at its content.

Source: HCL Support LINK

Connect/Embedded Client 

  • SAME-39467
    Improved support to display the gear icon when the user clicks on offline messages.
  • SAME-39047
    Print option inside the chat message area redirects the user to the print page.
  • SAME-38941
    Improved support to send custom emoticons through chat messages in the standalone client.
  • SAME-38722
    Fixed the NullPointerException error that displays in the console.
  • SAME-38544
    When the user sends HTML tags in the chat area from Webchat to the standalone client, the chat area tags do not appear in encoded format.
  • SAME-38465
    Improved performance to align messages when the user shares large screenshots.
  • SAME-38083
    Fixed a corrupted BMP file that caused the Windows to install to fail for 11.6.
  • SAME-38045
    Uncaught exception in logs on macOS.
  • SAME-37314
    Contact info tooltip shows through overlaying app on macOS.
  • SAME-37201
    Update of meeting configuration should write valid JSON.

Community Server 

  • SAME-39676
    Added a configuration item in the sametime.ini file to handle an empty token in the Community Server.
  • SAME-39571
    Update the sametime.ini file to support the latest version of MongoDB.
  • SAME-38795
    Improved performance if the URL is over 256 bytes to overrun the internal buffer.
  • SAME-38738
    Analyze and fix the NullPonterException at the server-side while running the SVT tool.
  • SAME-38682
    Nway conversation displays garbage characters in the name of the nway chat.
  • SAME-38602
    Improved support to display v11.6 in the community server installation screen.
  • SAME-37808
    Install updates to cover new versions of Guava.
  • SAME-37799
    Manually update Guava v30 in the sametime.ini file to add dependencies in the community server.
  • SAME-37195
    Intermittently the Java Unit Test suite fails on Jenkins.
  • SAME-37049
    Mux install introduction text displays correctly in a non-English language.
  • SAME-36987
    On the Production Sametime server, the Chat Logging process crashes. Once the Chat Logging process is restarted, in a few places the new Chat Logging process does not restart.

Proxy Server 

  • SAME-39572 and SAME-39570
    Update the sametime.ini file to support the latest version of MongoDB.
  • SAME-39484
    Update latest proxy build for commons-io-2.8.0 jar.
  • SAME-39005
    Updated proxy build install to include only one BSON jar.
  • SAME-38737
    Improved support for NullPointerException while sending acceptInvatation requests from the SVT tool.
  • SAME-38710
    The mobile app gets stuck when logging into the cloud-native-proxy server. The user interface displays with a spinner “Logging into HCL Sametime Chat”.
  • SAME-38646
    Proxy lack of content-type header on login prevents SafeLinx from detecting meeting information.
  • SAME-38404
    stproxy – crash in java JRE on hcltechsw (production).
  • SAME-38254
    Improved support for cookie safety in the latest docker image for v11.6 in the cloud-native proxy server.
  • SAME-38090
    Proxy Docker image doesn’t process JWT_SECRET in sofy sandbox.
  • SAME-37222
    Encode/decode reserved characters in the MongoDB password.
  • SAME-37027
    Security Information Disclosure through an error response.ere

WebChat Client 

  • SAME-39784
    The date format displays incorrectly in a recording message for the Norwegian language.
  • SAME-39774
    While sending a blank message from the chat client, the typing status is true, which results in typing status for the receiver until an actual new message is sent.
  • SAME-39604
    Blank lines in the chat messages disappear.
  • SAME-39586
    Improved end-user experience to display the “Delete Meeting Link” dialog button correctly.
  • SAME-39522
    When the user attaches a file, clicks on the send button, and immediately clicks on the “close” button, the file transfer must be successful.
  • SAME-39514
    After sending messages to any of the users, if the user clicks anywhere within the convolist, automatically the user name converts into bold and, the unread count increases by one.
  • SAME-39299
    The Chat history and preview area do not update accordingly for both sender and receiver when both send messages at the same time.
  • SAME-39287
    As a chat client user, blank lines and div must not be sent in the chat message.
  • SAME-39257
    Improved end-user experience to align items under meeting links.
  • SAME-39255 and SAME-39203
    When the user searches for a group name in the “New Group” dialog, bullet points display next to the search results.
  • SAME-39226
    When the user adds a contact to a subgroup, the address of the user displays instead of the user’s name.
  • SAME-39216
    Unable to translate Meeting server messages for starting/stopping a live stream and recording in the preview area.
  • SAME-39153
    The “Send Announcement” dialog, the “Announcement Text,” and “Search for Recipients” text fields size should be consistent.
  • SAME-39078
    The Search icon position is not proper in the “invite to group chat” window.
  • SAME-39066
    When the user clicks on the main menu, it displays a border.
  • SAME-39032
    The unread message count does not display in the unread message count badge even though unread messages are present in the convolist.
  • SAME-39011
    Automatically the PWA application moves offline even though the internet is connected and the network is stable. The user views the banner “You appear to be offline. Please check your network connection.”
  • SAME-38997
    The text in the meeting recording message overlaps if the meeting name is long.
  • SAME-38963
    Improved end-user experience for the file transfer popup.
  • SAME-38955
    When the user renames a contact or group, the height of the text fields is more.
  • SAME-38946
    Improved end-user experience to align the Conversation search box.
  • SAME-38945
    The Login page input fields are not the proper height and, the dropdown arrow is not centered.
  • SAME-38907
    The Notifications dropdown values background color should display in gray color.
  • SAME-38867
    The Send button is not accessible when the user sends a long code message.
  • SAME-38860
    When the user pins any nway conversation and tries to leave that conversation, clicking on the leave button does not leave the conversation. And that Nway chat is still part of the convo map. However, if the user clicks on leave conversation a second time, it is removed from the convo map.
  • SAME-38857
    The Delete Subgroup is not working properly in Firefox and chrome using the latest proxy build.
  • SAME-38656
    Improved performance for the Popover menu for ConvoListItem to function correctly.
  • SAME-38653
    There is no ellipsis for preview messages when pin icons or a three-dot menu are visible.
  • SAME-38652
    When the user clicks on the three-dot overflow menu in the convolist, it should not select the conversation.
  • SAME-38651
    The unread message count notification gets cleared off immediately for unread badges when the second message comes in.
  • SAME-38635
    The featureToggle query string parameter is set to “true,” which will cause the “Features” menu item to show in the settings panel of the chat client.
  • SAME-38568
    The Unread Badge Clearing on selected conversations happens after 30 sec.
  • SAME-38518
    When the user deletes meetings under “My Meetings,” it does not display the OrgID.
  • SAME-38516
    When the user copies a meeting link, it does not suffix the OrgID in the copied link.
  • SAME-38462
    When the user clicks the chat icon the second time, keeping the opened proxy chat window minimizing brings back the chat window to active and refreshes with the home page.
  • SAME-38374
    The user can edit and save Meetings without a URL. When the user tries to send the meeting invite in chat, the URL is not displayed.
  • SAME-38282
    The Pin Conversation option does not work for new conversations until the user sends a new message.
  • SAME-38274
    The Contact information displays junk value prefixed with meet.:.
  • SAME-38109
    Reconnecting to the network should reload Sametime web chat automatically.
  • SAME-38053 and SAME-38036
    The “Group chat invitation” banner and sound settings are not working.
  • SAME-38037
    The rtc poll continues and, there is multiple pending state rtc poll.
  • SAME-37956
    Empty spaces are allowed to rename the username in the web client.
  • SAME-37898
    When the user tries to add an already existing contact to the same group. The “Contact already exist” message does not display. Instead, the “Contact added successfully” message displays.
  • SAME-37872
    The user is allowed to delete the name of the default meeting room.
  • SAME-37474
    When a user sends code snippets using markdown syntax to the sender in the webchat client window, the preview displays as code snippet and not plain text.
  • SAME-37405
    Improved support to accommodate shared-client-library changes for copy/paste database, view, document links from HCL Notes.
  • SAME-37334
    Improved end-user experience for the Send Announcement dialog box.
  • SAME-37258
    When the user shares the meeting link from the chat window a scrolling issue exception displays on the screen.
  • SAME-37206
    When the user sends a crying emoji in the chat window, it renders a keyboard shortcut instead of the emoji.
  • SAME-37035
    Improved end-user experience for the Configure Mobile Client dialog box.
  • SAME-36950
    A TypeError displays when the user tries to create a nway/group chat.
  • SAME-36892
    When the user pastes multiline blocks of text into the chat input area it causes a javascript exception.
  • SAME-36883
    Clear the browser runtime cache when the user updates to a new version of a service worker or PWA.
  • SAME-36649
    The convoItem scrolls to the top automatically when the user sends messages.
  • SAME-36618
    The text of the “New Contact” and “New Group” buttons are too big and are not vertically centered with the “+” marks. The background is the wrong color.
  • SAME-36528
    If we try to open a user with their UID as part of the URL, we will sometimes get the user info as undefined and, you cannot create a new tab for the user.
  • SAME-35671
    Improved performance to display Sametime meeting and Add meeting button in one line for non-English language.sds

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