Interim Fix for Notes 10.0.1 FP6 (10.0.1FP6IF1)

If you have the following problems after installing FP6 for Notes Client 10.0.1, download and install IF.

You can find him in between “HCL Notes 10.0.x Fixpacks”: Notes1001FP6IF1_1001FP6SHF63_W32_basic.exe Notes1001FP6IF1_1001FP6SHF63_W32_standard.exe

  • JADGBTYJJW – Fixed an issue where Notes would hang when we select calendar sorting Entries & Notices based on Last Modified column.
  • AYAVBTGFT7 – [Mac] – Big Sur – Fixed an issue on Big Sur where Infobox was displaying as blank MAC Specific
  • AYAVBTJCRX – [Mac] – Big Sur – Fixed a type issue in To, CC, Subject, Meeting Location where the keyboard strokes are not seen MAC Specific
  • AYAVBTGHHY – [Mac] – Big Sur – Fixed an issue where the cursor was not visible in the editor, To, CC, etc fields

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