Updated Table of Client types that are connecting to a Sametime server (include Notes 12)

The new Notes 12.0 client type (using the embedded Sametime 11.5 product) that uses a connection to the Sametime server has ID 0x12A4

Source: HCL Knowledge Base

ClientClient ID
Sametime Connect clients (stand-alone) 
Sametime Connect 11.60x1314
Sametime Connect 11.50x1313
Sametime Connect 11.0 & 11.0 FP1 0x1312
Sametime Connect 10.00x1311
Sametime Connect 9.0.10x130F
Sametime Connect 9.00x130E
Sametime Connect 8.5.20x130D
Sametime Proxy clients 
Sametime 11 Proxy server (New Browser client)0x14C3
Sametime 10 Proxy Server (New Browser client)0x14C1
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (Browser client)0x14AF
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (Meeting client, redirected from login page)0x14B1
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (Meeting client)0x14B2
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (iNotes client)0x14B4
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (SDK App)0x14B6
Sametime 9 Proxy Server (SDK App) with concurrent login support0x14B8
Sametime browser (Web proxy) client 8.5.20x14AD
Sametime browser (Web proxy) client 8.5.10x14A2
Sametime browser (Web proxy) client 8.5.00x14A0
Sametime Directory applet 
Sametime Directory applet 7.5.1 IMLU and later0x1010
Sametime Meetings 
Sametime Meeting Room client (browser)0x1099
Sametime Mobile and STLinks 
Sametime 11 Mobile for iOS0x1453
Sametime 11 Mobile for Android0x1454
Sametime 10 Mobile for iOS0x1451
Sametime 10 Mobile for Android0x1452
Sametime 9 Mobile for Browser0x1443
Sametime 9 Mobile for iOS0x143A
Sametime 9 Mobile for Android0x143B
Sametime 9 Mobile Embedded for iOS0x143E
Sametime 9 Mobile Embedded for Android0x143F
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 IFR1 for iOS0x143A
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 for iOS0x143A
Sametime Mobile MIDP client 8.5.20x1437
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 for Windows Mobile Expeditor0x1438
Sametime Mobile 8.5.2 for Android0x143B
Notes clients 
Notes 12.0 (using embedded Sametime 11.5)0x12A4
Notes 11.0.1 (using embedded Sametime 11.0 FP1)0x122B
Notes 11 (using embedded Sametime 11.0)0x12A2
Notes 10 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0.1 client)0x122A
Notes 9.0.1 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0.1 client)0x129C
Notes 9.0.1 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0 client)0x129A, 0x1299
Notes 9.0.1 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1298
Notes 9.0 (using the embedded Sametime 9.0.1 client)0x129B
Notes 9.0 (using the Sametime 9.0 client)0x1247
Notes 9.0 (using the Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1246
Notes 9.0 Beta0x1246
Notes 8.5.3 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1244
Notes 8.5.3 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.1 client)0x1243
Notes 8.5.3 Basic/Admin client0x1216
Notes 8.5.2 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.2 client)0x1240
Notes 8.5.2 (using the embedded Sametime 8.5.1 client)0x123D
Notes 8.5.2 (using the embedded Sametime 8.0.2 client)0x123C
Notes 8.5.2 Basic/Admin client0x1216
Telephony Presence Adapter 8.5.10x17AA
Third party 
Trillian Pro with IBM Sametime Plug-in 1.2.1 (alphaworks)0x16BB
Trillian Sametime Plug-in (SourceForge)0x16AA
GAIM Meanwhile 1.2.80x1700
Pidgin Instant Messaging 2.5.10x1700
Default value for clients on top of the C++ toolkit, (such as GXS Monitor)0x1000
Default value for clients on top of the Java toolkit (such as BlackBerry client)0x1001
v11 Web SDK0x14C4
v10 Web SDK0x14C2
Proxy 8.5.2 SDK clients0x14AB
Proxy 8.5.2 SDK in iNotes0x14A4
Proxy 8.5.1 SDK clients0x14A3
Proxy 8.5.0 SDK clients0x14A1
Proxy 8.5 SDK in iNotes0x14A4

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