My install guide “HCL Sametime 12.0 – Step by Step” is out

According to previous announcements, I createted first version a step by step installation guide for HCL Sametime 12.0. It is a guide for basic installation and configuration so that Sametime and Sametime Meetings can be tested easily and quickly.

I would very much appreciate your reactions, ideas, comments that I could still include or correct in the manual.

I hope that at least someone will be helped by this document.

6 thoughts on “My install guide “HCL Sametime 12.0 – Step by Step” is out”

  1. Excellent document we are installing a pilot project for training purposes everything works fine we install sametime standard, we are having troubles with the mobile clients, any suggestion is there any VPALLOWEDCLIENTTYPES= in the configuration?

    Additionally we don’t need domino in the server is that correct?

  2. Thank you for good instruction.
    I’ve installed, but got error:
    2022-05-31 15:24:19.782 WARN 1 — [tching thread.1] com.hcl.sametime.proxy.STLoginUtil :
    > login > SDK.loggedOut loginMethod:byPassword
    2022-05-31 15:24:19.783 WARN 1 — [tching thread.1] com.hcl.sametime.proxy.STLoginUtil :
    SDK.loggedOut: error: 80000214 : ST_CONNECT_CANNOT_VERIFY
    2022-05-31 15:24:19.783 WARN 1 — [nio-8080-exec-5] com.hcl.sametime.proxy.STAuthProvider :
    < authenticate: LOGGED_OUT: bad login or password. error: 80000214 : ST_CONNECT_CANNOT_VERIFY

    What did I wrong?


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