Overview of requirements for new features in HCL Notes 12

An interesting article has been published on HCL Support website, which contains an overview table of the new features in HCL Notes 12.For each feature it lists the type of client that is supported, minimum Notes version, minimum Domino version etc.

Each feature listed has a link to the topic in the product documentation that describes the feature.

Source: HCL Support

NERAL FEATURESStandard or Basic client
Minimum Notes versionMinimum Domino versionMinimum ODS levelMinimum template version
Domino Restyle enhancements (New in 12.0.2)StandardN/AN/AN/AN/A
Workspace enhancements (New in 12.0.2)Standard and Basic12.0.2N/AN/AN/A
Database encryption improvements (New in 12.0.2)Standard and Basic12.0.2N/AN/AN/A
Embedded Sametime is updated to version 12.0.0. (New in 12.0.2)Standard and Basic12.0.2N/AN/AN/A
Advanced Properties improvements (New in 12.0.2)Standard12.0.2N/AN/AN/A
Support for 64-bit Notes Standard Client (New in 12.0.2)Notes Standard, Designer, Admin12.0.2N/AN/AN/A
All NSF databases in the data folder are automatically upgraded to the latest default ODS version (New in 12.0.2)Standard and Basic12.0.2N/AN/AN/A
Microsoft Edge support (New in 12.0.2)Basic12.0.2N/AN/A12.0.2 Pubnames
Performance improvements (New in 12.0.2)Standard and Basic12.0.2N/AN/AN/A
Toolbar settings remembered when client closed (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Quickly deselect all text in a view (New in 12.0.1)Standard and Basic12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Improved support for Chinese and Japanese fonts (New in 12.0.1)Standard and Basic12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Improved Advanced Properties window (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Silent install for cascaded Multilingual User Interface (MUI) pack (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Controlling client JVM settings (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Improved HTML rendering (New in 12.0.1)Standard and Basic12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Workspace icon improvements (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Search improvementsStandard12.0N/AN/AN/A
Visual improvementsStandard12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Performance improvementsStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/AN/A
Copy formatting of selected text and apply to other text in a documentStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Right-click support on URL links 12.0N/AN/AN/A
Change text color in WorkspaceStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/AN/A
Workspace navigator now collapses partially or completelyStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/AN/A
Alternate From enhancements (New in 12.0.2)Standard and Basic12.0.2N/AN/A12.0.2 mail12.ntf, 12.0.2 Pubnames
Setting the default font as a policy (New in 12.0.2)Standard and Basic12.0.2N/AN/A12.0.2 mail12.ntf
Improved UI for email drafts (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/A12.0.1 mail12.ntf
Support for “Restore archived mail” and “Restore and delete archived mail” actions (New in 12.0.1)Standard and Basic12.0.1N/AN/A12.0.1 mail12.ntf
Improved Alternate From (New in 12.0.1)Standard and Basic12.0.1N/AN/A12.0.1 mail12.ntf
Ability to disable GroupByDate (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Enable shared mail files to send mail using an internet address by defaultStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Select an alternate From address in a shared mail fileStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Send mail from your user name, short name, or Internet addressStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Inbox settings enabled by defaultStandard12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Additional Import abilitiesStandard11.0.1N/AN/AN/A
SwiftFile improvementsStandard and Basic11.0.1N/AN/AN/A
Ability to override default signaturesStandard12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Improved HTML renderingStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/AN/A
Dynamic online meeting enhancements (New in 12.0.2)Standard 12.0.2N/AN/A12.0.2 mail12.ntf
Free Busy time lookup for Microsoft Exchange users (New in 12.0.2)Domino12. Pubnames
Reduced clutter in calendar (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1N/AN/A12.0.1 mail12.ntf
Online meeting integration (New in 12.0.1)Standard12.0.1 N/AN/A12.0.1 mail12.ntf
Invite other users to meetings created by an external mail user, such as Outlook.Standard and Basic12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf
Improved rendering of Microsoft Teams invitationsStandard and Basic12.0N/AN/AN/A
Improved Calendar interfaceStandard12.0N/AN/Amail12.ntf

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